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"CANopen Application Examples"

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Curious where CANopen is used? 

As CANopen is integrated into deeply embedded networks, we often don't know about  its usage unless somebody tells us about it...

The following application examples were found in magazines, on-line publications or newsgroups/mailinglists and all do not only use the CANbus/CAN bus/Controller Area Network but specifically the higher-layer protocol CANopen.

For a list of commercially available CANopen nodes and products, see the CANopen product guide and product database at www.canopen.org 

Industrial Machinery

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Otis Elevators


Specialty Vehicles

Building Automation



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Restaurant Appliances

Laboratory Equipment & Research

  Has multiple microcontrollers and a CANopen network
Hosted by ESAcademy Do you know of any interesting CANopen application examples?

Submit them to: info@canopen.us

PLEASE DO NOT submit "CANopen" products - only products that use CANopen internally.