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Date:         19990623
From:         Dave Moore <>
Organization: UUNET
Subject:      HDTV*

Here's an HDTV* site that I liked for it's concise briefing on the subject of HDTV* and DTV.

And here's a reprint of the timeline for implementation of HDTV* from this site:
1987 The FCC issued a ruling indicating that the HDTV* standards to be set would be compatible with existing NTSC* service and would be confined to the existing VHF and UHF frequency bands.
1990 The FCC anounced that HDTV* would be simultaneously broadcast and thats its preference would be for a full HDTV* standard, rather than a reduced resolution EDTV*.
19970403 An FCC mandate to speed up the digital transition calls for all public TV stations six years to add digital signals.
1998, November 1 At least 40 stations in the top 10 US markets went on air digitallly.
19990501 The remaining stations in the top 10 are suppose to have DTV signals on air, simulcasting at least 1/2 of their analog programming on DTV.
19991101 Commercial stations in top 30 markets are to have digital signals on the air. This is half of the US households.
200205 The remaining commercial stations must begin broadcasting in DTV.
2003 Non-commercial stations must begin DTV broadcasts.
2004 Stations must broadcast at least 3/4 of their analog programming on DTV.
2005 All stations must broadcast all programs in analog and DTV signals.
2006 The FCC is set to order all analog stations off the air, and all television stations are to broadcast digital signals. (The government is expected to set this date back because there will not be enough HDTV* sets on the market by then.)

Cities of the first DTV broadcasts:
199811 Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Charlotte, Raleigh, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Columbus, Harrisburg, Honolulu, Madison, Indianapolis This is approximately %30 of the 98 million US households
199905 Cleveland, Hartford, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Tampa
199911 Denver, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, St. Louis
200004 Baltimore

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