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These pages are currently available from about 30 mirror sites and draw about 150,000 people per month (199904), resulting in a total number of about 600,000 HTML page views per month (not counting the text pages that can't hold ad banners). The growth is about 25% per year like the rest of the Internet.

What does it cost?

The kind of visitors

The Chipdir probably attrackts the following categories of visitors in this order:
  1. Repair people
  2. Students, teachers and other researchers
  3. Designers
  4. Hobbyists
  5. Buyers, distributors, brokers, managers and other commercial professionals

People from all major hi-tech companies visit the Chipdir.

How popular is the Chipdir?

Some of the compliments the Chipdir got.

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Ad for PCI video capturing boards by Dektec.
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