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Chips in the category 'DIVIDER'

nr name description manufacturer
104 RDD104 Selectable 4 Decade CMOS* Divider US Digital
1058 SAA1058 32/33 Divider to 125 MHz DIL order from Barend
12011 MC12011 8/9 divider max. 600 MHz. order from Barend
12016 MC12016 40/41 divider max. 250 MHz =135C05 order from Barend
12017 MC12017 divider order from Barend
12018 MC12018 divider 128/129 550MHz low power DIP8 order from Barend
12022 MC12022D See also MB501LPF, 64/65/128/129 divider 1.2 GHz smd order from Barend
12026 MC12026D 8/9/16/17 divider 1.2 GHz SO8 (smd) order from Barend
12032 MC12032AD 64/65/128/129 divider 2 GHz SO8 order from Barend
12080 MC12080D Prescaler max. 1.6 GHz, /10/20/40/80 SO8 smd order from Barend
12095 MC12095 Prescaler max. 2.7 GHz, /2 of /4 smd
1505 UPB1505GR 64/128/256 divider 4 GHz (pincomp. MB506PF but faster) order from Barend
1508 UPB1508GV 3.0 GHz Divide by 2 prescaler NEC
1510 UPB1510GV 3.0 GHz Divide by 4 prescaler NEC
2318 MSL2318 Divider /10 (40 MHz) /100 (250 MHz) switchable DIL order from Barend
3179 CA3179 1.25 GHz x64/x256 prescaler RCA
3393 MC3393 divider 15/16 150 MHz lowpower DIP8 order from Barend
3600 RED3600 Complementary MOS* (CMOS*) Divider US Digital
4521 HEF4521B 24-stage frequency divider DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4653 SP4653 256 divider Plessey DIP8 1 GHz order from Barend
4740 SP4740 256 divider 1.3 GHz DIP8 TTL-out order from Barend
4751 HEC4751V Universal divider CERDIP28 Philips
4751 HEF4751V Universal divider DIL28, CERDIP28 Philips
4902 SP4902 Prescaler /2 max. 2.5 GHz DIP8 alt. zie U862
50010 IFD50010 Avantek 5 GHz prescaler /4 order from Barend
501 MB501LP =NE701=MC12022 divider/64/65/128/129 1.2 GHz DIP8 order from Barend
501 MB501LPF =NE701D same in SMD order from Barend
506 MB506P Prescaler /64/128/256 max. 2.5 GHz (DIP8) order from Barend
506 MB506PF Prescaler /64/128/256 max. 3 GHz (SO8) see UPB1505
510 MB510 Prescaler /128/144/256/272 max. 2,7 GHz (SO8) order from Barend
511 MB511 Prescaler /1/2/8 max.1.2GHz(typ.) DIP8 sensitive: -26 dBm order from Barend
582 UPB582 /4 divider 3 GHz DIP8 order from Barend
6456 SAB6456A =SDA4212 divider ECL* o/p select 64/256 see U891BS (pincomp.)
6456 SAB6456A 1.3 GHz divide-by-64/256 prescaler DIL18 Philips
6457 SAB6457A Divide-by-64/256 prescaler DIL8 Philips
666 U666B 256-divider 1.2 GHz DIP8 not self oscillating order from Barend
701 SA701 Divide by 128/129 - 64/65 ECL* prescaler DIL8 Philips
702 SA702 Divide by 64/65/72 ECL* prescaler DIL8 Philips
703 SA703 Divide by 128/129/144 ECL* prescaler DIL8 Philips
74292 74LS292 31 stage programmable divider/timer
74294 74LS294 15 stage programmable divider/timer
744059 74HC4059D Programmable n-divider, also BCD, every ratio (synthesizer!), HCMOS* SMD order from Barend
744059 74HCT4059 Programmable n-divider, also BCD, every ratio (synthesizer!) order from Barend
7456 74LS56 divide by 50
7457 74LS57 divide by 60
824 U824 4-divider 2.3 GHz in TO50 (X-case) very scarce order from Barend
833 U833BSE divider /64/128/256 max. 1.3 GHz (typ.1.6GHz) emitt.foll. o/p order from Barend
847 U847BST (pincomp.SP4740) Dlr./256 max. 1.3GHz (typ.1.6GHz) TTL output order from Barend
862 U862BS divider /2 2.5GHz TO50 order from Barend
8629 SP8629 100 divider 150 MHz DIP8 new stock in order from Barend
865 U865BS divider /960/1024 1.2 GHz DIP8 order from Barend
8668 SP8668 10 divider 1.6 GHz !!! (normally nearly NLG 200) order from Barend
8690 SP8690 =95H90 10/11 prescaler 225 MHz order from Barend
8704 SP8704 divider /128/129/64/65 1GHz lowpower only 10 mA DIP8 order from Barend
8718 SP8718 64/65 divider 550 MHz smd SO8 order from Barend
8719 SP8719M =SP8792 but 550 MHz; 80/81 divider plcc order from Barend
8782 SP8782 Prescaler /16/17/32/33 max. > 1 GHz DIP8 order from Barend
8789 SP8789 Prescaler /20/22 500 MHz lowpower DIP8 order from Barend
8793 SP8793 Prescaler /40/41 225 MHz see also MC12016 order from Barend
8908 SP8908 Prescaler /8 5,5 GHz SO8 order from Barend
891 U891BS divider /64/128/256 on chip filt.(clean output) DIP8 typ.1.2GHz balanced output order from Barend
893 U893BSE divider /64/128/256 on chip filt.(clean output) DIP8 typ.1.2GHz balanced output, same as U891BS but emitter coupled output, see also U833BSE order from Barend

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