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Chips in the category 'LED'

nr name description manufacturer
1064 SAA1064 I2C 4-digit LED driver in DIL24 Philips
170 UAA170 =UL1970 LED driver for dot display order from Barend
180 UAA180 LED driver 12 bar (to make bar display) order from Barend
2531 spr2531deb led pin point indic red Stanley
2655 hlmp-2655 led hp light bar h/e red c HP
2685 hlmp-2685 led hp light bar h/e red h HP
5222 sec5222 led 2 dig white/green hi o/p Senior
53173 mv53173 led 0.5" x 0.25" rect mod yellow
54124 mv54124a led g-i. rect hi ef green GI
57173 mv57173 led 0.5" x 0.25" rect mod red GI
5774 mv5774c led 3mm hi eff red GI
587 NE587 LED decoder/driver DIL8 Philips
674 lht674-l led siemens hyperred 16mcd smd Siemens
707 EDE707 Octal* 7-Segment LED Decoder - This 28 pin IC* controls up to eight 7-segment LED displays. Features a full HEX* character set (0123456789AbCdEF), leading zero blanking, counter functionality, and a four-bit data interface. Works with either common anode or common cathode displays. $4.50 quantity 1K. DIP or SOIC package. E-Lab*
745300 N74F5300 Fiber-optic LED driver DIL8 Philips
745302 N74F5302 Fiber-optic dual* LED/clock driver DIL14 Philips

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