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Manufacturers of motors

Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.
Precision step motor control and drive products

Khorenatsy Street 28
Yerevan 375
tel: +374-1-52-9750
fax: +374-1-56-3991
"ARMENMOTOR" Company is the biggest producer of electric motors and several kindsof electrotechnical engineering products in Armenia. Having started more than 70 yearsago with the details for the cavalry saddles, as well as domestic goods made of castedbronze, at the beginning of the 40 - s the company changed its profile intoelectrotechnical engineering products: fans of various types, microturbines, etc. Now ourcompany is the biggest producer of induction electric motors in Armenia, most of which(97 %) are meant for export. We are specialized in the sphere of up to 7.5 KW ( 11 HP )single and three phase induction electric motors, enbloc centrifugal electric pumps,commutator motors, cabinmate portable generators, axial fans, floor fans, heaters,electric meat grinders, micromotors for toys etc. Our products are silent, compact,aesthetic, elegant and extremely reliable, in short, we supply goods which satisfy everyneed. Also, as an extention of diversification programs "ARMENMOTOR" is looking forpartners to realize its industrial programs of: - domestic electric devices; - powerful wellpumps. All Your business offers will be closely considerate.

c_name = Ingenieria Electronica industrial C.A.
c_address = VLN 1332 - 4440 NW 73 Ave.
c_city = Miami, FL 33166
c_country = USA
c_tel1 = (5841)327729
c_fax1 = (5841)329129
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We design and manufacture the following:

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