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Manufacturers of optoelectronics


Products in the optoelectronics are

Companies making LED

Where Manufacturer Gilway Technical Lamp Kingbright, Taiwan Kingbright, USA LCD Inc
See below Lite-On Lumex MCD Electronics ME Displays Stanley

Companies making optoelectronics in general

Where Manufacturer Kodenshi (optical devices, infra red etc.)
See below Lite-On Lumex Quality Technologies Stanley Electric web site URL in japanese


Lite-On Technology Corp. LiteOn, USA LiteOn, International LiteOn, Taiwan, English LiteOn, Taiwan, English, databook LiteOn, Europe LiteOn, UK LiteOn, Group
Taiwan's leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance LED Optoelectronics products, and the company has also built up a strong presence in the international Power Conversion market. Wide product ranges with competitive prices, high quality product with reliable services are delivered to enable the commitment of total customer satisfaction.

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