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Manufacturers of resistors

Where Manufacturer Allen-Bradley Aerovox Amitron thick film chip resistor AVX Corp Bourns Inc Ericsson KOA-Speer Ohmite Vitramon

OOO Tovary&uslugi
Gagarin Prospekt 88-17
Nizhny Novgorod, 603006
tel: (8312)62-72-11
tel: (8312)65-87-80
fax: (8312)65-87-80
fax: (8312) 35-64-80 for P-406 General
Produce and sell resistors and chip-resistors

Shenzen Suppor
See Shenzen Suppor.

See also at EEM = Electronic Engineer's Master Online Software to determine which two resistors to combine to get the closest to a non-standard resistance. (Costs $9.95)

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