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Information about chip making, courses, seminars etc.
119 N. Commercial St., Suite 480
Bellingham, WA 98225
tel: +1-360-676-2260
fax: +1-360-676-2265 ? ?
Publishers of the InsideChips.Ventures monthly report.
The InsideChips.Ventures (IC*.V) newsletter is the premier monthly reportcovering the semiconductor industry's most innovative segments:chip startup companies, IP licensing firms and IC* design houses.Launched January 1999, IC*.V now serves 25 countries.Available online and in print.
Whether your company is a chip maker, user,or deals with the semiconductor industry in any way,InsideChips.Ventures will keep you abreast of the hottest chip companieson the planet.It will alert you to new opportunities and enable your companywith a competitive advantage.
You can immediately download a sample issue of InsideChips.Venturesfrom our website at click on the flashing banner with the "circuit hatching from the egg."

Semiconductor Consulting Services, Inc.
3011 N. 83rd Street
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251
tel: +1-480-807-4322
fax: +1-480-981-0798
We offer instruction seminars and training materialsregarding the manufacture of integrated circuits.Also consult on manufacturing issues and manufacturing cost analysesfor fabless IC* suppliers and ASIC customers.


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CMOS* IC* Layout Concepts Methodologies and Tools ISBN: 0750671947 $50

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