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Lawyers specializing in chip matters

Khursheed Khan and Associates
Khursheed Khan and Associates
305 Amber Estate, Shahrah-e-Faisal
Karachi - 75350
tel: +92-21-111-LAWYER
tel: +92-21-4533-665
tel: +92-21-4533-669
fax: +92-21-4549-272
fax: +92-21-4536-109 General About Corporate news
We are a firm of High Technology Lawyers in Pakistan and deal with mattersrelatedto protection of Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits in Pakistan, as well as,protect clients in enforcing their right in matters related to parallelimports, unfair tradepractices, restricting any unauthorized persons from importing, selling orotherwise distributing for commercial purpose the registered layout-design, oran integrated circuit in which the registered layout-design is incorporated oran article incorporating such an integrated circuit in so far as it continuesto contain an unlawfully reproduced layout-design.

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