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Chip testing

Reheat Co. Inc.
PO Box 296
Danvers, MA 10923
tel: +1-978-777-4441
tel: +1-800-373-4328
fax: +1-978-777-7958
fax: +1-978-777-4012 General

Rood Testhouse
Rood Testhouse International N.V.
Öttinger Straße 6
Postfach 1533
D-86720 Nordingen
tel: +49-9081-804-100
fax: +49-9081-804-161

SST/Burlington Micro
(SST = Solid State Testing)
SST/Burlington Micro*
56 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803
tel: +1-781-272-0972
fax: +1-781-273-4896
Specialists in the assembly, testing and procurement of semiconductors and IC*'s.
Full scale electronic testing facilitywith build to print assembly capabilities as well.
In the market place for over 30 years.

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