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Chip numbers starting with 683

nr name cat description manufacturer
683 CF-683 calc 8-digit simple calculator GI*
683 MAX683 power 5V, Low-Dropout, Ultra-Low Iq Linear Regulator Maxim*
68302 MC68302 datacom Integrated Multiprotocol Processor Motorola*
68302 MC68302 mcu Integrated multiprotocol processor, Family Motorola*
68306 MC68306 mcu Integrated processor, Family Motorola*
68307 MC6830L7 rom MIKBUG ROM Motorola
68330 MC68330 mpu Integrated CPU32 processor, Family Motorola*
68331 MC68331 mcu 32-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
68331 MC68331 mcu With regard to the MC68331 and MC68332, they may have killed the 16 MHz part numbers. I know they were talking about it at one time. However, almost everything is either a 20 or 25 MHz part. The bottom line is that MC683xx parts will be around for a long time. (The '333 is an exception because it is the only device in that family that uses "UDR Flash" and we have stopped making it.) (199908) It is safe to use 68331 and 68332 in any new design and expect delivery for many years to come. (199908), source insider at Motorola. Motorola*
68332 MC68332 mcu 32-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
68332 MC68332 mcu MC68332 is A OK to use. That part will be around for another 10 years or so. It is not the highest runner we have but it is more than respectable. Actually, the MC68331 is one of the biggest sellers in the modular components, i.e., the MC68300 line. (199908) Motorola*
68333 MC68333 mcu 32-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
68333 MC68F333 mcu The MC68F333 is a super NO NO. Do Not use the MC68F333. It has already been placed on end of life and no more orders are being accepted. (199908) Motorola*
68334 MC68334 mcu 32-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
68338 MC68338 network Mac-Media Access controller - FDDI, see BR1104/D for family Motorola*
68339 MC68339 network FSI-FDDI System Interface (Fibre Distributed Data Interface) Motorola*
6834 MC68HCB34 sram 256-byte dual* port RAM, 6 semaphore registers Motorola*
68340 MC68340 mcu Integrated multiprotocol processor with DMA*, Family Motorola*
6835 MC6835 rom ROM version of 6845 CRTC Motorola
68356 MC68356 datacom Signal Processing Communication Engine (SPCE) Motorola*
68360 MC68360 datacom quad* Integrated Communications controller (QUICC) Motorola*
6839 MC6839 rom floating point ROM, 8k*8 for the 6809 Motorola

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