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Electronics magazines in the Russian language

Chip News

Editor: Alexandre Bilenko ( - Magazine is also online it seems!

About the usage of all kinds of embedded processors like PIC's, Motorola's and Intel's.

The magazine is going strong. It had 9 issues in 1996.

Alex has sent me some copies of their magazine 'Chip News' some months ago. It's completely in Russian, but a lot of the technical terms and chip names aren't translated and are kept in a European font, so from them and the tables, diagrams, pictures and function plots I could get a very good idea what it was all about and I was very impressed! It has a lot about small processors like the 8051 and PIC's, but also stuff about the 80960, Maxim chips, filters, other analog electronics and a lot more...

Dodeca Components Manual

Russia, Moscow 105318

The series of books on group of electronic components; product descriptions and datasheets.

Electronic Components

Russia, Moscow
tel: +7-095-912-2427
fax: +7-095-912-2427

The "buy-sell" monthly magazine published in 8000 copies; includes advertisements and price lists.


PO BOX 594
Russia, Moscow 125319
tel: +7-095-152-8844
fax: +7-095-152-0752

Science, Technology, Business
The bi-monthly press digest published in 10000 copies; industry news.

Foreign Radioelectronics

Rimskogo-Korsakova st. 4
Russia, Moscow 127566
tel: +7-095-402-0102
fax: +7-095-402-0130

The bi-monthly magazine published in 1500 copies; western industry news, brief product descriptions.


The monthly magazine; radiocommunication and electronic equipment and a variety of publications dedicated to computer and telecom industries.

Thanks to Alexandre Bilenko ( of Chip News for providing info about the Russian magazines.

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