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Integration Associates Inc.
110 Pioneer Way, Unit L
Mountain View, CA 94041
tel: +1-650-969-4100
tel: +1-650-969-2742 (ASIC)
fax: +1-650-969-4582 General
Integration Associates specializes in the design and manufacturingof custom and semi-custom analog and mixed mode ICs.We are a Top 100 fastest growing private companies in the Silcon Valleyand we supply ICs for clients listed in Fortune 500 Companies.Among other process technologies, we offer CMOS, BiCMOS 0.8 um and 1.2 um process arrays.We are especially strong in telecommunication and wireless designsusing IrDA tranceivers modules.

Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Science at the University of Rostock RUN4 other projects
We have developed the RUN4, a new compact 4-bit-microcontroller withinnovative features like: very small-size, very low wattage,full synthesizable VHDL-Modul and many more.
The MCU is distributed by SICAN.

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

IBM Microelectronics Inc.
Hopewell Junction, NY
tel: +1-914-892-5389 Chips Data sheets Corporation
IBM is an industry leader in semiconductortechnology. Whether you choose fromindividual offerings in packaging, memory,processors, off-the-shelf products, chips andapplications developed in tandem, chipsengineered and/or manufactured based onyour specifications, or a complete packageprovided by IBM Blue Logic technology, IBMMicroelectronics delivers superior value toensure your success. IBM Microelectronic'sadvanced technology, high-performanceservers, leadership in storage componenttechnologies, and leading-edge microchipproducts give you a time-to market advantageand can help you reduce total system levelcosts.

See also:
local PowerPC page

Integrated Circuit Designs, Inc.
3223-A Corporate Court
Ellicott City, MD 21042
tel: +1-888-750-9406
tel: +1-410-750-9406 (?)
fax: +1-410-750-9358 (?) General
Young, aggressive company emphasizing customer service.
Design and development of analog and mixed-signal ICs and hybrids.
Major product is IC design service.

IC-Haus GmbH
Am Kümmerling 18
D 55294 Bodenheim
tel: +49-6135-92920
fax: +49-6135-9292192
IC-VX - Line Driver, 3-Channel, Differential
About IC-Haus
IC-Haus develops and manufactures application-specificintegrated circuits (ASICs) and is a leading specialist formonolithic mixed-signal circuits and microsystems. Our waferbackend, assembly- and test-facilities are located inBodenheim near Frankfurt in the center of Europe. Oursubcontracted wafer foundries and assemblers are situated allover the world and assure reliable, second-sourced productsand deliveries. Quality engineering has been established ininternational standards, such as ISO9001. iC-Haus productsare authorized for industrial, automotive and military use.
Our range of technologies covers high voltage and linearbipolar, high density and analog CMOS and power BCDprocesses. With optional optolayers we have createdOPTO-ASICsTM, monolithic microsystems which haveintegrated sensors. Assembly is performed in standard plasticpackages and for the OPTO and power ICs in thechip-on-board technique. Packaging can be customized, e.g.with multi-chip-modules; furthermore, the chip layout andcircuit topology is tailored to your individual requirements,resulting in exclusive ASICs from iC-Haus.
Our Web site offers an overview of our standard integratedcircuits, mainly for specific applications in the 24Venvironment, µP periphery, for shaft encoders, position sensorsand light barriers. Please ask for samples, specifications andterms of delivery.

(Partly owned by Fujitsu/Nokia)
International Computers Ltd.

(Don't confuse with: Integrated Computer Solutions Inc. (next in this list))
(There is also a CAD program or PCB maker called ICS.)
Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.
2435 Boulevard of the Generals
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0968
tel: +1-215-630-5300
fax: +1-215-630-5399 General Products
Multimedia Products, Video and High Performance Video Timing Generator Products,Motherboard Timing Generator Products, Power Management Products,Communications IC's, GENDAC Products
Manufactures mixed analog/digital chips for timing generation and multimedia applications.It merged with Avasem Corp. in 1992.

(Don't confuse with: Integrated Circuit Systems Inc. (previous in this list))
Integrated Computer Solutions Inc.
Special sound card chips:Wave-table synthesizer chips and interface chips used on PC sound cards (?)

ICT Inc.
2123 Ringwood Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-434-0678
tel: +1-800-729-7335
fax: +1-408-434-0688
fax: +1-408-432-0815
Programmable Logic Devices, 3 volt and 5 volt,Simple PLD's and 5 volt Complex PLD's.Cool Low Voltage (3 volt) with 2.7 to 3.6 volt operating rangeand utilizing schmitt triggers on input pins.
They seem to make PEEL*'s.

(Bought by Fairchild)
I-Cube jumps to a page on the Fairchild site It jumps to this page Mother company

IC Works
Founded in 1992. Made mixed-signal ICs. Bought by Cypress Semiconductor around 1998. Current owner logo on chips

Used to make:
IC comment
W156H PC system clock circuit
W210 PLL IC, max. 200 MHz
W30C498 Similar to AT&T 20C498
W30C516 44pin, ZoomDAC
W48C60 CPU/PCI System Clock Generator

IDS Electronic SDN. BHD
IDS Park, Sri Iskandar
Bota, Ipoh, 32600
Perak Darul Ridzuan
tel: +605-3712288
fax: +605-3711133
fax: +605-3712232 - Sales
Chief Executive Officer Roy E. Pittman
General Manager Wong Kit Kong
Sr.Manager Lyndon Diong
USA Agent Global Network Resources, Inc
Europe Baird Consultant
Manufacture and assembly of chips.
Power Chips, SOT 23, DPAK.
Contract manufacturer with state of art machinery and equipment.Special design for customer. SOIC and SOT.
Manufacture and assembly of chips Power Chips, memory chips SOT 23, SOT 223, DPAK, SOIC
We are also seeking for a joint venture withAmerican or Japanese company to set upa wafer fabrication facility in Malaysiain near future.

(19990430: IDT bought Quality Semiconductor or owned by VIA now.)
Integrated Device Technology
2975 Stender Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-727-6116
tel: +1-408-492-8430 product info or sales
tel: +1-800-345-7015 product info or sales
fax: +1-408-492-8674 Info Order technical literature

IDT was founded in 1980 to manufacture fast CMOS static memories.It pioneered the early development of the high-performanceCMOS manufacturing process and continues to leadin high-volume manufacturing of very fast CMOS devices.
SRAM's, RISC MIPS MPU's,Multiport and FIFO memories and modules, Logic and Interface,Network Communications Devices

Integrated Telecom Technology.
Produces telecom chips for ATM.

Im Technologiepark 25
D-15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
tel: +49-335-56250
fax: +49-335-5625300
Focus on solutions for wireless communications, networking and multimedia.
Seek synergy between materials physics, process technology, circuit design, and systems.
Prototype forward-looking, system-level solutions with secured migration paths into the market.

(Now called 8x8.)

(Seems to be bought by Cypress.)
International Microcircuits, Inc. Has same contents as the Cypress site Mother company
IMI4347 - PLL frequency synthesizer, phase detector

(International Microelectronic Products)
(Used to be connected to Dialog, which is now part of Temic.)
IMP, Inc.
2830 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134-2071
tel: +1-800-249-3722
tel: +1-408-432-9100
fax: +1-408-434-0335 General Literature and Data Sheets SCSI Terminator Products
IMP, Inc. designs, manufactures and marketsstandard-setting analog integrated circuitsand specialty analog wafer foundry processes fordata communications and power managementapplications in computer, communications andcontrol systems.
DA5209 - Ultrasonic Alarm Processing Circuit

(20010906: Impala was bought by Fairchild).
Impala Linear buying Impala Linear ex Impala products
RF and power management products for the portable and wireless markets.For example: PLLs, VCOs, power supply reset monitors, DC/DC converters,switching regulators.

Chip set

Indigo System Corporation
53585 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
tel: +1-805-964-9797
ISC9705 320*288 Advanced Readout Multiplexer

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(This is the former semiconductor part of Siemens since 19990401.)
Infineon Technologies AG
St.-Martin-Str. 53
81541 München
Postal address:
P.O. Box 800949
81609 München
Germany General Same
On April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors becameInfineon Technologies - a younger, dynamic, more flexiblecompany geared towards success in the competitive,ever-changing world of microelectronics.

Infinior MicroSystems Co., ltd.
tel: +82-2-6202-5500
fax: +82-2-6202-5555
Infinior MicroSystems designs, develops and supplies complete embedded networking system silicon solutions including CISC, RISC and DSP, and related applications including operating systems and stacks.

Silicon products:
IMS16B 16 bit general purpose embedded processor 80186 support, SDRAMC, 60MHz, 3.3V
IMS16C 16 bit embedded processor for network 80186/80188 support, SDRAMC, 2 HDLC, 16KB SRAM, 90MHz, 3.3-5V
IMS16N 16 bit enhanced embedded processor for network 80186/80188 support, SDRAMC, 1 MAC, 1 HDLC, 16MB addressing, 8KB Cache, 100MHz, 3.3-5V Due in 1Q.03)
IMS5016E 16 bit dual embedded processor for multimedia TI 54x compatible DSP+ IMS16E MCU, 80MHz (60MHz for Dual mode), 3.3-5V

Embedded system solutions:

Infinite Technology Corporation (ITC)
2425 North Central Expressway, Suite 323
Richardson, TX 75080-2741
tel: +1-972-437-7800
fax: +1-972-437-7810
ASIC design services

(Owned by ST)

3737 Princeton NE, Suite 130
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
tel: +1-505-883-5263
fax: +1-505-883-5477 - marketing contact General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books
Here's a innovASIC UART product to add to your list:
Asynchronous Serial Controller
Description: UART for modem and serial port communications, 288K Baud Rate, Error Detector, MCS-51 Protocol Support(Compatible with Intel 82510)
Fabless semiconductor companyspecializes in producing replacement integrated circuits(ICs).They have developed a technology to clone integrated circuitsas replacements for ICs discontinued by the original manufacturer,but which are still being used by electronic equipment manufacturers.The resulting IC is form, fit and function compatible with the original IC.They produce replacement ICs using their'Managed IC Lifetime Extension System' digital cloning technology.It consists of a proprietary methodology, copyrighted software andadvanced EDA tools to clone the original IC.The ability to produce a replacement IC that can be manufacturedfor long-life provides another alternative for equipment manufacturerswho would normally have to either:

Innovision Labs, Inc.
10055 North Portal Avenue
Cupertino, CA 95014
tel: +1-408-777-9500
tel: +1-408-777-9500-104 - Sales
fax: +1-408-777-9400 - Sales
Innovision Labs has developed a family oftelevision interface ICs for information/Internetappliances, Internet TVs, PCTVs, desktop video editingand other emerging video convergence market applications.The Company's initial products include NTSC/PAL video encodersideally suited for high quality Text-On-TV (TM) requirements.

Inova Microelectronics Corp.
2220 Martin Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Makes memory
S128K8 128*8 SRAM

USB 2.0 Controllers
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.

Integrated Storage Devices
See ISD.

Integrated Systems Inc.

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, CA, USA
tel: +1-408-986-8086
tel: +1-800-548-4725
tel: +1-916-356-3105
tel: +44-1793-431155 UK
tel: +44-1793-496646 UK, i960-info
fax: +1-800-628-2283
Intel Literature Center
Box 7641
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
tel: +1-800-468-8118 Data sheets Old datasheets Development tools for embedded Pentiums More info at Yahoo

The Pentium Pro Processor Family Developer's Manual is nowavailable on the Web. This manual consists of three volumes: TheSpecifications manual; the Programmer's Reference manual; and theOperating System Writer's manual.
The Pentium Processor Family Developer's Manual is now availableon the Web. This manual, written for the experienced designengineer, consists of three volumes. The manual covers Pentiumprocessor specifications, cache controllers, architecture,programming and many other topics.

See also:

Intelligent Micro
(See also the next entry)
Intelligent Micro Inc.
920 Saratoga Ave. Suite #215
San Jose, CA 95129
tel: +1-408-2602979
fax: +1-408-2607049
Mixed-signal chips for ATM and Ethernet and IC design services.
Founded in 1994.

Intelligent Micro Devices
(See also the previous entry)
11 Sicence park Road, Singapore Science Park II
tel: +65-7705907
Intelligent Micro Devices designs, produces and markets high performance analog ICs for Intelligent Micro Sensor, Smart Power and Audio Amplifier.
Intelligent Micro Devices is a private limited company spin off from the Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore. It specialized in Analog ICs design and fabrication for intelligent Sensor, Smart Power, Audio.
Products include:
Accelerometer ASIC
Audio Amplifier
Integrated Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor ASICs
Pressure Sensor Modules
Smart Power ICs
Temperature Sensor

Intellon Corporation
Intellon Corporation
5100 W. Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala, FL 34482
tel: 352-237-7416 - ext 209
fax: 352-237-7616
Intellon Corporation is a leading supplier of low-cost solutionsfor networking with no new wires.Intellon provides high-performance digital, mixed-signaland RF systems on silicon to original equipment manufacturers worldwide.Intellons intellectual property, products, technologies and servicesare key to a variety of open industry standards and fast-growing marketsincluding commercial, utility, industrial, transportation and consumer electronics.Intellons power line carrier and radio frequency technologiesextend the reach of the Internet to individual products without adding new wires.Founded in 1989, Intellon is a privately-held company based in Ocala, Florida,and operates as a fabless semiconductor company to develop, manufacture and distributeIC products and modules that are supportedby complete reference design information, development and evaluation tools.
Products, Modum, Network and Communication ICs:
SSCP400 Power Line Network Interface Controller IC, CEBus Compliant
SSCP300 Power Line Network Interface Controller IC, CEBus Compliant
SSCP200 Power Line Network Interface Controller IC, CEBus Compliant
SSCP111 Power Line Media Interface IC, CEBus Compliant
SSCR400 Radio Frequency (RF) Network Interface Controller IC, CEBus Compliant
SSCRFCEDW Radio Frequency (RF) Transciever IC, CEBus Compliant

Now part of GPSI
Did they make chips?

Advanced Processors Division
2400 Geng Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
tel: +1-415-494-8800
fax: +1-415-856-0224
They make the Clipper processor (Used to be of Fairchild)

(Owned by Micronas)
Micronas Intermetall GmbH.
Hans-Bunte-Straße 19
D-79108 Freiburg i. Br.
tel: +49-761-517-0
fax: +49-761-517-2174 the same site
Development, Production and Marketingof integrated circuits, digital signal processors,microcontrollers, and Hall sensors mainly forapplications in multimedia, consumer, automotiveand industrial electronics as well as in thecommunication field.
Manufacturer of CMOS-HALL-ICs.
HAL1xx Switching Hall
HAL3xx Chopper Stabilized, Automotive, Switching, Differential
HAL4xx Chopper Stabilized, Linear
HAL5xx Chopper Stabilized, Automotive, Switching, 2-/3-Wire
HAL6xx Chopper Stabilized, Automotive, Switching, High Speed

(Intersil -> RCA -> GE -> Harris Semiconductors -> Intersil.Since 19990813 owned by Sterling Holding LLC, a Citicorp Venture Capitalinvestment portfolio company.Intersil Corporation has sold its commercial and standardmilitary logic product lines to Texas Instruments.This includes the HC/HCT, CD4000, AC/ACT, and FCT product families.Complete standard military and commercial logic supportis available by visiting Texas Instrument's website at Intersil's power division (Mosfets, IGBT, Rectifier) was bought byFairchild Semiconductor. See:)
tel: +1-800-468-3774
tel: +1-407-727-9207 General Products Search News Harris Logic that was sold to TI about Fairchild buying the Power Division
A new name, a new company, a fresh perspective -with an established portfolio of next generation products.With our new status as anindependent semiconductor company, we've gained flexibility,responsiveness and a renewed customer focus. We've strengthened our commitmentto delivering advanced architectures for your next-generation systemsfor today's important markets - the Internet infrastructure,communications, power control and satellite communications.

(See also the next entry!)
Intronic Semiconductor, Inc.
15, rue Buteau, Suite 230
Hull, Québec J8Z1V4
tel: +1-819-770-1468
fax: +1-819-770-1573 General
Intronic Semiconductor, Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation located nearOttawa, Ontario (otherwise known as Silicon Valley North). The company was foundedin 1992 by its' President, Don McCarthy. Since it's foundation, Intronic has establisheditself as a provider of high-level expertise in the areas of both telecommunications andautomotive ASIC and FPGA development. In 1995, Intronic began offering Verilog RTLcore products to the telecom market to help customers reduce development times andspeed new product introductions.
Intronic works with a worldwide customer base including customers in North America,Europe, Israel and Japan. These customers range from large equipment OEM's to smallcompanies just embarking on perhaps their first ASIC or FPGA design. In any event,Intronic offers only high-level expertise to support customers at any level required.

(See also the previous entry! There is also an equipmaker called Intronicsat
Intronics Inc.
612 Newton Street
Edwardsville, KS 66111
tel: +1-913-422-2094
fax: +1-800-339-5152 (sales only)
George Indorf <> Unreachable, has Intronics gone?
IA175 - Isolation amplifier, ultra-Linear with external sync capability

Single chip voice recording/playback (similar to ISD).Multi-level analog FLASH.

See Baneasa.

(Founded 1947. Oldest dedicated semiconductor manufacturer in the world)
International Rectifier
233 Kansas Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel: +1-310-726-8000
fax: +1-310-322-3332 Data sheets Search
HEXFET Power MOSFET*s, Power IC*s, Microelectronic Relays, Power Interface Products,IGTBs, Schottky Diodes, HEXFRED, (Ultra) Fast Rectifiers, Standard Recovery Rectifiers,Inverter SCRs, Phase Control SCRs, Bridges, Power Modules

Santa Clara - ??? (Crashes my NS v3 browser under DEC Unix v 3.2)
They have developed chips that can handle Internet protocols that had to be donein software before. The chip is called 'Internet Tuner' and they are (made? and)marketed by Toshiba and cost about $16.They are meant to be used in cellular phones etc.

Irvine Sensors

(199801: Bought by Winbond and turned into the american division of Winbond.) ISD is now the american division of Winbond. About the merger with Winbond
It used to make:
EEPROM's (?), Single Chip Voice Record/Playback IC's
Integrated Storage Devices was purchased by Winbond Corporation in 1998 and is run as the Winbond America division of Winbond. Still the market leader in voice record and playback ICs, Winbond America also offers the first single-chip universal text-to-speech processor IC, the WinPots series of low-power digital potentiometers, and a growing family of voice/telephony CODECs.
San Jose, Calif., January 4, 1998 --- Commenting on the recent merger of ISD (Information Storage Devices, Inc.) and Winbond Electronics Corporation, ISD's Chief Executive Officer David Angel said, "This merger creates a powerhouse in the semiconductor voice record and playback industry that combines ISD's leadingedge technology and strong customer base with Winbond's highly efficient manufacturing and worldwide distribution capability. We see it as a win-win transaction that will benefit our employees and our customers now and for years to come."
ISD, which will retain its name and logo, has become part of Winbond's San Jose-based subsidiary, Winbond Electronics Corporation of America (WECA). "After seven years at the helm of ISD, I plan to to step down as CEO in 1999 to move to the next phase of my career. I have tremendous confidence in our senior management team, most of whom plan to stay with the Company, and I look forward to remaining intimately involved with ISD and assisting in the continued evolution of its strategic direction as an advisor to Winbond's Board of Directors," Angel said.
Y.C. Chiao, chief executive officer of Winbond Electronics Corporation, said, "WECA will carry on the ISD tradition of innovation and value in semiconductor voice solutions. ISD's hard work over the years helped create this market. Voice record and playback capability now has become an integral part of an expanding array of communications and other products, and we believe that the combined company is properly positioned to take advantage of the industry's impressive growth potential."

(Seems to be bought by Wind River.)
Integrated Systems Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
tel: +1-408-542-1500
fax: +1-408-542-1950 20020314: gone? 20020414: still gone! 20030727: Links to Wind River now New mother company
Do they make chips or just flash cards?

(See also Optolink)
Isocom, Inc.
1024 S. Greenville Ave., Ste 240
Allen, TX 75002
tel: +1-214-495-0755
fax: +1-214-495-0901 (e-mail)
Isocom Components, Ltd.
Unit 25B Parkview Rd. West
Park View Industrial Estate
Brenda Road, Hartlepool
Cleveland TS25 1 YD
tel: +44-1429-863-609
fax: +44-1429-863-581 General Optolink
One of the industry's major supplier of:
Interconnect Systems Solution
22691 Lambert Street, Suite 503
Lake Forest, CA 92630
tel: +1-949-587-0628 - not yet at 19991021
PCI-ISA-001 - low cost PCI controller chip targeted for migrating cost sensitive ISA adapter cards into PCI architecture

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
680 Almanor Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
tel: +1-408-733-4774
fax: +1-408-245-4774

See Infinite

Integrated Technology Express, Inc.
1235 Midas Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-5308860
fax: +1-408-5308861
tel: +886-2-26579896
fax: +886-2-26578561 General About

(Principal investor is UMC. Intel also invests in it.)
Integrated Telecom Express, Inc.
400 Race Street
San Jose, CA 95126
tel: +1-408-513-9200
tel: +1-877-644-4839 - toll free
fax: +1-408-980-8831
Innovator andprovider of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ("ADSL")chipsets, network protocol software and development tools tomeet ADSL market demand.ITeX's products have been specifically designedto promote the rapid deployment of ADSL CO and CPE equipment.
The Company is a contributing member of the standards bodiesincluding DSL Forum, OpenDSL, ITU and T1E1. ITeX'sproducts are fully compliant with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, G.dmtand G.lite standards. The Company also supplies software driversthat are compatible with all standard wide area network (WAN)protocols including Bridged Ethernet over ATM, Classical IPover ATM, PPP over ATM and PPP over Ethernet, andWindows drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT4.0.

(See also next entry.)
(ITT Semiconductors is owned by ITT Intermetall.)
(The discrete products have been sold around 199707 to General Semiconductor.)
ITT Semiconductors Group
World Headquarters
Hans-Bunte-Straße 19
D-79108 Freiburg
P.O. Box 840
D-79008 Freiburg
tel: +49-761-517-0
fax: +49-761-517-2174 links to the same site
ITT is manufacturing IC's at the ITT Semiconductors division.The headquarter and manufacturing facilities are mainly in Germany.
Consumer Audio, Video and Text ICs, Automotive Products,Controller and Multimedia Video/Audio/Text ICs.
ITT Semiconductors is ITT Industries worldwide, silicon-based semiconductorbusiness. Themain functions of this business are centered at ITT INTERMETALL located inFreiburg,Germany. ITT Semiconductors is a leading producer of digital signal processorsformixed-signal applications integrating digital and analog functions. Manyelectronic systems usedin consumer and automotive electronics throughout the world are based on ITTSemiconductors technology.

(Owned by ITT Defense and Electronics, see also previous entry)
Gallium Arsenide Technology Center
7670 Enon Drive
Roanoke, Virginia 24019, USA
tel: +1-540-563-3949
fax: +1-540-563-8616

IXYS Corporation
3540 Bassett Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054-2704
tel: +1-408-982-0700
fax: +1-408-748-9788 General Data sheets Data sheets Same (but with broken images at 20010408)

Key product families include:

Modules: - FRED module - IGBT module - MOSFET module - power factor correction module - power module - rectifier module - thyristor module
FRED module
IGBT module
MOSFET module
power factor correction module
power module
rectifier module
thyristor module

See also:

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