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Chips in the category 'FET*'

nr name description manufacturer
1158 LT1158 full bridge FET* driver 36V 0.5A LT
147 LF147 quad* BI-FET NS
155 LF155 Low Power BI-FET NS
156 LF156 Low Power BI-FET NS
157 LF157 Low Power BI-FET NS
1640 DS1640 Personal Computer Power FET*, PS (117 Kb) Dallas*
1640 DS1640C Personal Computer Power FET*, Dallas*
198 Wide BW BI-FET NS
19976 S19976 full bridge FET* driver 40V 0.5A Siliconix
2410 vn2410l fet n channel 100v e-line pkg Supertex
25564 2n5564 jfet matched pair n channel to71 Siliconix
26756 14A, 100V MOSFET* NS
26758 9A, 200V MOSFET* NS
26760 5.5A, 400V MOSFET* NS
26762 4.5A, 450V MOSFET* NS
26768 15A, 400V MOSFET* NS
26770 12A, 500V MOSFET* NS
4104 BI-FET NS
4105 BI-FET NS
4105 zvp4105a fet p channel 50v e-line pkg Supertex
4306 zvn4306a fet n channel 60v e-line pkg Supertex
455200 buk455-200a mosfet* 200v 14a n-ch t0220 Philips
5005 mtp50n05el fet tmos 50v 50a t0220 Motorola
640 irf640 fet t0220 = buk45-200a Harris
710 irf710 pwr mosfet* 400v 2a n t0220 Harris

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To get chips listed

When you're the webmaster/database manager of an IC* manufacturer and you'd like to get your IC*'s listed on sites like these (including the ICMaster) but don't want to deal with all sites separately, a couple of us are trying to set up a system whereby the IC* manufacturers just put a comma seperated value's (.csv) file on their site with all of their data and we all read that regurarly and work the data into our databases of chips. Please visit for more details. One of the manufacturers already cooperating is ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola).

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