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(199908: Bought by Intel)
Level One Communications Inc.
105 Lake Forest Way
Folsom, CA 95630
tel: +1-916-985-3670
fax: +1-916-985-3512 (For job applications) jumps to page at Intel about the acquisition URL above jumps to this page on Intel's site new
Specialized mixed-signal integrated circuit connectivity solutionsfor high-speed digital communications networks
Or more specific:T1/E1 transceivers, framers, repeaters, clock adapters, data buffersEthernet transceiversswitches for DDS (digital data service) and SW56 (switched 56) services

Lake DSP
Lake DSP Pty. Ltd. 20020314: gone? 20020414: still gone!
Australian company that designs and distributes DSP chips.

Lansdale Semiconductor
They take over the production of obsolete chips.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
5555 NE Moore Ct.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
tel: +1-503-681-0118 - General
tel: +1-503-693-0201 - Tech Support
tel: +1-503-693-0215 - BBS
fax: +1-503-681-3037 Literature Tech Support
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation designs,develops and markets high performance programmablelogic devices and related development system software.Lattice is the inventor and world's leading supplier ofin-system programmable (ISP(tm)) PLDs.

Layer N Networks
(Partly (?) funded by
Austin, TX
It's vision is to revolutionize the development and implementation of internet applications by building a new class of integrated circuits. The company intends to take advantage of a key trend emerging in the networking and communications space: the evolution towards a data-centric infrastructure model where intelligent services can be applied.

(Formerly known as AMD Telecommunications?)
Welcome to Legerity, the PROVEN communication IC company.
Our integrated circuits are at the heart of the world's voice and datacommunication networks. Pick up a phone and place a call, connectto the Internet, or send an e-mail, and there's a very good chanceyour voice or data message will travel through semiconductorsproduced by Legerity. In fact, one out of every three voice or datacalls -- more than any other communication IC supplier -- passesthrough Legerity ICs.
Legerity is a proven leader in voice IC solutions, with the industry'sbroadest portfolio of voice communication chipsets, extensiveintellectual property (600+ patents, with 400 more pending) and ablue-chip customer base. We offer a rare combination of technicalstrengths to meet complex application challenges -- from analog,digital and mixed-signal design capabilities to advanced bipolar andCMOS process technologies to voice and data system expertisebacked by global applications support.
Legerity is developing new IC solutions to drive down the cost andincrease the density of linecard solutions for traditional voicecommunications. And Legerity is spearheading breakthroughs invoice-over-broadband, line driver and integrated voice+datatechnology that will revolutionize the way we communicate at homeand at work.

Level One
See L1

LG Micro-electronics
Lucky Goldstar Micro-electronics
Merged with Hyundai during 199910and became part of Hyundai Micro-electronics which was later renamed Hynix Semiconductor. New LG Electronics USA, no chips LG Electronics Korea, no chips LG corporate, no chips LG Integrated Circuits, jumps to

Logic Innovations Inc.
Do they offer synthesisable PCI Cores?

(Used to be Silicon General)
Linfinity Microelectronics Ltd. (?)
17 Bridge Street
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8BL, GB
tel: +44-372-377-779
fax: +44-372-376-848
Linfinity Microelectronics, Inc.
11861 Western Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92641
tel: +1-714-898-8121
fax: +1-714-893-2570
fax: +1-714-372-3566 (or this one?)
They make for example:
Voltage regulators and voltage references,pulse width modulators, DC/DC converters, SCSI terminators, SCSI transceiversand operational amplifiers.
An ISO 9001 and QML-approved designer and manufacturer of linearand mixed-signal integrated circuits and modules for portable power systems,desktop power systems and data communications.
SG3844 - Pulse wide modulator for power supply

(Owned by Siemens?)

Logic Devices
Logic Devices
Language Systems Design, Inc.
Box 43, Site 201, RR 2
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X2
tel: +1-780-963-3464 ext. 66
fax: +1-780-963-1165
Lossless data compression ICs for communications applications.Licensing data compression control technology for external compression ofcommunications links.

(See also the next entry)
LSI Computer Systems, Inc.

LSI Logic
(See also the previous entry)
(LSI Logic bought Symbios around 1999)
(LSI Logic bought SEEQ in 1999)
LSI Logic Corporation
1551 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-433-8000 Corporate Headquarters
tel: +1-800-574-4286 Product Info, US and Canada
tel: +32-11-300-351 Product Info, Europe, multilingual operators available
tel: +1-408-433-7700 Product Info, Rest of World General Synonym

Linear Technology Corporation
1630 McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
tel: +1-800-4-LINEAR
tel: +1-408-432-1900
fax: +1-408-434-0507

(Lucent Microelectronics is now Agere Systems, See Agere.)
(The former AT&T/Bell Labs semiconductor department.)
Lucent Technologies former Lucent Microelectronics general mother company

(Founded in late 1999)
Lumic Electronics Inc.
18 Antares Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 1A9
tel: +1-613-224-9926
fax: +1-613-224-7330 General About Corporate news
Venture-backed, fabless semiconductor company that is developing multimedia processorsto enable low-power, high-resolution video for next-generation wireless multimedia terminals.Was honored as one of Red Herring's top 40 emerging technology companies in the fall of 2000.Lumic has a world-class team consisting of more than 60 employees attracted to Lumicfrom companies like Philsar/Conexant Systems, Motorola, Nortel Networks, PMC-Sierra, Samsung, Intel, Tundra and Hi/fn.

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Click on the first letter of the IC manufacturer you're looking for:
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