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Chips in the category 'TEMP'

nr name description manufacturer
01 TMP01 Low Power, Programmable Temperature controller (Temperature Sensor), data AD
01 TMP01 temp sensor and controller AD
03 TMP03 Serial Digital Output Thermometers (Temperature Sensor), data AD
04 TMP04 Serial Digital Output Thermometers (Temperature Sensor) CMOS*/TTL Comp., data AD
12 TMP12 Airflow and Temperature Sensor, data AD
129 LM129 Temperature Reference NS
135 LM135 Precision Temperature Sensor NS
1620 DS1620 digital thermometer and thermostat, PS (249 Kb) Software Dallas*
1620 DS1620k digital thermometer and thermostat?, PS (998 Kb) Software Dallas*
1621 DS1621 Digital thermometer and thermostat, PS (306 Kb) Dallas*
1622 DS1622 3V digital thermometer and thermostat, PS (304 Kb) Dallas*
1623 DS1623 Digital thermometer and thermostat, PS (267 Kb) Dallas*
1624 DS1624 Digital thermometer and Memory, PS (362 Kb) Dallas*
1625 DS1625 Digital thermometer and thermostat, PS (295 Kb) Dallas*
17 TMP17 Low Cost, Current Output Temperature Transducer, data AD
1820 DS1820 One-Wire digital thermometer, PS (449 Kb) Dallas*
1821 DS1821 Programmable digital thermostat, PS (318 Kb) Dallas*
1869 DS1869 3V Dallastat Electronic digital Rheostat, PS (151 Kb) Dallas*
1920 DS1920 Touch thermometer, PS (378 Kb) Dallas*
22100 AD22100 Voltage Output Temperature Sensor with Signal Conditioning, data AD
22100 AD22100 low cost Vout temp sensor AD
22103 AD22103 3.3 V Supply, Voltage Output Temperature Sensor with Signal Conditioning, data AD
22105 AD22105 Low Voltage, Resistor Programmable Thermostatic Switch, data AD
234 Current Reference/Temperature Sensor NS
235 Temperature Sensor NS
335 Temperature Sensor NS
34 Temperature Sensor NS
34 LM34 Voltage mode temperature sensor, pinout
35 Temperature Sensor NS
35 TMP35 Low Voltage Temperature Sensor, Vo=250 mV at +25 Deg C, data AD
36 TMP36 Low Voltage Temperature Sensor, Vo=750 mV at + 25 Deg C, data AD
37 TMP37 Low Voltage Temperature Sensor Vo=500, data AD
3911 Temperature Sensor NS
45 LM45 temp sensor SOT23 NS
590 AD590 high accuracy Iout temp sensor AD
592 AD592 low cost Iout temp sensor AD

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