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(A division of PMC-Sierra)
networking chips (ethernet, SONET)

(198904: Bought by IXYS. Now called IXYS Semiconductor GmbH.)
ABB Power Semiconductor Operation
Germany About the merger Current company

ABB Haffo
(1996: Bought by Mitel which is now called Zarlink.)
Sweden about the sale
Used to be a manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductor componentsand mixed-signal ASICs (Applications Specific Integrated Circuits) for medical applications.Introduced the industry's first Echo Cancellation chip.

See Abpac on the foundry page.

(19990902: Bought by PMC-Sierra). jumps to main page of PMC-Sierra now about the acquisition

AB Semicon
AB Semicon Ltd.
62 Victoria Road
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9LR
United Kingdom
tel: +44-1444-870408
fax: +44-1444-870452 Technical Support General



Old data:

Fibre Optic data and telecommunications ICs.We specialise in low cost single fibre links.
The company was started 6 years ago to develop ICs for the global telecomms markets.
Distributers and sales throughout the world.
Networking chips, fibre optics, modem

(since 1994)
Acard Technology
6F 78 Sec. 1 Kwang Fu Road
Sanchung, Taipei Hsien 241
tel: +886-2-8512-2290
fax: +886-2-8512-2548 Both are the same Both are the same
Rapidly growing technology company, outstanding for thehigh-quality complete IDE and SCSI solution.We emerged on the base of strong engineer background.Right now, we provide not only the adapters and chipsfor IDE and SCSI but also field proven BIOS and drivers.What we provide are the complete solution and fully technical support.So, any problem you meet we can solve for you under the "Customer-First"

Accelerated Technology

(Founded 1996.Spinoff from Symbionics.Part of Mosaid since about 200006.)
Accelerix Incorporated designed, manufactured and soldApplication Specific Memory (ASM) "systems on a chip"products for the PC graphics marketplace.
The PhantASMTM Family of Ultra-High Performance Graphics Accelerators:
PhantASMTM AX256-1M
PhantASMTM AX256-2M
PhantASMTM AX256-4M
Graphic accelerator chips

(since 1987)
ACC Microelectronics
See Auctor
PC system chips

Acculin Inc.
209 West Central Street
Natick, MA 01760
tel: +1-508-650-1012
fax: +1-508-650-1457
AL1210 Track/Hold Amp, 12-Bit, 100 Msps

Advanced Communication Devices
970 Rincon Circle
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-433-9898
fax: +1-408-545-0930 20020414: gone?

Ethernet networking chips

Acer Labs
See ALi.

Chip set?

Actel Corporation
955 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086-4533, USA
tel: +1-408-739-1010
fax: +1-408-739-1540 General Technical Support Web Comments General Data sheets FTP

Actel designs, develops and markets Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA's) and Mask Programmed Gate Arrays (MPGA's)and associated software development systemsand programming hardware.

(Probably gone.)
Aditim, Building 12
Tel-Aviv 61580
tel: +972-3-6495411
fax: +972-3-6495412 20010303): gone?, 20020214: still gone!


Acumen Instruments
Acumen Instruments Corporation
2501 N. Loop Drive Suite 1613
Ames, IA 50010
tel: +1-515-296-5366
fax: +1-515-233-0078 General About News Technical data

Acumen Instruments Corporation[tm] is a leader in embedded storage andconnectivity solutions. Acumen's DataBridge[tm] technology revolutionizes datacollection, storage, and communication by integrating these functions in a singlechip. Our customers are realizing clear productivity gains by leveragingDataBridge technology to eliminate expensive, power-hungry PC-based datasystems.
We partner with manufacturers to develop customized applications based onDataBridge technology. Acumen provides a range of solutions from single chipsto custom circuit boards to enable instruments to be networked and linked withconvenient, affordable, off-the-shelf consumer storage devices. WithDataBridge technology, sensors and instruments become stand-aloneinformation devices.
Since Acumen's incorporation in 1997, DataBridge technology has been used inapplications to record process monitoring data, log industrial sensor output, andmonitor air quality. The technology is also being used to store high-volume datagenerated by GPS reference stations and data from medical monitoringequipment. Our products have been proven in environments ranging fromfactories and laboratories to forest canopies and Antarctic mountaintops.
The Acumen Instruments Corporation's proprietary DataBridge technology andits in-house engineering expertise are successfully helping worldwidemanufacturers, across many industries, to enhance existing products and todevelop new products with reduced costs, reduced power consumption, andreduced system complexity, while increasing system stability and dependability.

See Analog Devices

Milpitas, CA
tel: +1-408-945-8600 General Data sheets
SCSI chips

Adaptive Logic
Adaptive Logic General gone? (20010303)

Adaptive Networks
Adaptive Networks General

Power line networking chips
AN1000, AN192, AN48

Adaptive Solutions
Adaptive Solutions Inc. General 20010303: gone? 20020314: still gone!
Do they make chips?

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.
14F, NO.258, Lain Cheng Rd.
Chung Ho City, Taipei
Taiwan 235
tel: +886-2-8228-0886
fax: +886-2-8228-0887
Production capacity is at 700k per month for 128M module and 5m pcs per monthfor DRAM Chip. We will continuously to introduce more related products tomeet market requirements. Strong FAE team and test Lab is our core competenceto provide you the best services for compatibility testing across differentplatforms, e.g. PC,LCD PC,NOTE BOOK,CAR PC, PALM,PDA, SERVER,PRINTER,MOBILEPHONE,CORDLESS COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS, etc. We are also capable and willingto perform any tests you may require.

Analogue Design Consultants
See Acapella

Adhoc Technologies
Adhoc Technologies gone? (20010303)
Networking chips (ethernet transceivers)

(1989, they seem to have gone broke around 200208)
Old address:
Audio Digital Imaging Inc.
511 West Golf Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
tel: +1-847-439-1335
fax: +1-847-439-1533 gone About the dead of the company

They used to make:

MPEG video compression chips, Apogee series
Audio DigitalImaging, Inc., (ADI) specializes inthe design and development of digital video andaudio compression multimedia components. From itsinception in 1989, the Company's objective has beento establish itself as a system provider of highquality proprietary video compression hardware andsoftware systems for manufacturers of specializedproducts. Now, worldwide acceptance ofinternational standards for video and audiocompression is propelling an emerging multi-billiondollar multimedia industry. ADI intends to become apremier supplier of quality integrated chipcomponents that enable execution of audio and videocompression for, and decode of, these standards byoffering solid, well-conceived products that fillan unfilled need.

networking chips (ethernet)

Advanced Analogic
(Since 1998)
Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc.
1250 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 310
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-524-9684
tel: +1-888-667-2284 - toll free in the USA
fax: +1-408-524-9689 technical support sales General Datasheets (1) Datasheets (2)

New company concentrating solely on power management semiconductors.We design and produce ICs for switch-mode power supplies, battery switchesand load switches in notebook computers and other portable equipment.

Advanced Communication Devices
networking chips (ethernet)

Advanced Electronics
Advanced Electronics
Diodes, optocouplers, thyristors, power transistors, communication ICs.
Distributor of manufacturer?

Advanced Hardware Architectures
Advanced Hardware Architectures, Inc.

Advanced Linear Devices
Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.
415 Tasman Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1706
tel: +1-408-747-1155
fax: +1-408-747-1286 General Products

Opamps, comparators, transistors, analog switches, MOSFETs,electrically programmable analog device (EPAD).

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Systems
(See also the next entry)
2 Townsend West
Nashua, NH 03063-1277
tel: +1-603-882-1447
fax: +1-603-881-76000

Motor controllers

Product code's:

Advanced Monolithic Systems
(See also the previous entry)

Advanced Monolithic Systems
See AMS.

Advanced Power
Advanced Power Technology
405 S.W. Columbia Street
Bend, OR 97702
tel: +1-541-382-8028
tel: +1-800-522-0809 - Free in the USA
Parc Cadera Nord - AV Kennedy - Bat B4
33700 Merignac
tel: +33-557-921515 General


Diodes,IGBT,modules,MOSFETs,power semiconductors,rectifiers

Product code's:

Advanced Rendering Technology
graphics processors

Advanced RISC Machines

Advanced Semiconductor
(see also the next entry)
transistors (MOS, BJT), diodes, thyristors

Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing
(see also the previous entry)
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation of Shanghai

Advanced Telecommunications Modules
(Founded 1988 or 1993. Called Virata since 199802)
ATM networking chips

AEG Corporation-Telefunken
(Owned by Daimler-Benz but partly sold again. Difficult to keep track...)
Somerville, New Jersey
See Temic

Makes memory

(See also Aeroflex UTMC, next entry.)
Aeroflex, Inc.
35 South Service Road
Plainview, NY 11803
tel: +1-516-694-6700
fax: +1-516-694-4823 General About Products

Aeroflex manufacturers integrated circuits, hybrids and MCM'sfor mil-std-1553 data bus, mil-std-1369, arinc 629, arinc 429mil-std-1760,mil-ethernet devices, voltage regulators and power and motor drivehybrids. aeroflex also designs custom analog (bipolar mixed signal) and digital(cmos gatearrays), provides custom packaging-flip chip, chip on board(cob), taband surface mount pc boards.

Aeroflex UTMC
(Now part of Aeroflex, see previous entry.)
Areoflex United Technologies Microelectronics Corporation, Inc.
4350 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
tel: +1-719-594-8000 General About Data sheets
UTMC is a supplier of integrated circuits and circuitcard assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry.

(The former microelectronics department of Lucent/AT&T/Bell-labs.) General
Ethernet switch IC's and other telecommunications and networking chips.

(19991118 it was spun-off from HPinto a public company at the New York Stock Exchange.)
Agilent Technologies
395 Page Mill Rd.
P.O. Box #10395
Palo Alto, CA 94303
tel: +1-650-752-5000
tel: +1-707-577-4894 Semiconductors General About Agilent

Agilent Technologies' separation from Hewlett-Packard Companyis the result of a corporate realignment. On November 18, 1999,Agilent listed as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange.At the time, Agilent's U.S.$2.1 billion initial public offering of stockwas the largest in Silicon Valley history. Agilent operates four businesses: test andmeasurement, semiconductor products, healthcaresolutions and chemical analysis, supported by acentral laboratory. Its businesses excel inapplying measurement technologies to developproducts that sense, analyze, display andcommunicate data.

Advanced Hardware Architectures, Inc.
Box 9669
Moscow, Idaho 83843
tel: +1-208-883-8000
fax: +1-208-883-8001 General Data sheets
data controllers, data compression chips, error correction chips

Product codes:

Advanced Hall Sensors, Ltd.
72 Sackville Street
The Fairbairn Building
UMIST, PO Box 88,
Manchester M60 1QD
tel: +44-161-200-8832
fax: +44-161-200-3052 General
AHS Ltd is a manufacturer and design house of Hall effect chips. Ourtechnology is based on 2-DEG materials (III-V and not silicon), allowingus to put in the market very high specifications at extremely competetive pricing.

Analog Integrations Corporation
4F,9 Industry E. 9th Rd
Science-based Industrial Park, Hsinchu
Taiwan, R.O.C
tel: +886-3-5772500
fax: +886-3-5772510
Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC) is an IC companydevoted exclusively to designing, testing and marketing analog integrated circuits.After successfully winning a sound reputation for excellence, qualityand customer responsiveness, AIC is quickly emerging as one of the Pacific Rim leadersin analog integrated circuit products.
Aimtron Technology
data converters (high speed, video), DC/DC converters

Aimtron Technology Inc.
10F-1,No55,Tung-Kuang Road
Hsinchu City
tel: 886-3-5753058
fax: 886-3-5753015 General About Corporate news Products Distributors/Rep's
Power management, data converters, signal processing ICs, serial communication.

AITech General
Video convert chips

Product codes:

Ajile Systems
java processors

Akita Electronics Co., Ltd.
Daisan Maruzen Bldg.
6-16-6, Nishi-shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0023
tel: +81-3-3345-9770
fax: +81-3-3346-9363 in Japanese (How I found them)

(Asahi Kasei Microsystems)
AKM Semiconductor Inc.
San Jose, California
USA General AKM Japan
ADC,CoDec,DAC,data converter,image processing chip,ISDN,networking chip,portable/cellular phone chip,serial EEPROM

Alantro Communications

Alcatel Microelectronics
(Used to be called Mietec Alcatel.The Software and MEMS services of Alcatel Optronics Netherlands have been transferred to C2V.)
Alcatel Microelectronics N.V.
Excelsiorlaan 44-46
B-1930 Zaventem
tel: +32-2-718-1811
Registered Office
Alcatel Microelectronics N.V.
Westerring 15
B-9700 Oudenaarde
tel: +32-55-33-2211 Microelectronics Optronics Mother company
Alcatel Microelectronics is widely recognized as an innovator and technology expert in the integration of hardware/software systems on semiconductors.It combines the strengths of Alcatel's advanced communications systems design teams with the mixed digital/analog ASIC expertise of the former Alcatel Mietec division. Pooling the systems expertise of the 10,000 engineers within Alcatel, the company has constructed a substantial library of re-usable intellectual property (IP) components.Levering this expertise, Alcatel Microelectronics is offering communications standards products to key players in the telecom, automotive and peripherals markets.The company operates globally with a network of sales and design centers located in the key markets of Asia Pacific, the USA and Europe. Those locations enable close customer contact, maintaining the corporate philosophy of client focus and customer driven design.
Old info:
Mietec was founded in 1983 by Bell Telephone, a Belgian subsidiary ofAlcatel N.V. and GIMV, the Public Investment Company of Flanders.
Since January 1990 Mietec is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel.
Manufacturer of USICs (User Specific Integrated Circuits) and ASSPs(Application Specific Standard Products).

(199904, Cadence's former MPU Design Unit.See:
Austin, Texas
Focussed on microprocessor design.
Has license to MIPS technology. Will provide MIPS based SOC products to OEM'sin the digital consumer marketplace.

Alcor Micro
Alcor Micro
USB chips

Alesis Semiconductor
Alesis Semiconductor
12509 Beatrice St.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
tel: +1-310-301-0780
fax: +1-310-306-1551 General
Chip manufacturer, ADC, DAC, ADAT optical interface chips

(1993, spinoff from Acer, 1987)
Acer Laboratories Inc.
11F, No. 45 Tung Hsing Road,
Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-8768-2800
fax: +886-2-8768-3030
USA Headquarter:
Acer Laboratories Inc.,
525 E. Brokaw Road
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-544-3100
fax: +1-408-544-3135 General Products USA Mother company Mother company, USA
They make chipsets like M1217, M1219, M1429
PC system chipsets, PC controller chips
(The mother company Acer makes computers.It also makes components like motherboards, PC cases and CD-ROM drivesunder the brand name Aopen.)
In 1987, while the personal computerindustry was blossoming worldwide, a group of computertechnologists envisioned the critical roleASIC development would play in this emerging market. Theyformed a team dedicated to bringing theirindividual expertise in IC development, design, application andservice to the PC industry. This was thebeginning of Acer Laboratories Inc.
Through well over a decade as a majorplayer in the PC market, ALi has pursued its goal of bringing valueto PC system and motherboardmanufacturers. ALi has successfully developed a talented and resourcefulinfrastructure to support complete productlines, highly efficient and flexible production, real-timecustomer service, and continuoustechnology integration. ALi has created innovative leading productsincluding the first industry standardSuper I/O controller, the first RISC based PC system chip set, thefirst 100MHz Socket 7 chipset and thefirst complete DVD solution. Multiple best-product awards havebeen awarded to the company, along withsignificant patents and software copyright registrations. Infact, throughout its years of dedicationto the PC industry, ALi has developed one of the industry'srichest PC-related Intellectual Property(IP) collections covering system, peripheral and multimediadevices.

Allayer Technologies
ethernet and fiber optic networking chips

(Formerly Sprague Semiconductor Group,now fully owned by the Sanken Electric Co.In 1989 they sold their CMOS 4000 family to R&E.)
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036
Worcester, MA 01615, USA
tel: +1-508-853-5000
fax: +1-508-853-3353
fax: +1-508-853-7861 or this?
tel: +44-932-253-355 - Europe General Data sheets
? Cross reference on-line
discrete diode,discrete transistor,Hall-effect sensor,interface/drive IC,mixed-signal (analog and digital) chips,motor controller,motor drivers,peripheral power driver chips,power,signal processing chips
Axxxx, UC[A-Z]xxxx, UD[A-Z]xxxx, UL[A-Z]xxxx
Exclusive distributor in the USA is Nu Horizons, Roger Sligar <>.

Alliance Semiconductor
San Jose, California General
DRAM,flash,graphics accelerators,SRAM

Allied Signal
Allied Signal Microelectronics (Technology Center?) 20020314: gone?
ASIC's,GPS chips,microprocessors

Advanced Logic Machines
Box 285
59123 Motala
tel: +46-141-21-42-20
fax: +46-141-23-33-32 General
They design ASIC's.

Alpha Industries
Alpha Industries
diodes,FET's,GaAs MMICs,RF
AF[A-Z]xxx, SM[A-Z]xxxx

Alpha Semiconductor
(founded 1983, bought by Sipex in 2001 or earlier)
Alpha Semiconductor
1031 Serpentine Lane
Pleasanton, CA 94566
tel: +1-510-417-1391
fax: +1-510-417-1390
Alpha microelectronics GmbH
Im Technologiepark 1
D 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
tel: +49-335-557-1752
fax: +49-335-557-1759 General
DC/DC converter,diode,FET switch,op-amp,power controller,power MOSFET driver,temperature sensor,transistor,voltage reference,voltage regulator
A1069 - Telephone Switch IC

Alphatec General
Do they make chips?

Alpine Microsystems
307 Orchard City Drive Suite 300
Campbell, CA 95008
tel: +1-408-364-8000
fax: +1-408-364-8008 General
Founded in 1996.
They make a kind of multi-chip modules they call complex ICs, where two ormore standard or custom ICs are interconnected together using a semiconductormetalization process to create a single IC.

Altera Corporation
2610 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134, USA
tel: +1-408-894-7000
tel: +1-800-800-EPLD - Applications Hotline
tel: +1-408-894-7104 - Customer Marketing
tel: +1-408-894-7144 - Literature departement
fax: +1-408-944-0952 technical support literature services General Products FTP

EPLD (gate array's)
Provides programmable logic devices and software development tools.
Since shipping the world's first CMOS programmable logic chip in 1984,Altera has remained at the forefront of programmable logic technology.
Today, Altera offers the broadest line of programmable devices thataddress high-speed, high-density, and low-power applications.This diversity of products provides optimum flexibility and ease-of-use bothduring the prototyping and the production phases.
Altera products serve a broad range of market areas including telecommunicationsand data communications, as well as computers and industrial applications.Altera sells its chips worldwide, with approximately one-half of its businessin geographic areas outside of the United States.

Altima Communications
networking chips (ethernet)

Ambient Technologies
(a division of Intel) jumps to new owner
Modem chips (ADSL, V.90)

(Not to be confused with AMC that makes embedding tools)
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
6195 Lusk Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121-2793
tel: +1-619-450-9333
tel: +1-800-755-2622
fax: +1-619-450-9885 General

ATM networking chips,clock drivers,FC networking chips,gate arrays,HIPPI networking chips,PC peripheral chips,PCI controllers,SONET networking chips,telecom chips
S3015A/S3016A - transmitter/receiver pair for SDH/SONET.

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
901 Thompson Place
Box 3453
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3453, USA
tel: +1-408-732-2400
tel: +1-800-538-8450
5204 E Ben White Boulevard
Austin, TX 78741, USA
tel: +1-512-462-4360
fax: +1-512-462-5975
Applications hotline & literature ordering:
tel: +1-800-2229323 option #2
fax: +1-800-2229323 option #1 -- FAXBACK.
tel: +1-408-7495703
tel: +1-800-2929AMD Support products engineering hotline USA
tel: +44-1800-891131 Support products engineering hotline UK
tel: +81-031-111129 Support products engineering hotline Japan General Products Sign up for 'AMD processor E-News'
data controllers,EPROM,flash,gate arrays (PLD),microcontrollers,microprocessors,networking chips,wireless chips
AMxxxx and others

See also:
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See Analog Micro.

American Bright Optoelectronics
(1981, 1995 USA)

American Microsystems
See AMI.

American NeuraLogix
See NeuraLogix

American Opto Plus
(This contains the former Para Light.)
American Opto Plus LED Corp.
It was established to address customers' requirements and quality concerns in the Optoelectronic marketplace. Focusing on the customer's demand for higher quality and faster delivery at competitive pricing.
Their factories are certified ISO9002, ISO9000 in Malaysia, China and Taiwan, using a 90% automated production line within a 100% clean room environment. Insuring the highest quality standards in the industry. It offers the US customers a wide selection of LED Lamps in most standard packages including but not limited to: Axial Leads, IR Emitters, Photo Transistors, SMT, and designer products at very competitive pricing.
It offers in-house engineering and over $700,000.00 of on hand inventory for off the shelf delivery of most items including white, green and blue. We stock the new TS (transparent substrate) technology, AlInGaP material, ultra bright LED chips in numerous encapsulations.

(Don't confuse with the AMI (previous) that makes chips)
American Megatrends International General General (old)
They make BIOS's

AMIC Technology Inc.
14 F., No3, Li-Hsin Road II
Science Based Industrial Park
Hsin-Chu 300
tel: +886-3-567-9966
tel: +886-2-866-58798
fax: +886-3-567-9977
fax: +886-3-567-0975
fax: +886-2-291-58057 general info
2518 Mission College Blouvard, Suite 102
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-988-8818
fax: +1-408-988-8817
P.O. Box 50053
1305 AB Almere
tel: +31-36-5359666
fax: +31-36-5401888 General Needs Java enabled! Products Needs Java enabled!
Designs, manufacturesand markets a wide memory technology portfolio incombination with flawless performance in supportand services.
AMIC's offers complete memory types from DRAM,SRAM, ASIC memory to non-volatile memory products.

(1966, Don't confuse with the AMI (next) that programs BIOS's)
American Microsystems, Inc.
2300 Buckskin Road
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
tel: +1-208-233-4690
fax: +1-208-234-6796 General

ASIC,mask programmable system devices (MPSD),ROM,telecom chip

This is a foundry and has been moved to the new foundry section.Click on Amkor.

(19950314 founded)
Amlogic was founded on March 14, 1995, by a group of professionals withexpertise in digital signal processing (DSP), digital audio/video compression anddecompression, and network communications. Currently, it is developing a seriesof Internet Processing Unit (IPU) combining a MPEG-2 decoder, audio DSP,video, graphics and peripheral controls. It is intended for a variety of consumerand E-commerce applications such as Advanced Set Top Box (ASTB), InternetSet Top Box, Digital TV (DTV), DVD, and Video on Demand (VOD). During thepast four years, the company has developed and marketed the followingproducts:
AML1001 MPEG-1 audio/video decoder
AML1002 Enhanced MPEG-1 audio/video decoder with karaoke

See AMP*
They make accelerometers (which are chips) but mainly they make connectors.


PC system chips, PCMCIA chips

Amplifonix, Inc.
2707 Black Lake Place
Philadelphia, PA 19154
tel: +1-215-464-4000
fAX: +1-215-464-4001

Dedicated to second source:Avantek/HP,HP,M/A-ComMotorola,Q-Bit,WJ

(See also the next two entries on this page!)
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG
Schloss Premstätten
A-8141 Unterpremstätten
tel: +43-3136-500-0
fax: +43-3136-500-491 General General, jumps to the first URL Technical support
Austria Microsystems has specialized in developing and producing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and application-specific standard products (ASSPs) and is one of Europe's market leaders in mixed analog/digital ASICs. austriamicrosystems offers a broad range of customer solutions for the automotive, communication and industrial markets.

(See also the previous and next entry on this page!)
Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc.
6680B Sierra Lane
Dublin, CA 9456
tel: +1-925-556-9090
fax: +1-925-556-9140 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Distributors/Rep's

Power management/analog ICs including voltage regulators, LDOs,voltage references, operational amplifiers, charge pumps used in PCs,power supplies, cellular phones, pagers, USB, graphic cards, etc.

See Advanced Micro Systems.

Anachip Corporation
Headquarters: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Sales offices: Taipei (Taiwan), San Jose (USA), Shenzhen (China)
USA office:
780 Montague Expwy, #201
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-321-9600
fax: +1-408-321-9696
Products: Power IC, Hall IC, EEPROM, PLD and VFD.
Anachip is a fabless analog IC design house which offersa broad selection of Power IC, Hall IC, EEPROM, PLD and VFD.

Anadigics Inc.
Warren, New Jersey
USA General
CATV chips,fibre optic chips,GaAs power chips,networking chips,wireless chips

Anadyne Microelectronics 20020314: gone?
field programmable analog arrays (FPAA)

Analog Circuit Technologies
(1998) 20010303: gone? 20020314: gone!
Consultant services,RF demodulator

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

Analog Devices
Analog Devices
Wilmington, MA
tel: +1-617-937-1428
Literature Center
70 Shawmut Road
Canton, MA 02021 General FTP
analog switches,data convertors,DSP chips,opamps,power chips,sensors,etc.
(old PMI partnumbers)

See also:

See Advanced Analogic

Analog Integrations
See AIC.

Analog Microelectronics
Analog Microelectronics, Inc.
3150 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 200
Santa Clara, CA. 95054-2046
tel: +1-408-988-2388
fax: +1-408-988-2489 General

Specialist in Power Management IC Design, manufacturing.

Analog Systems
Analog Systems
Tucson, Arizona

Analogue Design Consultants
See Acapella

Anchor Chips
(Founded 1966? Part of Cypress now)
Used to make PCI and USB chips for PC's

temperature sensors


Ansaldo Semiconductors
(Called POSEICO after a management buy-out around 2001). new old

Apache Systems gone? (20010303)

Apex Microtechnology Corporation
Tucson, Arizona
Power OpAmp's (and..)
amplifiers,DC/DC convertors

networking chips (internet appliance)

Applied Micro Circuits

APTEK Williams
(1988 went public, division of Williams Controls)
APTEK Williams Inc.
Deerfield Beach, Florida
tel: +1-954-421-8450 20020314: gone?
20020414: still gone

ICs and thick film hybrid circuits for use in telecommunication equipment.

Our Key products are:
AMS2006LP 48 Volt, Central Office Quality Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC)
AMS2051 Trunk Interface Unit (TIU)
AMS2406 Low Voltage (PBX) SLIC
AMS3089 12/16kHz Metering Pulse (tax pulse) detector
AMS3144 Single Channel Caller ID (ANI) Hybrid
AMS3444 Four Channel ANI Circuit
AMS3501 50hZ Metering Pulse Detector


(1993, no longer in business on 20010331)
Aptos Semiconductor Corporation
Santa Clara, California No longer in use
FIFO's,networking chips,SRAM
AP9Axxx, AP9Bxxx, AP32Mxxxx

(Means: Argonaut RISC Cores)
ARC International
2099 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110
tel: +1-408-437-3400
fax: +1-408-437-3401
ARC House, The Waterfront
Elstree Road
Elstree, Herts, WD6 3BS
tel: +44-20-8236-2838
fax: +44-20-8236-2801 general
local more
ARC International is an industry-leading developer of embeddeduser-customizable, high-performance 32-bit RISC/DSP processor cores,with integrated development tools, peripherals, RTOS and software.These integrated products and solutions are a result of the acquisitionsof MetaWare, VAutomation and Precise Software Technologies. ARC's productsinclude the ARCtangent(tm) user-customizable 32-bit RISC/DSP processor,the first USB 2.0 OTG high speed controller on the market and an 802.11MAC and baseband multi-standard IP core. ARC provides softwaredevelopment and system software for ARM, PowerPC and MIPs processors aswell as for its own ARCtangent processor family.

Arcobel Graphics
video processors

Arcus Technology
Part of Cypress Semiconductor since about 200006.

2730 San Tomas Expressway, Suite 210
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0952
tel: +1-408-982-4480
fax: +1-408-982-4481 20020314: gone?
Flat panel display driver chips
ADE2100, ADE2100V2, ADE2200, ADE2300

Arizona Microchip Technology
See Microchip

Arizona Microtek
(Founded 1985)
ASIC's,ECL line drivers,ECL logic chips,(old Motorola series)

ARK Logic
(Majority share holder is ICS ( General Products
integrated 2D and 3D graphics/video accelerators for PC

Ark Micro
Ark Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Rm 508-516, Luohu Science & Technology Centre, 85 Taining Rd.
Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518020
tel: +86-755-550-0159
fax: +86-755-553-0795 General
Ark Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Ltd is an ASIC design company in P.R.China.
The products are: Dual Port SRAMs (ARK7C005, 7C006, 7C007, fully compatiblewith IDT and Cypress's Products), MCU and RISC CPU cores.

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

(Started in 1990 as Advanced RISC Machines Limited. In 199804 the name was changed to ARM Ltd.)
ARM Ltd.
90 Fulbourn Road
tel: +44-1223-400400 Europe and headquarter
tel: +49-89-608-75545 Germany
tel: +81-44-850-1301 Japan
tel: +1-408-399-5199 US
tel: +1-408-399-8854 faxback General Info about current processor cores Datasheets etc. Development Systems from ARM Press Releases The old mother company
local Chipdir's ARM page

ARM, an intellectual property (IP) provider, licenses highperformance, low cost, power efficient RISC processors, peripherals andsystem chip designs to leading international electronics companies.ARM also provides the comprehensive support required to develop a completesystem.ARMs microprocessor cores are rapidly becoming the volume RISCstandard in such markets as portable communications, handheld computing,multimedia digital consumer and embedded solutions.

Product codes:

Aromat General
Solid state relays

Array Microsystems
Array Microsystems, Inc.
987 University Avenue, Suite #6
Los Gatos, CA 95032
tel: +1-408-399-1505
fax: +1-408-399-1506 General About their MPEG video chipset
Array offers a complete line of PCI Plug-n-PlayMPEG encoding boards. VideoONE boards are basedon Array's proprietary VideoFLOW chipsetto ensure the highest digital results. VideoONE boardsare implemented in market segments such as: videoauthoring, video editing, VideoCD recording, videosurveillance, and Intranet video communicationmarkets.

Advance Reality Technology, Inc.
3F, No. 609, Sec. 1, Kuang-Fu Road
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-3-5785104
fax: +886-3-5785094

Pager chips
AR5010 Ermes Decoder
AR5110 PocSag Decoder

Artist Graphics
(1982, now gone?) 20010303: gone? 20020314: site now occupied by webdesign company
(BGA type) video processor chips

ASC Semiconductors
Hong Kong 20020314: gone?

ASC Semiconductors
diodes, crystals

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) 20020314: gone?
Taiwanese company that provides IC assembly and IC test services.

Asea Brown Boveri
See BB

(See also the next entry)
See Austin

(See also the previous entry)
(Established 1979)
Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. (?)
7525 Ethel Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605-1912
tel: +1-818-982-1200
tel: +1-800-423-2354 - Toll-free within the USA
fax: +1-818-765-3004
They produce transistors and diodes that were obsoleted by others.

ASICOM Technologies Ltd.
MATAM Industrial Park, Haifa 31905
tel: 972-4-8550449
fax: 972-4-8550441 General
ASICOM's design team of 8 designers specializes in mixed digital/analog ASICsespecially for a large variety of detector interfacesand the related signal processing and conditioning.
ASICOM's main business is designing and selling ASIC componentsaccording to customers specifications at large quantities.

(New home since 200001 for some of the Chips and Technologies chips under license from Intel)
Asiliant Technologies
256 East Gish Road
San Jose, CA 95112
tel: +1-408-467-0755
fax: +1-408-467-0750 General About Products Datasheets
Located in Silicon Valley, Asiliant Technologies was founded by a group offormer Chips and Technologies employees having a combined 50+ years ofexperience with the CHIPS products, suppliers, distributors, and customers.We are offering the industry standard Flat Panel/CRT controller family thathas become so popular in the embedded marketplace.
65545, 65550, 65555, 69000, 69030 and other previously manufactured devices

Aspec Technology Inc.
Santa Clara or Sunnyvale, California
USA 20020314: can't be found
Founded in December 1991.In 1997 about 90 employees.
They make ASICs, based on their HDA (high density gate arrays),HDEA (high density embedded arrays) andHDC (high density standard cells) CMOS libraries.

Aspex Technology, Ltd.
Brunel Science park
Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PQ
tel: +44-1895-253111
fax: +44-1895-253789

Fabless provider of high performance single chip DSP's.Also parallel processing specialist and IP and SoC supplier.

Associative Computing 20010303: gone? 20020314: still gone!
Associate processor

Astec Semiconductor
Milpitas, California General Data sheets

ATC Semiconductor Devices
laser diodes

ATM networking chips

Atelic Systems, Inc.
Provides high quality, cost effective DSP and mixed signal IC solutionsfor the telecommunication and networking equipment manufacturers.

(Silicon Valley start-up founded by Stanford University academics)
Atheros Communications Inc. general article
Has developed a special set of chips to help remove the roadblockof relatively slow speed and high cost of wireless networkingfor distances of about 100 feet.


ATI Technologies
(Or ATI Research? They bought Tseng Labs.)
ATI Technologies, Inc.
33 Commerce Valley Drive East
Thornhill, ON
L3T 7N6 Canada
tel: +1-905-882-2600 - Sales and Marketing
fax: +1-905-882-2620 General, USA About their chips
They make video cards but also sell chips to other OEM's.

COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

Atmel Corp
2325 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95148, USA
tel: +1-408-441-0311
tel: +1-408-436-4333 - PLD Technical Support Hotline
tel: +1-800-365-3375
tel: +1-800-292-8635 - FaxBack
fax: +1-408-436-4200
fax: +1-408-436-4300 General

local Mailing list
local More info about the AVR

CPLD gate arrays,data convertors,EEPROM,EPROM,flash,FPGA gate arrays,microcontrollers,serial EEPROMs,(Temic IC's)

(Part of Microchip since mid 1996.)
ASIC Technical Solutions (ATS)
Developed the QuickASIC technology for ASICs.
Since mid 1996, ATS is part of Microchip Technology (

AT&T Microelectronics
(American Telephone and Telegraph)
1090 E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
tel: +1-408-522-5555
fax: +1-408-522-4401
tel: +1-800-372-2447
AT&T Microelectronics still is a manufacturer of chips.They are one of the IC vendors to Siemens Public Networks Group, for example.However, recently this part of AT&T was renamed "Lucent Technologies".Their WWW site is now.On their new data sheets they have the Lucent logo already.I know, because I received one last week.
Rolf Lochbuehler - 20020313/jaap: Lucent Micro is called Agere Systems now, see
They sold NCR which is now called Symbios and part of LSILogic.
AT&T Global Information Systems (ATTGIS) will in future be called NCR again.

(Since 1987, used to be ACC Micro)
Auctor Corporation
2401 Walsh Avenue, 2nd Floor
Santa Clara, CA 95051
tel: +1-408-980-0622
fax: +1-408-980-0626

Chip sets
Manufacturer of low-power logic (LPL) controller chipsfor computer, communication and consumer applications.
PC system chips, peripheral controllers

Packet voice networking
AudioCodes designs, develops and markets enabling technologies and products forvoice over packet networks. AudioCodes? product line includes aselection of signal processors, VoIP communication boards,communications software and custom modules for OEM customers. AudioCodes is avoice compression leader and the key originator of the ITUG.723.1 standard for IP Telephony.

Audio Digital Imaging

(a division of Cirrus Logic)
A/D converters, D/A converters, DSP cores

Audio Processing Technology
audio chips,CODECs

Advanced Microelectronics (AµE) General Data sheets

Auravision 20010303: gone? 20020314: still gone
video processor chips
Product codes:

Aureal 20010303: gone? 20020314: still gone!
Audio chip: AU8820

Austin Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI) General
Monolithic memories and memory modules for use in applications with highreliability requirements.
ASYxxxx, MT4Cxxxx, MTSCxxxx

Austria Mikro Systeme

fingerprint sensor chips

Avance Logic
Avance Logic
Taiwan General New? General old?
Audio chips,video processor chips

Averlogic Technologies, Inc.
6840 Via Del Oro Road, Suite 160
San Jose, CA 95119
tel: +1-408-361-0400 - North America
fax: +1-408-361-0404
tel: +886-2-522-3082 - South East Asia General Downloadable Documents Sales and Technical Support

Engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing highly integrated IC's toperform digital signal processing across multiple platforms.
With our ever growing line up of chips, video data is transported betweencomputers, televisions, multi-media devices, and convergence appliances forcurrent and emerging markets.

AL100/110/128 VGA to NTSC/PAL
AL250/251 NTSC/PAL to VGA
AL300 LCD controller for LCD monitor or television applications. Up to 1280X1024
AL422 3M-bit Frame buffer
AL875 High speed 3-channel ADC

AVG Semiconductors
363 St. Paul Boulevard
Carol Stream, IL 60188
tel: +1-800-AVG-SEMI
fax: +1-630-510-252

capacitors,passives,resonators,SAW filters

Bedford, Massachussetts
ICs and software for broadband (xDSL) access networks.Co-development with Analog Devices.

(They merged with Phoenix during 199809.)
Award Software Inc.
tel: +1-415-968-4433 - Ann Shen or Kerry Butler General General (old) For upgrades
BIOS-ROM's, but no real chips
Click on the word BIOS for more information.


Axis Communications
(Founded 1984) General Data
'ETRAX' chipsets,RISC microprocessors

(Founded 1986)
Aztech General
audio chips

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