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Manufacturers of PCB's for others

Companies that will produce PCB's for you when you send them their CAD-files. I'll split the page later.

(The manufacturers of prototyping and other ready to use boards have been moved to local.)

Advanced Circuit Solutions, LLC
5605 NE. Elam Young Parkway
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
tel: +1-503-640-5546
fax: +1-503-640-6437
Specializes in high quality PCB design. We can also offer a complete turnkey solution to our customers because of our strategic alliance with several contract manufacturers for both PCB fabrication and assembly.

Beta Layout
I think our PCB service could be very interesting for your people.

CEBEK Electronics Circuits
Quetzal, 17-19-21
08014 Barcelona
tel: +34-93-331-3342
tel: +34-609-32-7515
fax: +34-93-432-2995
fax: +34-93-223-2855 General
We make electronics modules,electronics kits, pre-assembled modules,modules for others, specials pcbs. Timers, power supplies,kits for students, etc....

Chian Lin
Chian Lin Electronics Co., Ltd.
No. 1-1, Gan Chen Rd. Lane 104
Ping Jen
tel: +886-9-3398-0354
tel: +886-3-479-1189 ext: 340
fax: +886-3-381-1715 General About
One of Taiwan's leading manufactures of printed circuit boards.Opening a new factory in early 2001 in China. ISO and UL approved.
From single sided to 20 layer boards. 6 plants to serve all of your requirements.

Chip Quick
Chip Quik, Inc.
25 Nicholas Road
Framingham, MA 01701
tel: +1-508-477-2264
fax: +1-508-778-0328
The original manufacturer and developer of Chip Quik SMD removal kit.Chip Quik and it's complete product line is available through their exporter,ZED Group, Inc.

Circuit Board Solutions
Circuit Board Solutions
We represent five different circuit board companies, all with their own specialty.SS, DS and up to 32 layers. Mil. spec. and all are UL app.

Circuit Technology
Circuit Technology Inc.
500 Ginger Court
Southlake, TX 76092
tel: +1-817-481-7281
fax: +1-419-781-5518 General
Rapid response design and prototyping, just-in-time manufacturing and delivery,and volume product assembly including packaging and global distribution.Whether a multilayer circuit board manufactured in 24 hours to complete turnkeyfrom design and layout through complex assembly,Circuit Technology can meet your needs!

Cirexx Corporation
Cirexx Corporation
3391 Keller St.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
tel: +1-800-217-0202 Ext 12
fax: +1-801-383-3897 General Corporate news
Cirexx produces quick turn prototype and short run production quantities of quality Printed Circuit Boards.We work with all types of PCB substrates including FR4, Getek, Rogers, Taconic and Dupont flex materials.We can be reached at our Massachusetts Sales and Design office. My phone number is 800 217 0202 Ext. 12.

Cirland Co.
Manufactures and exports various types of PCB's meeting all kinds of demandsfrom foreign and domestic customers.
It is aiming to diversify its international market and become a globallyrenowned PCB manufacturer.

Sam Drilling Services
1030 E. duane ave suite j
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
tel: 1+408-730-9507
tel: 1+408-730-9597
fax: 1+408-730-9522
Drilling, routing and machinning of PCB interconnect,test fixtures, PLCC, PGA, BGA, adapters etc.Sam Drilling is your better choice for drilling and routing.

ECD, Inc.
Circuit Board Division
13626 S. Freeman Rd.
Mulino, OR 97042
tel: +1-503-8299108
fax: +1-503-8295482
ECD manufactures economical circuit boards.Depending on size and quantity, lot charges can be under $100and delivered the next day.Also a provider of boards that include solder mask, nomenclatureand HAL solder finish, also with low lot charges.

8626 Westpark DR
Houston, TX 77063
tel: +1-713-784-4900
fax: +1-713-784-1194
Contract PCB asssembly and test.

Elteco Philippines, Inc.
Bldg 303, Canal Rd, Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines
tel: +63-47-2523452
fax: +63-47-2523429
Elteco Philippines, Inc. is a contract manufacturerand/or assembler of all types of industrial andcomputer printed circuit boards and electronic sub-assemblies catering for customers around the world.
Elteco Philippines., Inc can provide customizedservices to meet clients requirement under:
  • Turnkey Assembly
  • Contract Assembly
  • Captive Lines Assembly
Elteco capabilities on assembly requirements are as follows:
  • Chip on Board Assembly
  • SMD (Surface Mount Device) Assembly
  • DIP (Through hole) Assembly
  • Mixed Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
Elteco is a Member of the Institute for Interconnectingand Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC) and applies aquality system under the standards set forth by the IPC.
If you would like to see how competitive we can be onproduction, be it large or small, please email or fax me.
If you would like to quote our component requirementsplease contact Ms Rubi Ong at this same address.

Equipment Resource
Equipment Resource
11184 Huron Ste. 12
Northglenn, CO 80234
tel: +1-303-451-8022
fax: +1-303-451-8747
Refurbished PCB handling equipment etc.

Flextronics Semiconductor

General Electron Kit
General Electron Kit Co., Ltd.
No. B02 Tavakol Bldg. Jomhuri Ave.
Tehran 11359
tel: +98-21-6724346
tel: +98-21-6714035
fax: +98-21-6719413
fax: +1-413-383-2803 ( Mass USA)
Printed circuit board manufacturing with almost cheapest price in the world.
Selling many kind of veroboards at very low price that you do not expect.

GNFC Limited
GNFC's I.T. division has a PCB plant, manufacturing single Layer, double layer and multilayer PCBs. The PCB plant is an ISO 9002 and ISO 14001:1996 unit having UL approval as well as IECQ approval for manufacturing and capability.
GNFC Limited is a joint sector company promoted by the government of Gujarat, being the fastest industrially growing state in Western India and is in the field of: VSAT services, international gateways, ISP, fertilizers, industrial chemicals, power, electronics and information technology with a total sales turnover of over RS. 1400 Crores (=US$ 300 million).

Gujarat Perstorp Electronics Limited
3rd Floor Manisha Building,75-76, Nehru Place
New Delhi-110019
tel: +91-11-6469663
tel: +91-11-6465391
fax: +91-11-6479232
fax: +91-11-6469681

Gujarat Perstorp Electronics limited is one of the largest manufacturers of copper clad laminates (the base material for printed circuit boards) in India.

Gujarat Perstorp Electronics Limited was promoted in 1993 by the Apollo Group in technical and financial collaboration with M/S Perstorp AB, Sweden.

The Apollo group, established 25 Years ago, is one of the largest business houses in India with an annual turnover of over US$ 500.00 Million. The Group has interests in diversified businesses like tyres, copper clad laminates, pharmaceuticals, leather garments and financial services.

Copper clad laminates are produced in the grades:

These products are produced on the most modern plant and machinery with raw material of the highest quality from reputed international suppliers under strict in-process quality control to ensure consistently high quality of our products. This has enabled us to establish ourselves as reliable suppliers of quality products at competitive prices. Our products conform to both the MIL and NEMA standards. In addition, we also have the approval from the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) USA and are also ISO 9002 certified.

We are already exporting our products to countries like Australia, Turkey, Egypt and U.S.A.

HTEC Limited
HTEC Limited
303/305 Portswood Road
Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2LD
tel: +1-1703-516062
fax: +1-1703-586303
Electronic PCB SubContractor

Kepro Circuit Systems, Inc.
Fenton, MO 63026
tel: +800-325-3878
fax: +314-343-0668
They sell PCB making supplies

King Laminates Inc
B-26,Industrial Esate,Sanathnagar
Hyderabad , A.P
tel: +91-40-3703291
tel: +91-40-6509407
fax: +91-40-3700225
We are India's a largest importers of Copper clad laminates of variousgrades suchas XPC , FR-1 , FR-2 , FR-4 , CEM 1 ETC in full sheets as well as panels.

MASCOT PCB Assembly Systems. Building Printed Circuit Boards. Precisely.
Robotas: Mascot PC and LCD
Wish as we might to the contrary, the placement of through-hole components on PCB'sis here to stay and the accommodation of through hole componentsin a mixed technology environment is becoming ever more problematic.Robotas MASCOT systems provide laser designation of component insertion pointsand unique presentation of the part to be installed by the assembly technician.Immediate production throughput is increased and when rework reduction is considered,effective productivity increases of 40 to 50% are not unusual.
MASCOT PCB assembly systems offer laser guidance for precise component insertion,operator friendly Windows-based software, easy programming both on and off-linewith the option of CAD import, system networking, and a choice of component delivery systems.
MASCOT requires very little in terms of Operator training.Components are presented automatically, together with position and orientation indication.For maximum speed in assembling a board, a foot pedal is operatedas soon as a component is inserted in to the board.There is audible indication of the last component of a particular type,so surplus components can be returned to their bin.If more than five components of one type are required,an extra step is automatically added to remind the operator.
At any time, an information panel, of up to 255 characters,e.g. "Ensure you are wearing your wrist strap when handling this component",can be added and must be acknowledged by the operator before proceeding.The whole assembly station can be switched off at any point in the assembly.When switched on MASCOT will automatically return to precisely the same pointin the assembly process.
Our standard system price is for a fully configured Mascot PC workstationwith laser head and assembly fixture, two programmable component carousels,LED designated component bins, and all required computer hardware and software.Push/flow-line production situations are accommodated by our Mascot LCDwith prices depending upon final system configuration.The MASCOT range consists of a semi-automatic PCB assembly work station and accessories,which are fully modular allowing total flexibility depending customer requirements.

MDR Electronics
Bunbeg Ind. Est.
Co. Donegal
tel: +353-75-31133
tel: +353-75-32942 - Sales - Mick Crossan
tel: +353-75-32943 - Sales - Anne Mc Gee
fax: +353-75-31597
fax: +353-75-32651- Sales Fax

Delivers a premium product including prototype,fast-turnaround PCB's, complete and on-time - every time.24 hr fast-turnaround available...
Incorporates multi-layer and double-sided PCB's, impedance controlled,flexible and aluminum core boards MDR Fastboard surface finishes include HAL,deep-gold, nickel, carbon/silver contact ... gold edge connectors.
Assures complete product conformance using automatic opticalinspection (AOI) and electrical testing.
Delivers a high specification PCB services that's better, smarter, fasterand provides seamless integration of order, production and delivery.

Midwest Printed Circuit Services, Inc.
MPCS is a leader in the manufacture of high-tech printed circuit boards.From complex double sided to high layer count multilayers, our expertiseand dedication helps our customers deliver their product to a fast paced,growing electronics market.
MPCS is the first and only supplier of SIPAD ssd technology in the US.

Micron International Ltd.
F-193,laxmi Nagar
tel: 91-11-2243718
fax: 91-11-2422664 General
We are an import export company specialising in copper clad laminated sheetsand scrap. We can supply in bulk quantity copper clad laminated scrap of glassepoxy type in various sizes to be used in making of PCB.We have a stock of large QT of strips/trims of single and double side.
We can also supply full sheets of copper clad laminates in
Grades: FR4, FR1, CEM1, XPC etc.
Sizes: 1020x1020 and 1020x1220 mm
Thickness: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm

MJS Designs
MJS Designs, Inc.
4130 E. Wood St., Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
tel: +1-602-4375068
fax: +1-602-4375299 General
MJS Designs, Inc. is a full, quick-turn, turnkey service company for theelectronics industry since 1976. MJS provides engineering, PCB design,board fabrication, parts procurement, PCB assembly (mixed technology, prototypeor production), and testing.

NEKO Automation
NEKO Automation(S) Pte Ltd
Block 105 Boon Keng Road #01-01/04
Boon Keng Road Singapore 339776
tel: +65-2950218
tel: +65-9 675 2223
fax: +65-2951262 Distributors/Rep's
We are a reconditioned service company dealing in PCB assembly equipment.Machine we are dealing is Panasert, Kyushu Matsushita(KME), Sanyo andUniversal.All machines sold are fully refurbished and free from hidden cost.Machine guarrantee with minimum 99.9% efficiency.

Penbro Kelnick (Pty.) Ltd.
Penbro House, 437 Dekgras Road
Silvertondale, Pretoria, 0184
South Africa
tel: +27-12-7199065 - Factory
tel: +27-12-8049550 - Sales Office
fax: +27-12-7199068 - Factory
fax: +27-12-8048512 - Sales Office General About
Produce PCB's for others

Protoprint BV
Ambachtstraat 5
2861 EW
tel: +31-182-353888
fax: +31-182-354045 Old? Guess
Dutch manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

Pycon, inc.
3501 leonard court
Santa clara, CA 95054
tel: +408-764-0811
fax: +408-727-5344

RCS Radio
R.C.S. Radio Pty. Ltd.
651 Forest road
Bexley, 2207
tel: +61-2-9587-3491
fax: +61-2-9587-5385
Printed wiring (circuit) board makers since 1943.
Also hobby project boards for high schools, technical colleges and JOTA.

Rob's Electro Soft

We make custom PCB's for students, hobbyists, HF-freaks, etc.
For people who are looking for prototype PCB'sor are just making elektronic circuits or kits.

We provide analog and mixed signal ASIC's.Applications include sensor interface, opto-electronic interface, integrated powerand signal conditioning circuits.But 30% of their revenue come out of PCB assembly and 20% out of system level design.

Shin Ho
(Established in 1978.)
Shin Ho Electronics Corp. Ltd.
155, Dhia Yuan Rd., Sec 2
Su Lin
tel: +886-9-1221-7891
fax: +886-3-382-1715
Taiwan manufacture of quality 2 - 12 layer printed circuit boards.Please email me for a detailed presentation.

Tailor-Made Circuits
Tailor-Made Circuits
15 Pinfold Road
Leicester, LE4 8AS
tel: +44-116-2698288
fax: +44-116-2696254 General
Quick turnaround prototypes, single sided and 2 layers only. Small to medium quanties for production.

Head office:
TekniCircuits Incorporated
84 Shelter Rock Road
Danbury, CT 06810
tel: +1-203-792-8489
tel: +1-800-732-6809
fax: +1-203-748-0564
307 Genoa Road
St. Augustine, FL 32095
tel: +1-904-827-0093
fax: +1-904-827-0092 Head office Quotes Ed Ashe Florida

Manufacturer of quality printed circuit boards, since 1970.Specializing in quick turn prototypes.24 hour service available.
Prototype PCB up to 18 layers.
Surface mount technology

Tip Telecom
Tip Telecom Co.,Ltd.
313/21 m.10 South Pattaya Rd.
Pattaya city,20260
tel: +?-6638-426930
tel: +?-6638-420188
fax: +?-6638-428444

T. Mark Ent.
T. Mark Ent. Co., Ltd.
P.O. Box 28-351 Taipei
fax: +886-2-28346903
We are one of main manufacturer and exporter of PCB in Taiwan,for more than 18 years in this field, we have main customersform Europe and USA, we produce duble side, 4, 6, 8, 10 layersand Bend/flex. We use Fr4 and CEM-1 and 2 materials.Our prices are most competitive and qualtiies are excellent andgotten UL approved. Prompt delivery is our good point.Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nate Natzke <>, aut=y
Tri-Star Engineered Products, Inc.
351 Thor Place
Brea, CA 92821
tel: +1-714-6711545
fax: +1-714-6711124

Tri-Star is a quick-turn proto-type printed circuit board manufacture.

United Circuits
United Circuits Inc.
3161 SW 15th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
tel: +1-954-971-6860
United Circuits Inc., of florida is a United States printedcircuit board manufacturer committed to excellence through continuousimprovement of our products and services.
The management and staff of United Circuits have many yearsexperience working in every facet of manufacturing and are sensitiveto our customer's specifications and quality requirements. Privatelyowned, United occupies a 10,000 square foot building in PompanoBeach and Fort Lauderdale area in South Florida, and is designed toFully Service a wide range of printed circuit board requirements.
With the emphasis on quality, United Circuits is set up toproduce Prototype directly into production quantities with no time lossdue to additional tooling. This many time also reflects a one timetooling charge for the customer as well.
With Quality as our first and foremost concern, United Circuitsaggressive lead times to respond to the inventory concerns of ourcustomers. Typical lead time are 3 to 4 weeks. However, should thesituation arise, even shorter lead times are available.
Our equipment includes complete cam operation interfacing tocomputer integrated manufacturing. United Circuits also offers the fullcompliment of Photoimageable soldermasks.

Wagner Electronics
Wagner Electronics Products, Inc.
326 Pine Grove Road
Rouge River, OR 97537
tel: +541-582-0541
fax: +541-582-2821

Yeon Yin
Yeon Yin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tel: +886-3-3229966
Fax: +886-3-3229955
Manufacturer 2, 4 and multilayer printed circuit boards.
Kind of boards: Current clients include: facility covers:
Zyrel, Inc.
1500 E. Hamilton Ave, Suite 109
Campbell, CA 95008
tel: +1-408-879-0199
fax: +1-409-879-0442
Zyrel, Inc. is a manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies. Our ISO 9002 certified overseas facilities specialize in cost effective PCB assembly and bare board manufacturing. We work with our customers to bring their material and assembly costs down. Request an estimate from Zyrel to see your potential savings.

Date:    19970321
From:    Scott Beversdorf
Subject: Proto PCB

I have made a proto PCB with a 100 pin QFP at home. I found a product called Press-n-peel PnP-Blue by Techniks, Inc. Uses a laser to print on a blue sheet. Use a hot iron (220 deg F) and press it onto the coper, let cool and peel the sheet off. Worked the first time. Sheets cost 2 to 3$ depending on how many you buy. The software to layout the PCB, I used IVEX cost 29.95 allows up to 200 pins, has mamy packages for IC and other components. I was very pleased with both products, I got everything done quickly, Was much faster than wire-wrapping.

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