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Hoax emails

A lot of people that are new to using email come accross some kind of warning sooner or later that they think is so important that they feel they have to forward it to as many as possible people as they can and even disregarding the rule not to post off-topic messages to mailing lists.

Most of these messages concern virus warnings or something that's very socially unjust or sympathy deserving.
Generally these stories are 'urban legends' however and they circulate the Net every couple of years because there are always new people that don't know them yet.

When you forward such a message you'll be immediately know as a newbie...

(Partial list of) know hoaxes:

Here are sites with much more information: CIAC Chain Letters CIAC Hoaxes Computer Virus Myths home page McAfee At IBM At IBM CERT (from Computer Emergency Reponse Team) at Carnegie Mellon CIAC Hoaxes Datafellows Hoax alert site Norton Associates International Sophos Symantec UK Symantec, makers of anti virus software Symantec, Hoax page In German

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