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Chip numbers starting with 681

nr name cat description manufacturer
681 MAX681 power +5V to +/-10V Voltage Converter, pinout Maxim*
6810 6810 mcu HMOS MCU Motorola*
6810 MC6810 sram 128*8 RAM Motorola
681000 KM681000LG-8 128K x 8 Sram, pinout Samsung
681001 681001 sram 128K*8 cache SRAM* Samsung*
6811 MC68HC11 mcu 8-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
6811 TEA6811 radio AM*/FM* RF and PLL* synthesizer circuit Philips
68110 MC68HC11A0 mcu HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68110 MC68HC11E0 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68111 MC68HC11A1 mcu HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68111 MC68HC11A1FN mcu MCU, 512 EEPROM, 256 RAM, 38 IO* Motorola
68111 MC68HC11A1P Microcontroller, pinout Motorola
68111 MC68HC11E1 mcu HCMOS* MCU 52-pin 512*8 RAM Motorola*
68111 MC68HC11F1 mcu HCMOS* MCU Motorola*
68112 MC68HC11E2 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68112 MC68HC11E2 mcu HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11D3 mcu HCMOS* MCU 192*8 RAM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11D3 mcu HCMOS* MCU 40/44-pin 192*8 RAM 4096 ROM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11E3 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68118 68HC11A8 mcu, pinout Motorola
68118 MC68HC11A8 MicroController, pinout Motorola
68118 MC68HC11A8 mcu HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM 8192 ROM Motorola*
68119 MC68HC11E9 mcu HCMOS* MCU 52-pin 512*8 RAM 12k ROM Motorola*
6812 MC68HC12 mcu New 8-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
6815 FL6l8-15cn pl PAL* and/or invert 15ns/210ma TI
68150 MC68150 glue Dynamic bus Sizer (for 68040 and 68060) Motorola*
68153 68153 ~ pinout
6816 AD6816 155 Mbps UTP*#5 Complete PHY Interface, data AD
6816 MC6816 mpu 6811 Source Code Compatible CPU Motorola*
68160 MC68160 network EEST (Ethernet driver) - glueless logic to 68360. Motorola*
68184 MC68184 datacom Broadband Interface controller Motorola*
68184 MC68184 network Broadband Interface controller (BIC) IEEE 802.4 Motorola*
68185 MC68185 datacom Twisted Pair Modem Motorola*
68185 MC68185 modem Twisted Pair Modem - Use with 68824 for low cost LAN Motorola*
68192 XR68C192 uart Dual* UART with 8(XR68C92) or 16(XR68C192) Bytes Transmit and Receive FIFO* Exar
68194 MC68194 datacom Carrierband Modem Motorola*
68194 MC68194 modem Carrierband Modem - IEEE 802.4 Physical Layer 1 Motorola*
68195 MC68195 datacom LocalTalk Adapter Motorola*
68195 MC68195 network Local Talk Adapter - 68332 and 68302 to LocalTalk networks Motorola*

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When you're the webmaster/database manager of an IC* manufacturer and you'd like to get your IC*'s listed on sites like these (including the ICMaster) but don't want to deal with all sites separately, a couple of us are trying to set up a system whereby the IC* manufacturers just put a comma seperated value's (.csv) file on their site with all of their data and we all read that regurarly and work the data into our databases of chips. Please visit for more details. One of the manufacturers already cooperating is ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola).

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