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Chip numbers starting with 682

nr name cat description manufacturer
682 MAX682 power 3V/Adjustabie, Low-Dropout, Ultra-Low Iq Linear Regulator Maxim*
682 ba682 diode diode 36v/100ma sod80 t/r (115) Philips
6820 MC6820 periph PIA* Motorola
6821 6821 Peripheral interface adapter, pinout Motorola
6821 EF6821 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 1 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 EF68A21 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 1.5 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 EF68B21 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 2 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 MC6821 periph Parallel interface adapter *pinout (Better to use 68230) Motorola
6821 TEA6821 radio ICE car radio Philips
6822 6822 Peripheral Interface adapter, pinout Motorola
6822 MC6822 periph industrial PIA* (18V open drain) Motorola
6822 TEA6822 radio AM*/FM* IF, stereo decoder and NC circuit Philips
68230 68230 periph pinout
68230 MC68230 periph Parallel interface/timer - two 8 bit ports, 24 bit timer Motorola*
68230 TS68230 periph 16-Bit HMOS Parallel Interface, Timer, 8 and 10 MHz PDIP48, PLCC52 ST
6824 68HC24 bus 68HC11F1 bus expansion IC* Motorola (discontinued before 199906), now made by Tekmos?
6824 MC68HC24 periph port replacement for 6811 A8,E9 Motorola*
68257 68257 sram 32K*8 cache SRAM* Samsung*
6827 MC68HC27 periph Port replacement for the 6811 D3,K4,F1 Motorola*
6828 MC6828 pic? PIC (=MC8507) Motorola
6829 MC6829 mmu* MMU* for the 6809 Motorola

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When you're the webmaster/database manager of an IC* manufacturer and you'd like to get your IC*'s listed on sites like these (including the ICMaster) but don't want to deal with all sites separately, a couple of us are trying to set up a system whereby the IC* manufacturers just put a comma seperated value's (.csv) file on their site with all of their data and we all read that regurarly and work the data into our databases of chips. Please visit for more details. One of the manufacturers already cooperating is ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola).

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