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Manufacturers, distributors and testers of materials for chip making

Amrau International [Pte] Limited 80
Sri Lanka
tel: +94-8374288
tel: +94-8374878
fax: +94-8476744
We are the pioneer mineral producer of Sri Lanka.We are manufacturing quartz for exportfor use as a raw material for electronic chips.

Chipworks, Inc.
3685 Richmond Road, Suite 500
Ottawa, ON K2H 5B7
tel: +1-613-829-0414
fax: +1-613-829-0515
Chipworks is an internationally recognized technical services companythat analyzes the circuitry and physical composition ofsemiconductors chipsand electronics systemsfor applications in intellectual property licensing, patenting,competitive study,quality reviews, and reliability assurance.Chipworks technical experts use sophisticated lab facilitiesand a rich library of in-house semiconductor datato conduct detailed analyses of a wide selection of chip types.Chipworks develops high value, meticulously researched, on time reportspresented in a format that is easy to read, easy to understandand tailored to customer needs.

CMP Technology
CMP technology provides software package CLIP and services for pattern density calculation, CMP simulation and smart dummy filling to improve uniformity for Chemical Mechanical Polish (CMP) process and hence yields of products. The software works for Inter-Level Dielectric (ILD), Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) and cooper polish with Chemical Vapor Deposition, High Density Plasma deposition (HDP) or cooper plating.

IBM Research
ICE consultancy!

Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation
17350 North Hartford Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
tel: +1-602-515-9780
fax: +1-602-515-9781 (for everything) General ICE collection at the Smithsonian
Independent semiconductor consulting firm in business since 1964providing failure and construction analysis of integrated circuits,intellectual property analysis and reverse engineering,technical publications and training and market research and analysis.
Products include:
  • Status/Midterm: Reports on the IC* industry: The markets, players,technologies and trends.
  • Successful Technologies Review: Annual review of new technologiesincorporated into actual products.
  • Basic IC* Technology: A basic overview of IC* technology with emphasis onwafer processing and economics for non-technical personnel.
  • Practical IC* Fabrication: An examination of IC* processing technologies,methods and equipment.
  • Physical evaluation and documentation of product for intellectualproperty-related areas, including prior art product analysis anddocumentation.

JB Chemicals
JB Chemicals
338/7, Centrial Town
tel: +292-181-239617
fax: +292-181-55728
We manufacturer high temperature resistant potting epoxies forsemiconductors,silver epoxies electrically conductive, thermally conductive heat transferepoxy.
We also fabricate chip-on-boards.

Jouder Precision
Jouder Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Components for IC* transfer molding.
We are a components manufacturer for IC* transfer molding mold.

Knights Technology, Inc.
155 North Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
tel: +1-408-988-0600 - general
tel: +1-408-522-8900 - sales
fax: +1-408-739-4438
The company develops and markets software for semiconductor manufacturing.

Merlin's Framework CAD* navigation: failure analysis tool
YieldManager Yield enhancement software tool

The products are used to analyse defects and identify causes of yield loss.The company has a team of engineers defining the state-of-the-artfor yield enhancement software.Knights works with input from customersto understand the issues faced in semiconductor manufacturing today.

LRE Silicon
LR Enterprises
1235 Torres Avenue
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: 408-262-8725
fax: 408-263-6642 General
LR Enterprises supplies silicon wafers to the semiconductor, equipmentmanufacturer and the solar industry. Wafers ranges from 50MM-300MM indiameter, prime, test, reclaim, coin roll and patterned form.


R&T Center "Microelectronics"
Ivan I. Chehil - Director
202 Stryjska Street
Lviv 290031, Ukraine
fax: +(?)-380-322-634009
Science and Technical Center "Microelectronics"is one of the Ukrainian silicon wafer producers,which is specialized on small-scale production of silicon platesunder special customer specification.

Mitsubishi Corporation
3-1, Marunouchi 2-chome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8086
tel: +81-3-3210-5225
fax: +81-3-3210-5339
Distributor of materials for semiconductor -Idemitsu PPS (environmentally friendly encapsulant),RP System (moisture and oxygen free packaging system),BT resin copper clad laminate and prepreg.

tel: 82-2-3411-2626
tel: 82-2-2226-6232(EXT:105)
fax: 82-2-3411-0190
fax: 82-2-2226-6239 General
Have been producing Gold bonding wire,Solder Ball(Sn63/pb37), and GoldTarget for more than 20 years.
These material is using for Semiconductor industry.

Montco Silicon Technologies, Inc.
500 S. Main Street
Spring City, PA 19475
Silicon wafers sales and polishing from 3 inch to 300mm.Post polish services oxides, nitrides, metals.Class 10 clean room.

Nitto Europe NV*.
IP Genk Zuid - zone 12A
Eikelaarstraat 22
3600 Genk
tel: +32-89-360111
fax: +32-89-362242
Nitto UK Ltd.
Berkshire Business Centre
Berkshire Drive, Thatcham
Berkshire RG19 4EW
tel: +44-1635-872172
Fax: +44-1635-872332 Nitto Europe Nitto Denko in the USA Nitto Denko in Japan PERMACEL - a Nitto Denko Company Hydranautics Graphic Technologies
We supply high purity tape for backgriding and dicing of wafers.We also supply epoxy molding compound.

GaAs Wafer Reclaim:
We are one of only a few firms that handle small diameterGallium Arsenide wafer Reclaimerin the world today.3" and 4" oxide and metal wafers are stripped and repolishedremoving a minimum of material to allow GaAs customers the abilityto reuse mechanical grade wafers for set-up and tests.The cost savings to our current customers is tremendousover buying new EPI grade wafers.Remember "a GaAs wafer is a terrible thing to waste".

Quadrillion Corporation
302 Legget Drive, Suite 200
Kanata, Ontario K2K 1Y5, Canada
tel: +1-613-832-3393 - main
tel: +1-613-791-9921 - sales/info
fax: +1-613-832-0547
Developer of Q-YIELD, a data mining software tool for yield analysis.Using Q-YIELD, engineers can quickly identify the variablescontrolling yield problems.
Yield analysis software and training for semiconductor manufacturers.

Semiconductor Insights
Semiconductor Insights, Inc.
3000 Solandt Road
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2X2
tel: +1-613-599-6500
fax: +1-613-599-6501 General About Company news
Semiconductor Insights is a world-leading microelectronics consulting firmserving major semiconductor and information technology corporations on aglobal basis.We specialize in analyzing the technologies used in state-of-the-artsemiconductor devices.Our services included competitive analysis of IC* designs and processtechnologies,technical analyses of semiconductor patents and provision of IC* designservices.We also offer highly integrated imaging solutions combining CMOS* imagesensing technologywith image capture and signal processing circuitry and software.
We have experience in all major process technologiesincluding CMOS*, BiCMOS, NMOS*, bipolar and GaAsand a wide range of microelectronic products, including:


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Electronics (I) (Annual Book of ASTM Standards. Volume 10.04, 2000) ISBN: 0803128118 $94

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