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Interbroker organizations for the industry

This page lists organizations that provide some sort of service to brokers besides helping them to find parts.

Digital Market
Bought by Agile Software Corporation

Electronic Resellers Association International
P.O. Box 1308
Plymouth, MA 02362
tel: +1-508-746-8475
fax: +1-508-746-8940
The Association was formed a few years backto track, warn and help people against unethical practices in this business.

Technical services

Chip Process
Chip Process, Inc.
Inspection and repair of chip lead parameters.They guarantee that all chip leads line up correctlywith the contact pads on the PCB (in all three axes).

Metals Reclamation Services
Metals Reclamation Services
2169 Marques
San Jose, CA 95125
tel: +1-408-723-8528
fax: +1-408-266-0916 General
Our expertise is in the witnessing, recycling and refiningof precious metal from scrap electronic computer parts.


See Partminer.

Part Base
Software for setting up IC databases?


Passive Parts
"Passive Parts" is now providing a complete "on-line"electronic catalog for: Buying, selling, browsing and searchingof all kinds of passive components (only) like: capacitors, connectors, resistors, relays, inductors, switches,optos, cables, control knobs, sockets and more.
You can upload your inventory. Search or browse anyone's inventory.Receive the uploads by mail and let anyone receive your uploads by mail."Real Time" edit/modify/remove your inventory from our database.
The passive components are all organized and created in easy to use categories.Our database contains (at 199901) more than 14,000 line item passive componentsand images of the product.

Priority Data
Market Maker Systems Corporation
3767 Thimens Suite 270
St-Laurent, PQ H4R 1W4
tel: +1-514-333-1245
fax: +1-514-333-1489
Makes software for the electronics distribution/broker industry.

Services for brokers

(And their clients ?)
Date:         Fri, 18 Jul 1997 07:39:23 -0700
From:         Ron Schwinkendorf <>
Organization: Chip Process, Inc.

We are not distributors, brokers or dealers of chips. Our expertise is
INSPECTION and REPAIR of chip lead parameters from our Dallas-based lab.
We guarantee that all chip leads line up correctly (in all three axes)
with contact pads on the PWB. How can we advertise on your pages?

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