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Bay Area Computer
Bay Area Computer
19871 Graystone Lane
San Jose, CA 95120
tel: +1-408-323-2000
tel: +1-408-534-0720 Warehouse
fax: +1-408-323-2005 - Dist. Software
Electronics distributor of hard to find, obsolete IC*'s.Sole developer and distributor of PartBase II,Part sourcing software exclusively for electronicsdistributors and brokers.
Hard to find, obsolete IC*'s

BCD Electro
P.O. Box 450207
Garland, TX 75045-0207
tel: +1-214-3432170
fax: +1-214-3431854
Buys and sells manufacturers and distributors excess component electronic inventory.Broad line inventory and deal in most all components.
Founded in 1979 as a mail order electronics business serving the hobby and small OEM customer.The company has since grown into a broad line independant distributorselling mostly to a client base of other independant distributors and brokers.

Blue Fin
USA (?)

Boca Micro*
Boca Micro* Technology, Inc.
980 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
tel: +1-561-391-7200
fax: +1-561-391-8040
AMD, Analog Devices, Cypress, Dallas Semi,Fujitsu, GI, Harris, Hitachi, IR, Intel,Maxim, Micron, Microsemi, Motorola, NEC, National Semi,SGS, Samsung, Siliconix, TI,Xicor, Xilinx, Zilog
BOCA MICRO* was founded in 1989 as an independentworldwide stocking distributor of electroniccomponents specializing in IC*'s/Semiconductors.
BOCA MICRO* actively buys and sells OEM and Distributor's excess component inventory.
BOCA MICRO* also maintains one of the largest databases of worldwide electronic componentinventory availabilies in the world today, with over ONE BILLION+ IC*'s and semiconductorsjust a phone call way!
Please contact us for a fast quote on any of your IC* needs today!
If you have any IC*/Semiconductor stock lists/disks,please email/fax/mail them to us today at our address belowor if you wish to get a quick bid on your excess inventory,contact David Young in Purchasing at Extension 132.


(A division of the Landis Corporation)
Bruin Electronics
1141 Seminary St.
Rockford, IL 61104
tel: +1-815-987-2775
fax: +1-815-987-2776
Bruin Electronics is a stocking distributor of both new and refurbished I.C.'s withover 30 million pieces of inventory housed in a 60,000 Sq. Ft. facility. We maintainan extensive selection of DRAM, SRAM*, Processors, Video RAM, EPROMS, CacheSRAM, and FLASH memory. We also have access to a large volume of passive anddiscrete components. This includes reputable manufacturers such as Intel, AMD,Motorola, TI, Sony, NEC, Hitachi, Samsung, Goldstar, Toshiba, etc... All parts soldare guaranteed unconditionally for 30 days. - Whether you are an OEM, an independent distributor, or in the broker market, wehave a full sales staff that is poised and ready to supply you with the pricinginformation that will satisfy both your immediate needs as well as future needs. - Along with stocking electronic components, we specialize in refurbishing integratedcircuits. Because we take such great pride in our refurbishing, Bruin has becomethe leader in the refurbishing industry. We use a detailed seven step process torestore IC*'s back to 'like new' condition. Our highly qualified team makes sure thatevery component is treated with the consistent care that is needed to provide theexceptional quality that our customers have grown to expect. If you have any partsyou would like us to quote for refurbishing, or you would like some samples of ourwork, give us a call. - At Bruin, honesty, integrity, service, and peace of mind are not just words. Theyare what we live by. You can be sure that no one is able take better care of youthen we are. Whether you are looking for something specific part or have parts thatneed to be refurbished, Bruin Electronics is the answer. We would love to satisfy allof your Integrated Circuits needs.

PO Box 97
Artesia, CA 90703
tel: 562-229-0330 General About News Technical data Search engine
Semiconductors, electronic components, integrated circuits,board level components, active components, passive components, processors, ic*,microprocessors, memory components, dram, sram, eprom, cpu, diodes, resistors,capacitors, caps, transistors, potentiometers, ferrites, Leds, Buyers, procurement,purchasing department, engineering department, brokers, distributors, suppliers, authorizedresellers, vendors, franchised distributors, Hard to find components, obsolete components,shortages.

BTW Electronics
BTW Electronics
Cobweb Electronics
tel: +1-905-475-0671
fax: +1-905-475-3251 - full inventory on-line

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