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Pace Electronics, Inc.
7600 Currency Drive
Orlando, FL 32817
tel: +1-407-275-2400
fax: +1-407-275-2411
Pace Electronics Inc. is a stocking distributor of current,obsoleteand hard to find electronic components.We have a large inventory, as well as a brokering services for select customers.Manufacturers that we specialize in include the following:AMD,BrooktreeHarris,Hitachi,Hyundai,Intel,Lattice,Lucent,Maxim,Motorola,NatSemi,Nec,Philips,Rohm,SGS,Samsung,Siemens,TI,Toshiba,Xicor,Xilinx,Zetex,Zilogand others.We have access to passive components as well.We can ship direct or to a freight forwarder if necessary.Typical terms are TT of funds in advance for export sales,but terms may be available for eligible companies.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, Bryan Sharp.

Freetradezone: Most massive electronic components database!
Freetradezone: Enormous component database!

Partminer, Inc.
80 Ruland Road
Melville, NY 11747
USA Partminer, Inc. The Free Trade Zone

Palaver Communications Inc.
3446 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
tel: +1-408-748-8800
fax: +1-408-748-8851 general linked to this
Palaver Communications Inc. (P.C.I.) is an independent third partylogistic's corporation specializing in inventory managment,contract purchasing and excess inventory reduction.P.C.I. prides itself on supporting material managmentsolutions to a diverse market of OEM's as well as contract manufacturers.Currently, P.C.I. is handling over 244 million dollars of inventory ready tosupport your companies MRP requirments.In addition to these services P.C.I. is linked to the largest inventory database in the world to give our customers leading edge technology for supportingtheir supply and demand needs. P.C.I. has been supplying customers around theworld with readily available and highly allocated electronic components givinga new meaning to the phrase "just in time".


Providian Electronics Inc.
23-b Bellmore Ave
Point Lookout, NY 11569
tel: +5-168-977990 (?)
fax: +5-168-977994 (?)
Worldwide electronic components distributor.Specializing in capacitors and memory.We have large OEM excess availability.

Peninsula Technology
Peninsula Technology
Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
tel: 1-415-393-9078
fax: 1-415-441-9279
independent distributor dealing with both oem's and other distributors. Inventory consists of bothnew and refurbished parts.

Performance Electronics
120 Secatogue Avenue
Farmingdale, NY 11735
tel: +1-516-293-9200
fax: +1-516-293-6470

Plano Components
1420 Brazos Trail
Plano, TX 75075
tel: +1-972-516-0873
fax: +1-972-423-3790 - sales
Plano Components is an independent, stocking distributor. We have beenservicing the electronic needs of our customers for 6 years, Located inthe Dallas Metroplex, in Plano Texas we service a global customer base.Our sales focus is limited to semiconductors, with an inventory emphasis onlinear and logic, especially products produced by Texas Instruments, National,Motorola, Harris & Philips.
Our sales staff includes several sales people who previously have worked infranchised distribution.Each of us with 10-20 years experience selling electronic components.
My name is Jeff Luebke. I will be your primary contact for sales andpurchasing. Feel free to include us on any offers or requirements. Withyour permission, we will be including you on our requirements and offersbroadcasts as well.
If you have a stock file available, please send a copy to my attention.Email transmission is preferred whenever possible.
Likewise our stock is available via email or postal mail. If you would likea copy please indicate your preference for transmission, and your choice offormats....(.dbf, .xls, or text available).

ProComponents, Inc.
200 Brown Road
Fremont, CA 94539
tel: +1-510-440-8877
fax: +1-510-440-8822

Procure Components
Procure Components
42108 Orange Blossom Drive
Temecula, CA 92592
tel: +1-909-695-3995
fax: +1-909-699-1995 General
We are a stocking distributor of IC*'s, semiconductors, capcitors, connectors, crystals, memory products, and many more electronic components.

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