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Recognin Technologies
Recognin Technologies, Inc.
4548D West Village Dr.
Tampa, FL 33624
tel: +1-813-969-1781
fax: +1-813-969-1791
tel: +1-866-4-RECOGNIN - free
Finally there's a software package available for the Electronic Component Distribution Industrythat's affordable, easy to use, and has the functionality needed for today's market.Aside from having the things you'd expect, such as part searching inventory, offers, and reqs,verbal and written quoting, full invoicing, SO, PO, RMA capability,A/R and A/P, importing/exporting, instant messaging and contact managementthat rivals Act and Goldmine,it has new technology that makes running your business easier.Recognize also offers a phone module that allows you to keep track of all call times,source numbers, destination numbers,and even the result of the phone call.With the Recognize system, you can view a real time bar graph of your employee's talk time.We also have an E-mail Module that will take in the hundreds of e-mails you get in every day,automatically searches for part numbers and matches them up with your inventoryor hot reqs and instantly create a quote to the interested party.Think of the time that will save, and the number of additional quotes that will be generated.The more quotes going out, the more business coming in!On top of that, it inserts all of the offers and reqs from those e-mails into your database,meaning no more manual entry.

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