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Chips in the category 'GLUE*'

nr name description manufacturer
2340 soft V40 Flip Stik, Dallas*
2340 DS2340T Soft V40 Stik, PS (1312 Kb) Dallas*
32580 Interface controller to couple the Weitek WTL3164 FPU NS
5311 DS5311FP MC68HC11 Softener Chip, PS (673 Kb) Dallas*
5340 DS5340 V40 Softener Chip, Dallas*
66470 Video and system controller for the 68070, Regs Philips*
68150 MC68150 Dynamic bus Sizer (for 68040 and 68060) Motorola*
6883 MC6883 SAM for the 6809E (74LS783) Motorola
74428 74S428 System controller for 8080 (=8228) Intel*, NEC, TI
74438 74S438 8080 system controller (i8238)
8000 XR8000 Microprocessor Support IC*, Data Exar
8228 System controller and bus Driver AMD, Intel*, NEC, NS
8228 i8228 8080 system controller/data bus driver Intel $1.75
82288 bus controller Intel*, UMC
82289 bus arbiter Intel
8238 System controller and bus Driver NS
8238 i8238 8080 system controller/data bus driver Intel $4
8288 bus controller for 8086/8088, pinout Intel*, UMC
8289 bus arbiter Intel
9450 1750A bus controller NS

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To get chips listed

When you're the webmaster/database manager of an IC* manufacturer and you'd like to get your IC*'s listed on sites like these (including the ICMaster) but don't want to deal with all sites separately, a couple of us are trying to set up a system whereby the IC* manufacturers just put a comma seperated value's (.csv) file on their site with all of their data and we all read that regurarly and work the data into our databases of chips. Please visit for more details. One of the manufacturers already cooperating is ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola).

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