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Chips in the category 'SCSI'

nr name description manufacturer
2107 SCSI Terminator, Dallas*
216 ESP216 SCSI-2 controller QLogic
406 ESP406 SCSI-2 controller for ISA bus QLogic
531010 SYM53C1010 PCI-Dual Channel Ultra3 SCSI controller is 100 percent compatible with the Ultra160 SCSI initiative and provides additional features that ensure robust Ultra3 system operation. You'll benefit from complete end-to-end protection, enhanced manageability and LVDlink[tm] SCSI signaling technology. Plus, SureLINK[tm] domain validation technology enhances performance of the Ultra3 solution. Whether you need a controller, a bus expander, a host adapter or software, you'll find all the Ultra3 SCSI solutions here. PDF 82KB LSI Logic*
53300 53300 SCSI buffer controller NCR*
53400 53400 SCSI Host Adapter NCR*
53416 SYM53C416 Single chip ISA-to-SCSI Plug-and-Play controller provides a highly integrated connection between the SCSI bus and the ISA bus. LSI Logic*
53770 SYM53C770 Single chip Ultra SCSI controller transfers SCSI data at up to 20 MBps on an 8-bit bus and up to 40 MBps on a 16-bit bus. LSI Logic*
5380 SCSI controller, Regs AMD, NCR*, NS
5380 5380 SCSI controller NCR
5380 5380 SCSI interface NCR*
5380 ATP-5380 General SCSI Chip for Generic SCSI, ACARD*
5380 DP5380 Asynshronous SCSI interface in DIL40 or PLCC44 National Semiconductor
5380 SYM53C80S SCSI Protocol controller LSI Logic*
53810 SCSI controller AMD, NCR*
53810 SYM53C810AE PCI-SCSI controller transfers 8-bit SCSI data at speeds of 7 MBps asynchronous and 10 MBps synchronous. LSI Logic*
53820 53C820 SCSI-2 controller for PCI bus NCR
53825 SYM53C825AE Single chip PCI-SCSI controller performs fast and wide SCSI synchronous data transfers at up to 20 MBps in single-ended or differential modes. LSI Logic*
5385 SCSI controller, pinout (Not 53c85!), Regs AMD, NCR*
5386 5386 SCSI controller, Regs AMD, NCR*
53860 SYM53C860E PCI-Ultra SCSI (Fast-20) controller transfers data at up to 20 MBps across an 8-bit bus. LSI Logic*
53875 SYM53C875E Single chip PCI-Ultra SCSI (Fast-20) controller transfers data at up to 40 MBps across a 16-bit bus. LSI Logic*
53876 SYM53C876E PCI-Dual Channel Ultra SCSI Multifunction controller contains two Wide Ultra SCSI interfaces for maximum performance and flexibility. LSI Logic*
53895 SYM53C895 PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI controller provides twice the performance of Ultra SCSI and allows four times the cable length and number of connected devices. LSI Logic*
53895 SYM53C895A Single channel PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI controller expands the capabilities of the industry-standard Symbios SYM53C895 PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI controller to meet increasing demands for higher performance servers and workstations. The new SYM53C895A controller offers OEMs and system integrators superior performance, low-risk integration and PC99 compliance. LSI Logic*
53896 SYM53C896 PCI-Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Multifunction controller offers multi-mode operation for compute and data intensive designs. LSI Logic*
5390 5390 Enhanced SCSI processor NCR*
5390 53C90A SCSI controller, single bus NCR
5390 53C90B SCSI controller, single bus with parity NCR
5394 53C94 SCSI controller, split bus, Incl AMD, NCR*
5396 53C96 SCSI controller, differential bus, Incl AMD, NCR*
64951 SCSI controller Hitachi*
760 ARC-760* SCSI-IDE bridge Controller, ACARD*
870 ATP-870IU Fast SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI-3 Chip, ACARD*
870 ATP-870UW Ultra Wide SCSI-3 Chip, ACARD*
875 ATP-875 Ultra Wide SCSI-3 Chip, ACARD*

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