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Chips in the category 'TRANSIS'

nr name description manufacturer
1272 sd1272-2 rf silicon pwr trx 25w 175mhz ST
1345000 bt134-5000 triac 500v 4a sot82 s/g Philips
14858 ltc1485cn8 diff line tx LT
1487 sd1487 rf silicon pwr trx 100w 30mhz ST
179 bc179 sig trx 25v 50ma pnp t018 Philips
194 Transistor Pair NS
195 Power Transistor NS
21613 General Purpose Transistor NS
22060 General Purpose Transistor NS
2210 ssm2210p trx pair supermatched dil AD
22218 General Purpose Transistor NS
22219 General Purpose Transistor NS
2222 pn2222a sig trx 40v 800ma npn Philips
22221 General Purpose Transistor NS
22222 General Purpose Transistor NS
22369 Fast switch Transistor NS
22484 Low Noise Transistor NS
22904 General Purpose Transistor NS
22905 General Purpose Transistor NS
22905 2n2905a sig trx 60v 600ma pnp t039 Motorola
22906 General Purpose Transistor NS
22907 General Purpose Transistor NS
22920 General Purpose Transistor NS
23019 General Purpose Transistor NS
23565 2n3565 sig trx 30v 50ma npn t092 ST
23700 General Purpose Transistor NS
26426 2n6426 darl trx 40v 500ma npn t092 Motorola
2718 General Purpose Transistor NS
2907 pn2907a sig trx 60v 600ma pnp t092 ST
2930 Low Noise Amplifier Transistor NS
3045 Transistor Array NS
3045 LM3045 Transistor Array in DIL14 National Semiconductor
3046 CA3046 NPN array RCA
3046 LM3046 Transistor Array in DIL14 National Semiconductor
3086 LM3086 Transistor Array in DIL14 National Semiconductor
3096 CA3096 Transistor array with 3 NPN and 2 PNP transistors RCA
3146 CA3146 NPN array: 1 diff pair + 3 isolated RCA
3146 LM3146 High Voltage transistor array in DIL14 National Semiconductor
3346 MC3346 NPN array Motorola
3645 pn3645 sig trx 60v 1a pnp t092 ST
369 bc369 sig trx 20v 1a pnp t092 Philips
38 bcx38c darl trx 80v 0.8a npn e pkg Philips
394 LM394 dual* NPN transistor NS
395 LM395h pwr trx ultra reliable t05 NS
6502 tpq6502 complimentary transistor array TI
688 ztx688b trx sig 20v 3a npn to92 Plessey
712 ztx712 darl trx 60v 0.8a pnp e pkg Zetex
850 bc850 trx 50v 200ma sot23 215 tape/r Philips
857 bc857 45v 100ma pnp sot23 215 tape/r Philips
98 buz98c pwr trx 1k2v 30a npn t03 ST

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To get chips listed

When you're the webmaster/database manager of an IC* manufacturer and you'd like to get your IC*'s listed on sites like these (including the ICMaster) but don't want to deal with all sites separately, a couple of us are trying to set up a system whereby the IC* manufacturers just put a comma seperated value's (.csv) file on their site with all of their data and we all read that regurarly and work the data into our databases of chips. Please visit for more details. One of the manufacturers already cooperating is ON Semiconductor (formerly part of Motorola).

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