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The 6809

From Motorola
Hitachi made a much more powerful version: The 6309

See also the 6800 page.
See also the 6805 page.
See also the 6811 page.


Compiler Matthias Doerfel's GCC port

Disassembler Written in C


Screen dump of ReFLEX emulator screen FLEX emulator by Ben Williams SWTPC 6800/6809 emulator by Michael Evenson Flexemu by Wolfgang Schwotzer Tandy Radio Shack's CoCo (Color Computer) emulator by David Keil MC6809 simulator by Ray Bellis (It seems to compile well on Debian GNU/Linux 1.3)

Instruction set

local 6309 extra instructions
local Instruction set 6809 Card 6809E Card Text Instruction set

Manufacturer ST still makes them it seems!


news:comp.sys.m6809 Real news group FLEX User Group


local 6309 Pinout
local 6809 Pinout 6809 Card 6809E Card

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local - See the other families of processors.

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