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Motorola's 6811 Microcontroller family

Local Instruction set in alphabetical order
Local Instruction set in numerical order
Local IO-Registers
Local Include file (a)
Local Include file (f)
Local Include file (s)
Local Include file (v) HTML version of the HC11 command reference Programming guide

Assembler Free GNU compiler and assembler Assembler (for the Mac*) from Mark Coniglio ( Assembler by Ernest Laurentin <> for W95 and NT
Local Many compilers also include an assembler of course As6811 with source and manual. Sylvain Bissonnette <> About a dozen extensive code samples by Val Gretchev By ASPiSYS <> Motorola AS11 "freeware" assembler Compiler/assembler by Cosmic

Board By ASPiSYS <> See below Miniboard or Handyboard kits or assd/tested units Technological Arts Controler/expander boards and hacks and software LDG Electronics Home Page <>
Local Emails about more (small) boards Motorola's $99 EVBU2 board. 6811 Board

LDG wrote (at 199705):

Don't know if you've seen our page recently, but we've upgraded our site with new descriptions and more photos.
We have also lowered some of our prices.
The SBC-2 now goes for $49 ($10 off) and the SBC-8K has had an 8K Serial EEPROM added at no extra charge (was $10).

Dwayne Kincaid

LDG Electronics
1445 Parran Road, St. Leonard MD 20685
Phone: 410-586-2177
Fax: 410-586-8475


Get a copy of the "Pink Book" first.
You may download the "Pink Book" (M68HC11RM/D - MC68HC11 Family Reference Manual) and several other technical documentations about the HC11 family at:
Also try:

To get it directly:
For a PostScript version of the M68HC11RM/D (Directly printable to a laser printer: (3,7 megabytes!)
For a Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version (Adobe Acrobat Reader required): (3,0 megabytes!)

Also, it's worth trying to find a copy of "M68HC11 HCMOS* Single-Chip Microcomputer Programmer's Reference Manual" (M68HC11PM/AD, Otherwise known as the "Green Book". I haven't seen a new one of these in years but it is a valuable resource for programmers. In addition to an instruction-by-instruction listing it has very useful discussions of addressing modes, and has numereous handy summary tables of instructions, op codes, etc.

Data Acquisition and Process Control with the M68HC11 Microcontroller

Driscoll, Coughlin and Villanucci
Macmillan is the publisher.
ISBN: 002330555X
Joe T. Guest, Jr. (,

M68HC11 Microcontroller: Applications in Control, Instrumentation and Communication, The

Michael Khear
Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0132055503

Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC11
Fredrick M. Cady
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0-19-511008-0
For more information email:Marcy Levine <> or Fredrick M. Cady <>
See the website more information and text support.

Microcontroller Technology: The 68HC11
Peter Spasov <>
Prentice Hall

Code examples - Code snippets by Val Gretchev <> - Dimiter Popoff

Compiler Free GNU compiler and assembler E. Laurent's page Gun Seteabudi's GNU C/C++ compiler ImageCraft C compiler for 68HC11 ($160) ImageCraft Compiler/assembler by Cosmic (?) Cosmic (?) Hi-Tech (?) Introl ICC11 C-compiler from ImageCraft, DOS: $48, Win: $98
Small-C Very primitive! Karl Lunt's SBASIC compiler Karl Lunt's SBASIC compiler
Dunfield About $100 but quite good


Free demo versions of HC12 and HC08 compilers/assemblers, debuggers and ISA simulators (and HC05, HC11, HC16, CPU32/32+) at

GNU compiler and assembler




ANSI HC11 and HC12 C compilers contact info:
P.O. Box 64226
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4226
tel: +1-408-749-0702
fax: +1-408-739-6994
It's a great compiler and when you outgrow it, send $100 to imagecraft and get the whole meal deal. - copy

COP timer

Emails about 6811's COP Watchdog timer.

Development environments Integrated Development Environment from Oliver Thamm <> - 30 day trial version DOS based development environment

Development kits From ST (formerly Waferscale)

Disassembler - by Martin Perko <>


FAX by Russ Hersch HTML Text Text

Instruction set

Local - ABC - ABC and systematic

Mailing list

(A mailing list (in this sense) is a discussion forum via email...)

See here.

Mailing lists

local More mailing lists In French GNU programming tools for 6811 and 6812

Monitor Something about the Buffalo monitor?
Local Free C source with all kinds of stuff for the 6811 and in general.

Motorola - Official Motorola home page for the 6811 - Literature about the 6811 family

Operating System - uC/OS


This is a new kind of simulator (and also assembler and debugger).
A complete and really fast simulator for 68HC705, 68HC11, 8031/51/32/52, PIC and ST62XX in same Windows environment?
Don't wait anymore, UMPS is really what you need, it simulates any of these micros and fast, very fast. Do you need to see if your I2C program or your LCD protocol is OK? UMPS can simulate I2C peripherals, LCD panels, LED's, push-buttons etc.
Philippe Techer <>

Others: 68HC11 Simulator TH Rijswijk 68HC11 simulator TH Rijswijk 68HC11 Simulator At Tamik

Source code (look under the software library for 68HC11) - Drivers for Dallas protocol.

Rest of the page: Miscellaneous emails about the 6811

Here a problem that many 6811 users will encounter:

Date:    19951108
From: <>
Subject: Re: Getting started with the EVM...

> Message sent by Jaap van Ganswijk <>

> Buffalo expects a UART at 0x4000. So if you have an SRAM* from
> 0x0000 up to 0x8000, which is currently usual, it doesn't
> download location 0x4000 correctly. This has cost me and others
> already hours (or even days) to find.
> You can easily fix this in the opcode, without reassembling.
> Just change the (2?) store instructions in load's. You don't even
> need to burn a new EPROM*, since only one bit goes from 1 to 0.

Ahhh, excellent info, I was just getting a new (Non EVM) system up
and going last weekend using the buffalo monitor.

My S19 file was ORG'ed to start the code at 4000h, but the byte was
always being cleared!!!.  I had no idea what was going on.

Thanks again for this valuable tip.

Cheers Ray

Some other low cost 6811 boards:

Date:    19960529
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Some info on the MSCC11
Here's some info on the MSCC11: A Single Chip MC68HC11 Microcontroller.
The MSCC11 features an MC68HC11 processor mounted in a 52-pin PLCC with headers
connected to the processor ports. The MSCC11 realizes a single chip
microcontroller and provides
o Eight 3-wire (5 volts, ground, signal) powered analog or  digital input header
connected to Port_E,
o Eight 3-wire powered digital output header connected to  Port_B,
o Eight 3-wire powered bidirectional digital signal header  connected to Port_C,
o Jumpers to separate unregulated and regulated power and  ground rails on the
o The power rail can drive up to 16 servos attached to  Port_C and Port_B
o The regulated voltage rail always drives the  microcontroller and the eight
powered digital/analog  inputs attached to Port_E.
o Eight 3-wire powered analog sensor connectors may be  attached directly to
o A 5-pin male header permits the MSCCB11 to serially  communicate with other
MSCCB11s or personal using the  Mekatronix Bidirectional Serial Communications
Board  (MBSCB) described below.
This is extremely high-quality!
          PART                   DESCRIPTION                  PRICE
        MSCC11B       Unpopulated board only                    $8
        MSCC11U       Unassembled board and components         $22
                      without processor
        MSCC11A       Assembled and tested MSCC11 without      $39
        MSCC11A0U     Unassembled board and components with    $39
        MSCC11E2U     Unassembled board and components with    $49
        MSCC11E9U     Unassembled board and components with    $59
                      Assembled with Microprocessors
        MSCC11A0A     Assembled and tested MSCC11 with         $59
        MSCC11E2A     Assembled and tested MSCC11 with         $69
        MSCC11E9A     Assembled and tested MSCC11 with         $79

More info?
or e-mail me:


This message is MY responsibility NOT* The OrlandoNet's.
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Windows 3.1,  &  Windows 95.   (Modem#407-678-6898 / Voice#407-678-9900) (--

Date:    19960521
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re: 7812 bauds

In einer eMail vom 20.05.1996  12:46:05, schreiben Sie:
>Perhaps that the person that wrote IDE11 will help us.

I wrote IDE11 (and still developing V2.3). BTW: Feel free to get a fully
functional eval copy of IDE11 at ! (V2.3 will
be available in the beginning of June). Any comments are welcome!

The 7812 Bd solution was already explained here by a number of people (good
work folks ;-) !), so I don't have something to add. I also use 7680 Bd
instead of 7812. This never has been a problem (in DOS).

Oliver Thamm
c/o MCT Lange & Thamm GbR
Hohe Str. 9-13
D-04107 Leipzig

From:    Ruben Reusser <>
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: EVBoard

We use our own EVB in our school. It can be purchased directly. However, as we
finished the Windows Version of our Software, we consider giving away the dos
version for free.

It is a full functional embedded environment, that looks like Turbo Pascal:
      * Text Editor
      * Download Function
      * Terminal Shell
      * Pascal Compiler

- Our EVB comes with a free ware assembler (asmhc11) but works w/ any Assembler
that may be called by a Batch file.
- The EVB comes w/ 32kB Memory and 16kB Rom that provides many functions such as
RS232* Support, c-like write function and a Shell where new commands may be added.

You can have a look at

Unfortunately, at this point, the documentation is German only.

If enough people are interested in our product, I would translate the Doc for the
American Market.

please leave me a Note! or

regards, Ruben Reusser

Date:    19960419
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: Re: HELP: EVBU & Keyboard interface

There is an article in Circuit Cellar Ink (Issue #58, May 1995) by John
Dybovski: "Real Keyboard Emulation". Check this for details on the protocol.

If a German book would be helpful for you I recommend the following title
(guess why ;-))

Oliver Thamm (Hrsg.):
Hip Hop HC11
Das Praxisbuch zur 68HC11 Mikrocontrollerfamilie
230 Seiten, Diskette
Electronic Media, Detmold 1995

ISBN: 3-9804331-2-9

Chapter 6 (30 pages) deals with "Interfacing PC-Keyboards to the 68HC11"
(without using another controller chip).

Good luck!

Oliver Thamm

Date:    19960827
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: HC11 boards

Here's another board you probably haven't heard of yet... We have just
released our new 32K HC11 ModCon board! It is low cost, and completely
expandable. The stackable connectors provide access to all HC11 pins, and
are pin compatible with the EVBU boards (using a split cable). We will also
be producing a proto-board that will mate with the ModCon.

The ModCon has many built in features to make it as versatile as possible;
It supports both the DS1233 or MC34064 reset chips. The four servo
connectors can be configured for both Airtronics and Futaba standards. Four
dip switches support all of the HC11's modes and Buffalo functions. There is
a cut-trace option for battery support for the RAM. The 14 pin SPI connector
has additional lines to support many types of peripherals.

We sell a the ModCon in a 'minimal' configuration (without RAM or stacking
connectors) for $87.00. The other components can be added later. Or the
complete ModCon Kit can be had for $137.00. Assembly is $20 extra.

Our web site has a number of photos, and details, although we will continue
to add information. Next up, I'm going to have all the connector pinouts up.
If the site leaves any unanswered questions, please let me know!

Date:    19961105
From:    Bambang Sutanto <>
To:      Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: EM11 announce

I am currently developing a M68HC11 Emulator for my final project,
Right now the project is at final stage.
Please visit my website...

Bambang Sutanto
EM11 - M68HC11 Emulator


M6811 - M6811 Emulator (Software Engine)
-M6811 Code Emulator
-Device Emulator
-Execution History
-Instruction step over and trace into
-Address (unlimited), conditional (14), and global (1) breakpoints

DEBUG11 - A Command Line Debugger for M6811
-Source level debug (currently, assembly language files only)
-Load S19 (Motorola hex*) and SYM (Symbol and Line Information) files
-Assembler and disassembler
-Expression in assembly and command line input
-Symbol in disassembly output
-Memory/Register display and modify
-Source/Instruction step over
-Source/Instruction trace into
-Address (unlimited), conditional (14), and global (1) breakpoints
-Execution History viewer
-Source module viewer

Finding stuff about the 6811.

[If anybody ever reaches this far down on this page...]
Date:    19980205
From:    Mark Schultz <>
Subject: Re: MC68HC11 instruction set
>I'm looking for the complete instruction set of the Motorola 68HC11
>Maybe someone at this group can mail me this instruction set.

Motorola provides a web site dedicated to providing design information for the HC11 processors. The address is:

Browse around a bit (in the literature section) and you'll find a place where you can download PDF files of all the information you need. Look for two items in particular: The "M68HC11 Reference Manual", part # M68HC11RM/AD. This manual, available in PDF form, contains a complete, detailed description of the instruction set. You will often hear people on this list refer to this book as "The Pink Book" since the printed hardcopy version of this manual has a marbled pink cover. You should also look for the Technical Data manual for the particular part you are interested in working with. There are several versions of the Tech Data manual, one for each major HC11 series part. For example, the book that covers the MC68HC11E9 and all E-series parts is entitled "M68HC11 E Series Technical Data", part # MC68HC11E/D. The Tech Data books cover the usage of the on-chip subsystems of specific HC11 parts in greater detail than the treatment provided in the "Pink Book".

If you are patient, you can also use the web-based tools at the aforementioned site to order literature to be mailed to you directly. The form provided for this purpose expects Motorola document numbers, which I have included above. These doc numbers are also provided on the page that lists PDF files available for download. One drawback of this service is that Motorola typically will not mail hardcopy documentation outside North America.

Good luck in your work with the HC11. If you have difficulties, don't hesitate to post your questions here - there are a lot of good people on this list who will most likely be willing to help you "get your feet wet".

Mark Schultz Sr. Software Engineer MGE UPS* Systems 1660 Scenic Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the
individual who can labor in freedom." -- Albert Einstein

See also 68hc11 french site with an universal board, a newsgroup and a lot of information (in French) Great! Lot's of 6811-stuff (Partly in French..) by Sylvain Bissonnette <> Grant Beattie's 6811 site About the 68HC11F1 Roger's Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page Forth stuff for 68HC11 Directory of /pub/hc11 University of Alberta 68HC11 MIT 68HC11 Archive Ernie of University of BC 68HC11 archive (oldest) University of Alberta 68HC11 Finnish archive of things for many microprocessors and controllers 68HC11 Mac* software and a few projects 68HC11 stuff of Frank Henriquez <> University of Alberta 68HC11 Sviper's site about the 6811 Many links with descriptions

local - See the other families of processors.

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