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KADAK Products Ltd.
206-1847 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y5, Canada
tel: +1-604-734-2796
fax: +1-604-734-8114
AMX 29000 Real-Time Multitasking Kernel

Kaitek Engineering
9051 Pelican Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA
tel: +1-714-964-6405
fax: +1-714-965-9935
PCI extender cards and prototype boards. They also provide similar products for PCMCIA.

Keil Software, Inc.
16990 Dallas Parkway, Suite 120
Dallas, Texas 75248-1903
tel: +1-800-348-8051 - Sales/Support
tel: +1-408-229-9968 - Sales/Support
fax: +1-408-229-8303 - Sales/Support
tel: +1-214-735-8052 - Corp Offices
fax: +1-214-735-8055 - Corp Offices
8051, 80251, 80c166 assemblers, C compilers, debuggers, evaluation boards,monitors, real-time kernels

Kemp Diagnostic Engineering Company
P. O. Box 171
Weston, TX 75097
tel: +1-972-838-4524 General
KDEC provides engineering consulting services including turnkey electronicand software design delivery and also distributes the Signalogic, Inc.line of DSP development tools and DSP boards.KDEC specializes further in electronic design validation and test, manufacturing testand diagnostics and mass production assembly test at the chip, board, subsystem and system levels.

9800 Richmond Avenue
Suite 750
Houston, Texas 77042
tel: +1-713-953-8300
tel: +1-800-953-5330
fax: +1-713-953-8306
Kinesix Europe
11 Hurlingham Business Park
Sulivan Road
London, SW6 3DU
tel: +44-71-610-6144
fax: +44-71-736-1071

(Bought by Hitex, 19970701)
Kontron Elektronik GmbH
tel: +49-8165-77117
fax: +49-8165-77128
We offer a wide range of tools for the i386EX like remote debuggers,compilers, special linker/locaters and two emulator systems.

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
0..9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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