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COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

The PIC family

Peripheral Interface Controller by MicroChip

Scenix has a new (at 199812) 8-bit flash microcontroller at 100MIPS, compatible with the PIC16C5X.

Assembler Microchip's own MPLAB development tools Parallax: PIC development tools and the BASIC Stamp single board computers. CVASM16 (compatible with Parallax's SPASM source files).

Boards Maker of the famous BASIC Stamp board Course by Adlin systems, includes board etc.


Book coverBook coverBook coverBook cover
Book coverBook coverBook cover
Book coverBook cover

title order at Amazon USA price indication
BASIC Stamp: An introduction to Microcontrollers ISBN: 0750698918 $30 Gives examples of I2C (and other) chip interfacing
BASIC Stamp 2 - Tutorial and Applications ISBN: 0965335763 $20
Easy PIC'n ISBN: 0965416208 $30 A beginner's guide to using PIC16/17 microcontrollers (
Microcontroller Projects with Basic Stamps ISBN: 0879305878 $36
PIC'n Up The Pace ISBN: 0965416216 $35 Intermediate level PIC book (
PIC'n Techniques ISBN: 0965416232 $35 Intermediate level PIC book (
PIC: Your Personal Introductory Course ISBN: 0750639326 $22
Serial PIC'n ISBN: 0965416224 $50 Intermediate level PIC book (
Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer ISBN: 0079136842 $35
Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller ISBN: 007913646X $32

Compilers PicBasic family of BASIC compilers for the PIC's
local Compilers for the PIC.
local Compilers in general. C++ compiler for PICmicro and Scenix processors Quickbuilder, a brand NEW visual development tool for PIC's: Select sub-circuits from library - set properties - auto-generate code - view schematics

Courses - by Adlin systems, includes board etc.

FAQ FAQ by Tom Kellett Archive of the PICList mailing list PIC16c84 FAQ

I2C Nuts 'n Volts site: Some useful article archives from Scott Edwards' Stamp column - I2C and RS-485 stuff here. Peter Anderson's site: More tutorial I2C interfacing info for PICs, Stamps and several CPUs and a variety of I2C chips.

Mailing List

A mailing list (as it's ment here) is a discussion forum via email.

local More mailing lists about the PIC. Very busy mailing list, 277 Members! News letter from e-Chip About the AT89S8252 PIC About a free language for the PIC 16F84 and Scenix SX MCU.

Projects Pic Projects Pic Projects

Programmer - Pic Programmer

Simulators Microchip's own MPLAB development tools Linux based PIC simulator UMPS simulator, assembler and debugger by Philippe Techer

Tutorial ^ PIC Tutorial Part 1 ^ PIC Tutorial Part 2

See also:

(All these links checked/edited on 20001015.) Don McKenzie Many links by Alexey Vladimirov Professional PIC compilers and assemblers etc. Run your PIC software on this site and look at it in B/W via the WWW! Online store for embedded PIC's. Has a one-way jump page! Michael Covington Myke about the PIC Myke about Wirz Links and explanations Brian Lane Peter (?) Anderson's Stamp site Over 100 (at 199812) links to Scenix information Adam Davis Richard Spencer Don McKenzie, links The PIC ring of sites Steve Walz PIC sources from 'Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine' from the UK.

local - See the other families of processors.

Ad for PCI video capturing boards by Dektec.
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