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ABC of electronics terms

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Where Manufacturer Duracell Eveready About plastic batteries Power-Sonic


Where Manufacturer Thomson

Big Endian

See Endianess.

Binary to Decimal conversion

local Texts about binary to decimal conversion


Chips whose functionaing is based on biological mechanisms like DNA. - BioChip Technologies - Not much info and action yet...

See also Microelectronics, Microengineering and Nanotechnology for other alternative technologies.


Basic Input Output System.
The startup and driver routines for a motherboard, making the OS above it 'independent' from the peculiarities of it's hardware. The site about BIOS's Wim's BIOS Page Newsgroup At Webopedia BIOS Guide

BIOS makers: AMI, American Megatrends Award (bought by Phoenix 199809) Eurosoft General Software - Search for BIOS IBM - Search for BIOS Intel Microid Research (indirectly owned by Phoenix) Phoenix SystemSoft

BIOS customization by OEM's

Books in English:
title order at Amazon USA price indication
BIOS Companion (paperback) ISBN: 1889671207 $40
BIOS Companion (ring-bound) ISBN: 1872498108 $25
PC BIOS Internals: Maximize Your PC'S BIOS ISBN: 1557553424 $30
Uninterrupted Interrupts: A Programmer's CD-ROM Reference to Network APIs and to BIOS, DOS and Third-Party Calls ISBN: 0201409666 $50
PC Bios: Improve and Upgrade Your PC'S Computing Power! ISBN: 1557553424 $24

Books in German:
title order at Amazon DE price indication
Das BIOS - Buch ISBN: 3772348343 DM 100
BIOS: Das Buch ISBN: 3815500249 DM 60
PC - Hardwarebuch, 6. Auflage ISBN: 3827314615 DM 120
BIOS Tuning: Top Ten Themen ISBN: 3815580331 DM 30
PC Hardware Referenz: Infos zur gesamten Hardware im schnellen Zugriff ISBN: 3827256062 DM 90
PC-BIOS für 386/486 Pentium Taschentabelle ISBN: 388963365X DM 10
Programmierleitfaden IBM ROM BIOS ISBN: 3528046465 DM 30
Das System - BIOS Pentium/Pentium Pro 2: Taschentabelle ISBN: 3889633749 DM 10

Books in Dutch:
title can't order directly price indication
Het BIOS-Boek + CD-ROM - ISBN: 9043001120 Dfl 60
BIOS Tuning - ISBN: 9051672225 Dfl 50
BIOS Gids - ISBN: 9041904824 Dfl 50

See also: Chipset.

Bipolar transistor

Biz Card Computer

Short for Business Card Sized Computer.


Where Manufacturer EBM/Papst

Board You need to register first!

Bubble memory

Bubble memory was for a few years 'the technology of the future'. It involves magnetic island in some sort of substrate and is read serially in rows, which are moved using a magnetic field. Some lap-tops used a bubble memory module as a floppy kind of storage, but it was not exchangable...

Their bit density per mm2 was soon after surpassed by the regular DRAM's and harddisks but perhaps there is still some niche market for bubble memory somewhere?
Hitachi produced them as BDG0103. I got a request for them around 199807.


Short distance packet radio standard to connect laptops, mobile phones, PC's and much more. Official Bluetooth Site Many good links but some words in Dutch Online Training: Introduction to Bluetooth Module from Taiyo Yuden Arc Cores ARC development tool environment Internet protocol stack with RTOS* and drivers Atheros Cisco Intersil Lucent Motorola Murata Philips

BGB100 Bluetooth radio module Philips
BGB110 Bluetooth radio module Philips
UAA3558 Bluetooth transceiver Philips

See also IRDA, a similar but infrared light based standard.


See CompactPCI

See also PC related stuff.

Business Card Sized Computer

Small computer with the size of a business card. Those are the little credit card sized cards that business men exchange so they can more easily reach each other again to do business.

Other small PCB formats are: 68376 based Biz Card Computer Card with 68F333, but also small?

See also under Board, when you're looking for a specific board.

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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