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Parallax, Inc.
599 Menlo Drive, Suite #100
Rocklin, CA 95765
tel: +1-916-624-8333
fax: +1-916-624-8003
tel: +1-916-624-1869 fax back WWW FTP
Makers of PIC development tools and the BASIC Stampseries of single board computers.
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P&E Microcomputer Systems
tel: +1-617-353-9206
fax: +1-617-353-9205
Hardware and software development tools for Motorola microcontrollers.P&E provides professional, low-cost development tools and prompt,knowledgeable customer support.

Philips BBS
tel: +1-408-991-4483 - Santanu Roy
uC/OS Philips XA8051 Cross Assemblers


Phoenix Electronic Design
Phoenix Electronic Design
7A Morris Green Lane
United Kingdom
tel: +44 1204 665 998
fax: +44 1204 415 356
Atmel AVR's resource page:
  • Data Sheets
  • Application Notes
  • Free Assembler
AVR Mate programmer only £30 (+tax and s/h)
Supports the Atmel Range of AVR Microcontrolers : Comprehensive Windows software
Read / Write / Erase / Secure / Autoprogram
Want to look at the features? Then visit our site and download the latest software.

Phytec America
Phytec America, LLC
755 Winslow Way
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
tel: +1-206-780-9047
fax: +1-206-780-9135 General
Manufacture and market 8/16/32 bit controllers based on Siemens,Dallas, Oki, Intel, Motorola, ST controllers.Very small sized and powerful with low pricing.


Precise Software Technologies
It was bought by ARC some time before 20030314.

CodeWright, a fully integrated development environment.

R.R. No. 2
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0
tel: +1-613-258-0021
fax: +1-613-258-2542

Production Languages
Production Languages Corporation
We develop COMPASS/51, 251, USB, Z8, 462, 3XX, C24, and X39Windows-based Integrated Development Software.Our tools come complete with a Macro Assembler, C Compiler, Linker/Locator,Source-level Debugger, Instruction Simulator and an optional Integrated RTOS on someproducts.
Most of our work has been contract for Intel, Rockwell, Zilog, etc.We are currently working on a $3.5 million dollar deal with Rockwell on aRISC-based DSP for use in modems.
We offer free downloads of our Evaluation tools at

Promark Technology
Sunnyvale, CA
tel: +1-408-733-0272
80c166 Emulator

Prosoft Oy
Teknologiantie 1
90570 Oulu, Finland
tel: +358-81-5514383
fax: +358-81-5514237
ESIM - Testing Environment for Embedded Software

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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