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Manufacturers of single board computers (SBC's)

This page will contain manufacturers and distributors of single board computers. There may also still be a couple on page local.

JK microsystems, Inc.
JK microsystems, Inc.
1403 Fifth Street, Suite D
Davis, CA 95616
tel: (530)297-6073
fax: (530)297-6074 General About Corporate news Technical data Distributors/Rep's
JK microsystems connects customers with embedded control solutions. Our cost-effective DOS based controllers, peripherals and accessories easily integrate Ethernet, TCP/IP, 10Base-T and control capabilities into embedded data acquisition, networking or industrial technology applications.

Micro Consultants
PLC's with 6805's

Nexcom Technology
Sunnyvale, CA
tel: +1-408-730-3690
fax: +1-408-720-9258
Flash cards?

TechNexion Ltd.
10F, No. 67, Chung Shan Road, Sec. 2,
Chung Ho City, Taipei
Taiwan R.O.C.
tel: +886-2-22425822
fax: +886-2-22439229
TechNexion offers high quality, state of the art single board computers, CPU boards, rack-mount equipment and chassis, active and passive backplanes, and embedded control software products.

2900 Spafford St.
Davis, CA 95616-6800
tel: +1-530-757-4616
fax: +1-530-753-5141 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books Order CD-ROM's
Z-World is the leading producer of single-board computers used for embeddedsystems, machine control and data aquisition. Founded in 1983, Z-Worldmanufactures affordable control products including board-level controllers,operator interfaces, relays, expansion boards and Ethernet modems.

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