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Edinburgh Portable Compilers
Edinburgh Portable Compilers Ltd
17 Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PH
Scotland, UK
tel: +44-131-2256262-224
fax: +44-131-2256644
EPC offers a range of compatible high performance compilers together withan interactive GUI-based debugger. Languages offered include ANSI C, C++,Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Modula-2 and Pascal. The compilers are availableon most standard microprocessors including Intel x86 & Pentium, PowerPC,Sparc, Motorola 88K and MIPS.A range of operating systems are supportedincluding SINIX, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, SCO, LynxOS and other variants of V.4

Embedded Logic Systems
(Also called ELS)
Embedded Logic Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 44304
Tucson, AZ 85733-4304
ELS offers products for Linux and small embedded systems. We specialize in 8 and 16-bit technologies with expertise in a variety of microcontrollers and tools. We are also quite adept with Linux, and we're proud to support the open source movement.
Our software products include collections of free and open-source tools for embedded systems development. We also produce and distribute the Linux Documentation Project on CD-ROM, with a quarterly subscription service available.
ELS is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Embedded Systems Toolkit. The EST CD is a comprehensive collection of compilers, assemblers, editors, debuggers and lots more for a wide variety of 8 and 16-bit processors. (The CD will probably include this 'Chipdir'.)

Embedded Power
Embedded Power Corporation
10450 Stancliff Road, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77099-4336
tel: +1-800-525-4302
tel: +1-281-561-9990
fax: +1-281-561-9980
Maker of RTXC, a royalty-free real-time preemptive multitasking kernel thatenables embedded systems to be developed.
80166 RTOS

Embedded Sys
tel: +33-1-43-99-53-90 (fr) - Cosmic Software
RTXC Philips XA8051 Real-Time Operating Systems
[Same as next entry?]

Embedded Systems Products
Name has changed into Embedded Power because of a merger.

Emulation Technology, Inc.
2344 Walsh Avenue, Building F
Santa Clara, CA 95051
tel: +1-408-982-0660
fax: +1-408-982-0664 - technical information - product literature and catalogs - general correspondence
Main chip related products:

Bill McCombie
Box 232
S-183 23 TABY
tel: +46-8-638-5000
fax: +46-8-638-5050

1860 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA 95035
tel: +1-408-434-2210

Equinox Technologies
229 Greenmount Lane
Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5JB, UK
tel: +44-1204-492010
fax: +44-1204-494883
Do they only sell 8051 development stuff or also make it?
They seem to concentrate on Atmel's 8051 processors.

EST Corporation
Embedded Support Tools Corporation
120 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021
tel: +1-781-828-5588
tel: +1-800-957-5588 - Toll Free
fax: +1-781-821-2268
A leading developer of BDM emulators,high-end in-circuit emulators, and evaluation boardsfor Motorola's 68K, PowerPC, and ColdFire microcontroller families.
EST's visionICE emulation family is the first, and currently (1998q1) the only,single tool architecture to scale developers' needs and budgetsfrom low cost target control to full-scale, real-time emulation.

Europe Technologies
Les Taissounieres HB3
1681 Route des Dolines
06560 Sophia Antipolis
tel: +33-4-9300-4300
fax: +33-4-9300-4301
ARM-based Embedded System specialist.
AT91 One Stop Shop.

Eureka Systems
Milpitas, CA [?]
PCI Bus Simulation Models

Eurosys Software GmbH
Eurosys Software GmbH
Bretonischer Ring 11
85630 Grasbrunn, Munich
tel: +49-89-46200440
fax: +49-89-46200441

Express Logic
Express Logic, Inc.
11440 West Bernardo Court; Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92127
tel: +1-619-674-6684
tel: +1-888-THREADX
fax: +1-619-674-6901
fax: +1-619-674-6650
ThreadX supports: x86, 68k, PPC, i960,ARM, C3x/C4x, 68HC11/16, Coldfire, MIPS,H8/SHx,TMS320C6x, SHARC and many more!
Situated in the midst of one the most progressive high-technologycenters--San Diego, California--Express Logic designers andengineers have a synergetic relationship with neighboringtechnology companies and the many fine academic institutions inthe area.
Our real-time kernel ThreadX provides un-paralleled performance and sizecharacteristics due to its unique picokernel(tm) design. In addition toan easy to use and powerful API, ThreadX also boasts various technicaladvancements, including preemption-threshold(tm).Preemption-threshold makes ThreadX applications more responsive and alsohelps return processing bandwidth back to the application.

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Click on the first letter of the embedding tool maker you're looking for:
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