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10474, 10G010, 12C509, 16L8B, 1702A, 1B31

2004, 2115, 2147, 2148, 221, 2364, 24257A, 24C16, 24LC16B, 2532, 26F080, 271001, 271024, 2732, 27C010, 27C040, 28F001, 28F256, 28F512, 2914, 29C010A, 29EE010

3080, 311, 324, 339, 34051, 3470P, 3628A, 3636

40107, 402038, 4025, 41LP, 4216100, 4216405, 4216800, 4216805, 4217100, 4217800, 424260, 4316, 43256, 4538, 4N25, 4N26, 4N27, 4N28

5100114H, 54ALS1620, 54ALS1621, 54ALS1622, 54ALS1623, 54ALS1638, 54ALS1639, 54ALS1642, 54ALS1643, 54ALS217, 54ALS218, 54ALS317, 54ALS318, 54ALS876, 54ALS879, 54AS870, 54AS871, 54AS876, 54AS877, 54AS879, 54AS882, 54AS888, 54AS890, 54LS1616, 5516, 555, 5565, 567, 59C11

6116, 61256, 62256, 6309C, 6309EC, 6502, 6510, 6530, 6581, 67202, 6821, 6822, 6850, 68681, 68901, 68HC11A8, 6N135, 6N136

71055, 7202, 7254, 73K212AL, 73K221AL, 73K222AL, 73K222BL, 73K224BL, 73K224L, 73K321L, 73K322L, 73K324BL, 73K324L, 73M223, 74107, 7412, 7413, 7414, 74153, 74161, 74165, 7420, 7421, 74350, 74352, 74368, 7442, 744316, 744538, 7446A, 7448, 7449, 7450, 7476, 7483, 74ALS1620, 74ALS1621, 74ALS1622, 74ALS1623, 74ALS1638, 74ALS1639, 74ALS1642, 74ALS1643, 74ALS217, 74ALS218, 74ALS317, 74ALS318, 74ALS876, 74ALS879, 74AS870, 74AS871, 74AS876, 74AS877, 74AS879, 74AS882, 74AS888, 74AS890, 74F269, 74HC245, 74HC374, 74HCT245, 74HCT259, 74HCT541, 74HCTLS373, 74LS1616, 74LS19, 74LS384, 74LS48, 78570, 78P2241, 78P7200, 78Q8392L, 7920

8031, 80C287, 80C32, 8185, 8255, 82596, 8282, 8283, 82B715, 82C55A, 82S123, 82S129, 82S129A, 82S185, 82S185A, 8500, 8501, 8520, 8580, 8808, 89C2051

93LSC46, 9400CJ

AD534, AD557, AD607AR5, AD7233, AD7533, AD7546, AD7715, AD7821KN, AD7859, AD831AP, ADC0803, ADC700, ADC71, ADM202JN, ADS1210, ADS1211, ADS1211E, ADS7821, ADS7831, ADS821, ALD1000, AM26C32, AM97C11, AMP04, ANF090494, APR9301, ARX4404, AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT9023S43, AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, ATMEGA161, ATTINY11, ATTINY12, AY-3-3810A, AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, AY-3-8913, AY-5-1013

B060D, B061D, B062D, B064D, B066D, B080D, B081D, B082D, B084D, BA5406, BIO101CEX, BQ2004, BQ4010, BS1-IC, BS2-IC, BUF634

CA3262, CAM35C44, CAT35C102P, CAT701, CAT93C46, CCM02, CCU3000, CCU3001, CD4017, CD4046BM, CLC405, COP8SAA7, COP8SAB7, COP8SAC7, CS3310, CS4331, CS5334, CS5335, CS5396, CTS256A, CXA1645M, CXA1645P, CXK1012, CY7C1512

D71053C, D71054C, DAC1208, DAC1230, DAC3550A, DAC8043, DG417, DG418, DG419, DK9501, DM8131, DP5380, DS1225, DS1236A, DS1267S, DS1275, DS12B887, DS1487N, DS1611, DS1743, DS3486, DS3487, DS75362N, DS75493, DS8921N

ECG7055, EL2044CN, EL2045C, EL2244CN, EL4393C, EL4581CN, EL4583CN, EL4584CN, EL4585CN, EPC1, EXO_3_6H

F3342PC, FT609, FT629, FT639, FT649, FX118

GM768128, GM76C256

HC-55536, HC-55564, HCPL2530, HCPL2531, HCPL2601, HCPL4200, HCPL4502, HD-6402, HD46508, HD63140CPB, HEF4541, HFA1103IP, HI-8382, HM2511, HM4334, HM511000AP, HM628128, HM628128BI, HM62H256A, HM65764, HT6160, HY2016P

ICL7106, ICL7107, ICL7137CPL, ICL7611, ICL7660, ICL7660S, ICL7662, ICL7665, ICL7673, ICM7211, ICM7211A, ICM7217, ICM7555, ICP3200, ICS1700, ICS1720, ILC7106, IM5604, IMP5111CDP, IMP5115CD, IMP5115CDW, IMP5115CPWP, IMP5218CDW, IMP5218CPW, IMP803, IMP803LG, IMP8051LG, IMP8053LG, INA103, INA105, INA106, INA111, INA117, INA141, INA2128, IS61C256AH, IS61C64AH, ISD2560

KA2209B, KM110B, KM681000LG, KMZ10A, KMZ10A1, KMZ10B, KMZ10C

L272, L272D, L272M, LA7116, LA7851, LB1830, LB8015, LC03, LF351N, LF355N, LF356, LF357, LF411CN, LF412, LH0002, LH0033, LH0063, LH0094, LH2367, LH4001, LH4002, LH532100B, LM10, LM10CLWM, LM10CWM, LM111, LM119, LM1201N, LM1203N, LM1205N, LM13600, LM158, LM1709CN, LM18293, LM1881, LM1881N, LM1946, LM211J, LM219, LM258, LM285, LM2904, LM301AN, LM3045, LM3046, LM3086, LM3146, LM319, LM322, LM331, LM335, LM358, LM358N, LM380N, LM385, LM386, LM3914, LM3914N, LM3915, LM3916, LM6104, LM6121, LM6125, LM6164, LM6171, LM6181, LM6221, LM6225, LM6264, LM629M, LM6321, LM6325, LM6364, LM748CN, LM8350, LM8361, LMD18245, LT1007, LT1013, LT1016, LT1178, LT1525A, LT1527A, LT3525A, LT3527A, LTC1042, LTC1096, LTC1096CN8, LTC1098CN8, LTC699

M27C1001, M3882, M48Z08, M50747, M51977P, M51994AP, M5G1400P, M706BI, MAS3507D, MAX1044, MAX110, MAX120, MAX1202, MAX1203, MAX1204, MAX122, MAX1232, MAX1240, MAX1241, MAX1242, MAX1243, MAX1245, MAX146, MAX147, MAX148, MAX1487, MAX1487E, MAX149, MAX152CPP, MAX1617, MAX1658, MAX1659, MAX172, MAX173, MAX176, MAX186, MAX187, MAX189, MAX190, MAX192, MAX194, MAX195, MAX2003, MAX202, MAX233, MAX280, MAX281, MAX291, MAX292, MAX293, MAX294, MAX295, MAX296, MAX297, MAX3110E, MAX317, MAX318, MAX319, MAX3222CPN, MAX323, MAX3232, MAX3232CPE, MAX324, MAX366, MAX388, MAX389, MAX402, MAX403, MAX404, MAX405, MAX406, MAX407, MAX409, MAX412, MAX417, MAX420, MAX422, MAX427, MAX437, MAX438, MAX439, MAX442, MAX4503, MAX4504, MAX452, MAX453, MAX457, MAX4581, MAX4582, MAX4583, MAX4613, MAX471, MAX472, MAX473, MAX474, MAX478, MAX481, MAX481E, MAX483, MAX483E, MAX485, MAX485E, MAX487, MAX487E, MAX488, MAX490, MAX500, MAX531, MAX538, MAX580, MAX6325, MAX6350, MAX639, MAX641, MAX667, MAX690, MAX692, MAX705, MAX706, MAX707, MAX708, MAX712, MAX713, MAX7219, MAX730, MAX731, MAX732, MAX733, MAX734, MAX735, MAX738, MAX750, MAX751, MAX752, MAX755, MAX758, MAX8211, MAX8212, MAX8213, MAX8214, MAX872, MAX873, MAX874, MAX887, MAX907, MAX909, MAX91, MAX912, MAX915, MAX921, MAX922, MAX923, MB88347, MB89352A, MC10H016, MC10H102, MC10H103, MC10H104, MC10H105, MC10H106, MC10H107, MC10H109, MC10H113, MC10H115, MC10H116, MC10H117, MC10H118, MC10H119, MC10H121, MC10H123, MC10H125, MC10H130, MC10H131, MC10H135, MC10H136, MC10H141, MC10H145, MC10H158, MC13060, MC13538, MC14013BCP, MC14017B, MC1403, MC14051BD, MC14076B, MC14495, MC14503B, MC145076, MC145151, MC145440, MC14553B, MC14572UB, MC14576C, MC14584B, MC1488, MC1488P, MC1489P, MC1496, MC1590G, MC1660, MC33078, MC33199, MC34016, MC3403, MC34119P, MC4024, MC44131, MC44140, MC54F138, MC54F139, MC54F148, MC54F151, MC54F153, MC54F174, MC54F280, MC54F379, MC68008, MC6809EFN, MC68HC05J1A, MC68HC11A1P, MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11E0, MC68HC11E2, MC68HC11E3, MC68HC705C8, MC68HC705J1A, MC68HC705J2, MC68HC705K1, MC68HC711A8F, MC68HC811A8, MC68HC811E2, MC68HC811E2P, MC74F112, MC74F138, MC74F139, MC74F148, MC74F151, MC74F153, MC74F174, MC74F280, MC74F379, MC74F574, MC74F640, MC74VHC00, MC74VHC02, MC74VHC04, MC74VHC125, MC74VHC126, MC74VHC132, MC74VHC138, MC74VHC139, MC74VHC14, MC74VHC32, MC74VHC74, MC74VHC86, MCM14537AL, MCM62X308J17, MCS6520, MCT2, MCT2E, MFC6010, ML2035, MM5369, MM54104, MMC7106, MMC7107, MOC3009, MOC3010, MOC3011, MOC3012, MOC3020, MOC3021, MOC3022, MOC3023, MPQ2907, MS6264L, MSC1192, MSP3410B, MSP3410D, MT28F400B1, MT8841, MT8843, MT8870, MT8980D, MTC30521, MV500

NE5209D, NE544, NE544N, NE5532, NE5532N, NE558N, NE600D, NE602AN, NE604AN, NTE15035, NTE3069

OP-04, OP-09, OP-147, OP-21, OP-27, OP-27GNB, OP-42, OP-43, OP-44, OP-80, OP-97, OPA131, OPA132, OPA2131, OPA2132, OPA4131, OPA4132, OPA541AM, OPA621, OPA623, OPA627, OPA628, OPA637, OPA640, OPA641, OPA642, OPA643, OPA644, OPA646, OPA648, OPA650, OPA651, OPA655, OPA687

P2100R, P4C188, PALCE16V8, PC817, PC827, PC837, PC847, PCC101, PCD3311, PCD8584, PCF2100, PCF2100C, PCF2111C, PCF2116, PCF8566, PCF8568, PCF8569, PCF8573, PCF8574, PCF8576, PCF8577, PCF8582C, PCF8583, PCF8584, PCF8591, PCF8593, PCF8594C, PCF8598C, PCM1700P, PCM1700U, PCM1702P, PCM1702U, PCM1712U, PCM1715U, PCM1717E, PCM1718E, PCM1721, PEB2465, PGA103, PGA203, PHC21025, PI90LV031A, PIC12C508, PIC12C509, PIC16C84, PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PLUS16L8, PS3601, PS3601L, PS3602, PS3602L, PS3701, PS3702

RC4136, RC4153DC, RC4195, RC4227GN, RC4559N, RC4739, RCV420, REF02, RP5C01

S-7283A, S-8081B, S2917, SA2002, SA607N, SA608N, SA701N, SA702N, SA703N, SA8025DK, SAA1027, SAA1042, SAA1064, SAA1101, SAA1300, SAA7157, SDA3002, SG1525A, SG1527A, SG4194, SH901, SI9200, SK3644, SK9224, SK9244, SN55188, SN64176B, SN74192, SN7446A, SN74LS47N, SN75176B, SN75188, SP0250, SP0256, SP5659, SPR-16, SPR-32, SSM2142P, SSM2142S, ST62E65BF1, ST93C46A, ST95P04, STA013, SX-18, SX-28, SX18AC, SX18DP, SX18SO, SX20AC, SX20SS, SX28AC, SX28DP, SX28SO, SX28SS

TA7205AP, TA7640AP, TBA221A, TBA221G, TBA231, TBB0324A, TBB0747A, TBB0748B, TBC0747, TBC2332B, TC4028B, TC514256, TC514800AJ, TC514900AJ, TC9164N, TCA991, TCM3105N, TDA1022, TDA1180P, TDA2010, TDA2020, TDA2320A, TDA2330A, TDA2822M, TDA3410, TDA3566A, TDA4605, TDA4680, TDA8138, TDA8366, TDA8442, TDA8444, TDA8444AT, TDA8444T, TDA8540, TDA8706, TDA8708, TDA8709, TDA8716, TEA2025B, TEA2025D, TEA5500, TL054, TL060, TL061, TL062, TL064, TL070, TL071, TL072, TL074, TL080, TL081, TL082, TL083, TL084, TL5501, TLC274, TLE2027, TLP3041, TLP3042, TLP3043, TMS4161, TMS4416, TMS9937, TP3071, TPU3040, TSA5510, TSC8701, TSC9402, TT-5088

UA3730, UA739C, UC1525A, UC1527A, UC1611, UC1705, UC1730, UC2525A, UC2527A, UC2730, UC3525A, UC3527A, UC3611, UC3705, UC3906, ULN2003A, ULN2804A, UM3491, UM3492, UM3511A, UM3721, UM3750, UM3758, UM5100, UM95089, UMA1015C1, UMA1015M, UPA53C, UPD7759C, UPD7802, UPD858

V9938, V9958, VFCC32

W24512A, WD1772

X1000, X20C04, X20C05, X20C16, X20C17, X22C10, X22C12, X2804C, X2816C, X28C64, X28HC64, XL24C02, XR2206, XR2211, XTR104

YM2413, YM2612

Z80, Z8400AB1, Z86E04

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