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(Founded in 199509. Bought by Vitesse at 19990524.)
XaQti Corporation
3100 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054-2402
tel: +1-408-986-4380
fax: +1-408-986-6050 support
XaQti Corporation is a privately held semiconductor supplierfocused on advanced network and gigabit ethernet silicon solutions.The company's "Network on a Chip" vision enables innovative,scalable network processing solutions.The company's GigaPOWER protocol acceleration technologyprovides programmable 7-Layer Switching chips that enable traffic managementby application for IP-switching, flow switching,multicast real-time video streaming, gigabit routing, VLAN TrueSTATS,RMON and SNMP network management.

Self-contained single-chip modems
Xecom offers the most complete line of embeddable modems supporting Fax, Data and Voice. Xecom's modem modules cover use from 300 to 28,800 bits per second, V.34. Each module is a complete modem not just a modem chip. Each of Xecom's modem modules has earned FCC Part 68 registration permitting them to be connected directly to the public telephone network without additional, costly testing.
Along with providing the convenience of a complete modem in embeddable form, Xecom modem modules are in the smallest form factors available. With complete modems as small as 1.5 inches square and just 0.25 inches thick, Xecom's modem modules can be embedded where no other modem will fit.

Maladière 71
CH-2007 Neuchâtel,
tel: +41-32-720-5170
fax: +41-32-720-5770
As a fabless semiconductor company, XEMICS sells low-power mixed-signal andRadio Frequency (RF) integrated circuits as well as IP products. They are trueSystem On Chip where high performance, low-voltage and low-current drain arekey elements.
XEMICS' expertise includes ultra low-power, down to the micro watt range,low-voltage, starting as low as 0.9 V, radio frequency, from a few tens of kHz to 2.4 GHz.

Xicor Inc.
1511 Buckeye Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035-7493
tel: +1-408-432-8888
fax: +1-408-432-0640 Info Literature Main Data sheets List of data sheets in PDF format

Most of Xicor's data sheets can also be found via the entries in this ChipDir.

San Jose, CA
tel: +1-800-231-3386
tel: +1-408-559-7778
fax: +1-408-879-4780 Main Data sheets
Development System,EPLD,FPGA,Gate Array,Logic Cell Array,Military,User Programmable Gate Array

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Click on the first letter of the IC manufacturer you're looking for:
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