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Operating system

An operating system is the system software that regulates how a computer really works.
It works together (or has included) device drivers to handle specific hardware and it provides services to the application software but also protects assets of one user or task against possible attacks (or more importantly) errors from the others.

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Companies that make embedded operating systems

Datalight Corp
21520 30th Drive SE, M/S 110
Bothell, WA 98021
tel: +1-425-951-8086
tel: +1-800-221-6630
fax: +1-425-951-8095
Develops and licenses quality embedded system software. Ourprimary products include ROM-DOS 7.1, a compact, flexible DOS operatingsystem and the fastest way to connect an embedded system to the internet,FlashFX 5.10, a fully-portable flash media manager that enables applicationsand operating systems to access flash memory as though it was ahigh-performance disk drive, and Sockets, a small, efficient TCP/IP stack.

Companies that make device drivers

Device Drivers International, Inc
7777 Montgomery Road, Suite B-8
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
tel: 513-984-4491
fax: 513-984-4697 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data
DDI is dedicated exclusively to the development of custom device driversfor several different operating systems.

Real-Time Embedded solutions
We specialize in RTOSs and Device Driver Development to deliver 'first-to-market' solutions.
We would like to work with you in providing development with RTOSs and Device Drivers for you and your clients business requirements.
Platforms: Our value proposition to your firm and your clients include:
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