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COMSOL the largest range of embedded development tools in Europe

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See also the CAD program manufacturers.

Cactus Logic
tel: +1-818-337-4547 - Joel Lagerquist
IDS Philips XA8051 Emulators (including Debuggers)

See Cadence

Einstein Str. 37
89002 Ulm
tel: +49-731-937600
fax: +49-731-9376027
CAD-UL in Germany offers a complete tool chain (Organon MicroprocessorDevelopment Environment: Compiler, Linker, Assembler and high-levellanguage debugger) for the Intel 80x86 and Motorola 68xxx.Organon is available not only under UNIX (Sun, HP) but also on PC(Windows 3.1, NT, W95) and VAX, Alpha.
(The Organon Tools are fully compliant with Intel.)

Catalyst Enterprises
Catalyst Enterprises
POB 20031
San Jose, CA 95160
tel: +1-408-268-4145
Catalyst Active Extender (number PCI532-189): allows "hot" PCI-bus cardswapping, has probe pins for every PCI connector pin and, becauseit is "active," doesn't add anything to the bus loading (it's verynicely buffered with fast bus transceivers).

Communication and Technology Systems
111 North Market Street, suite 1000-17
San Jose, CA 95113-1101
tel: +1-408-971-6253
tel: +1-408-971-7940 - general info
fax: +1-408-288-4633
fax: +1-408-971-7941- general info info support to contact management
Specialized in the real time designswith the fastest time-to-market development.
Produces the CASE ZIPC v 5.0 real time toolsfor embedded designs and offer the complete solution forany type of real-time MCU/MPU/DSP designs.
The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 is based on the "Extended HierarchyState Transition Matrix " (EHSTM) design method, the RTOSof ITRON and the powerful suite of tools.
The EHSTM design method permits user to represent anyreal time environment as the sequence of the EHSTMmatrices and in each phase of the design provides thefull RTOS support.
The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 tools extend the power of theobject oriented programming offering true concurrentand multi-thread applications. The CASE ZIPC v 5.0 toolsallow to simulate functions and performance with thefull graphical view and true visual prototyping indesign, test/debug and simulation phase.
The tools supports ICE and offer separate ICE tool-kitfor ICE developers.

tel: +1-314-830-4084 - Roy Schwartzman
tel: +49-6151-27505 - M. Kimron
C-XA Philips XA8051 C Compilers
DS-XA Philips XA8051 Emulators (including Debuggers)
DEBUG-XA Philips XA8051 Simulators
CONV-XA Philips XA8051 Translators (80C51-to-XA)
DB-XA Philips XA8051 Development Boards
MP-51 EPROM Programmers

ChipTools Inc.
1232 Stavebank Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5G 2V2
tel: +1-905-274-6244
fax: +1-905-891-2715
Monitor for x96, free working demo on their site

Clinical Engineering
David Smith
Clinical Engineering,
Duncan Building
Prescot Street
Liverpool L7 8XP
tel: +44-151-706-4202
fax: +44-151-706-5803

CMX Company
Framingham, MA
tel: +1-508-872-7675
CMX-RTX RTOS Philips XA8051 Real-Time Operating Systems
80c166 RTOS

Coactive Aesthetics
4000 Bridgeway, Suite 303
Sausalito, CA 94965
tel: +1-415-289-1722
fax: +1-415-289-1320

See CompuLab
CompuLab introduced the CORE Module Product Line -a series of miniature embedded computers intended to serve as building blocksin a variety of electronic and datacom applications.The CORE Modules contain a 32-bit RISC processor, DRAM, FLASH,a wide selection of serial and parallel interfaces and optional PCI and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.The card size is only 86 x 131 mm.The family of compatible cards covers a comprehensive range of price, performance and features.
Our background as both engineering contractors and card manufacturersprovides a unique advantage to companies selecting the CORE module solution:the ability to adapt CORE features to best match each target application.CompuLabs engineers follow up the design and debugging phases of customer productsto ensure fast and smooth integration of the CORE into the application.CompuLab is privately owned by its founders and has been continuously profitable.

Computer Solutions
(Founded 1979)
Computer Solutions Ltd.
1a New Haw Road
Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2BZ
tel: +44-1-932-829-460
fax: +44-1-932-829-460 (Lots of information!)
Computer Solution Ltd. (COMSOL for short) sells Europe's widest range ofembedded microprocessor development tools. These cover both hardwaredevelopment (ICE, ROM emulators, device programmers and protocol testtools) and software (assemblers, C compilers, simulators, real-timeexecutives, protocol stacks, linkers, debug monitors, CASE tools andForth systems). We can supply development tools to support over 80different microprocessor families. Our web site includes a great dealof general development information as well as covering details of mostof these products including pricing information.

Concurrent Sciences
Source level debuggers en linker/locators for 186/386, 486 and Pentium Processor

Connect BV
Stakenborg 40
5346 VH Oss
tel: +31-412-651221
fax: +31-499-460737
Fax: +31-412-628348 - Or?
Nobody does it better on the VMEbus, PCI and PMC
The workshop is one and a half day and gives a thorough introduction to the PCI local bus and treats the following subjects: - dotlist - Generic architecture, bridges - PCI protocol, timing, bus commands - Electrical specifications - Mechanical specifications, desktop PCI, CompactPCI, PMC - Arbitration, latency, termination, configuration, interrupts, Bridges etc.

Cosmic Software
(They seem to have a Web-site: Use a search engine like Web-Crawler to find it.)
C cross compiler/debugger/similuator package for the 6811.It simulates everything but interrupts. You have to force those.The debugger shows you the c code as well.

Crossware Products

CW Technology
7328 Timbercreek Court
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-1181
USA - Wally Blackburn
6811 Evaluation boards

Cygnus Support
1937 Landings Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043
tel: +1-415-903-1400
fax: +1-415-903-0122
48 Grove Street
Somerville, MA 02144
tel: +1-617-629-3000
fax: +1-617-29-3010

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