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ABC of electronics terms

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Hall Effect Sensors


Hard Disk Drive By Dan Kegel How it works - (gone?) TheRef about floppy/hard disk drives

See also


Hard Drive Bible: Book, CD, and Video
Martin Bodo
Published 1996 by Corporate Systems Center on Anvilwood Street (?) in Sunnyvale, California
ISBN: 096415031X , about $20

All the major interfaces are published in this book, which in its 8th edition last time I looked. This book is also good for IT and MIS types who have to do hard disk drive exchanges on computers, as every hard disk drive manufacturer -- and the model numbers for their products! -- are published in it. All in all, if you were ever looking for a book on IDE, SCSI or hard disk drives, this is the one book you want the latest edition of. It even comes with a CD of hard disk diagnostics tools that you'll find useful.
(Review by George Mena)


Where Manufacturer Daburn Electronic Johnson Components Kaynar Keystone Electronics

Hayes command set

See Modem.


ISDN Chips from Cologne Chip Designs work from 3V-5V!

High level Data Link Control is a standard communication link protocol established by the International Standards Organization (ISO). HDLC is the discipline used to implement ISO X.25 packet switching systems.

Is this new? No, Intel already announced a chip (the 8273) for it in it's 1978 databook. It's now used in the implementation of ISDN it seems. (Click on the advertisement above for more.)


Could be: Rockwell for example All main players on the xDSL market


High Definition Tele Vision (?)

local More


Where Manufacturer Aavid Thermal Tech IERC - (gone?) Thermalloy Wakefield Engineering Zipper Tubing

HIPPI The T11 Technical Committee home page (Fibre Channel, HIPPI, IPI, SBCON)

History of computing


ISBN: 0965193403 Buy from Amazon about $40 Real book Real book

History of electronics Chip Collection at the Smithsonian Lot of information about old electronic parts like tubes (in German)

Home automation Issue of EDN about it

See also Lonworks

Home built computer FAQ by Mark Sokos FAQ in text (old) FAQ in HTML (old)
news:alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt Posted every two weeks

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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