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Courses on the WWW ESAcademy MyAcademy Online Training Center Educational software for teaching circuits theory. Symbolic circuit's simulation and analysis using Kirchhoff's laws, node voltage and mesh current methods. Computer Science Courses Electronics Courses 'The best course in Electronics' Courses in Assembler programming, MCU's etc. At Tech Online OSEE's life Webcast lectures from time to time

DSP Seminar

tel: +1-800-477-8924, ext. 1999 (North America only)

It's by TI and it's free. It's also about analog interfaces.

Day 1 - A software-centric overview of system considerations for DSP, including live demonstrations of silicon and the DSP industry's only integrated development environment, Code Composer Studio.

Day 2 - Analog interfaces for your system for everything from power management to data converters to amplifiers.

The DSP seminar will highlight the industry's highest performance DSPs - the TMS320C6000 - and the most power efficient - the TMS320C5000. The 'C6000 DSPs, the industry's first advanced VLIW DSPs, shipping for almost three years, with 300 MHz in 4Q99, and 2.5 billion MMACS/5000 MIPS in the year 2000, are the clear leader in DSP performance. The 'C5000 DSPs, with more than 250 million units shipped, are the industry's lowest power consumption/MIPS DSPs. 'C5000 DSP offerings range from the $5 100-MIPS 'C5402 (at 0.60 mW/MIPS), to the 200-MIPS, dual-core 'C5420 for space-constrained, power-efficient applications.

The Analog seminar will address the interface between analog components and the interface between analog and digital components in a typical signal- processing application. Topics discussed will include design issues, system considerations and product selection.

Embedded Systems Academy

Embedded Systems Academy
50 Airport Parkway
San Jose, CA 95110
tel: +1-408-451-8425
fax: +1-408-249-4473

Training and consulting services for design and development of embedded systems. We specialize in Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen and in Embedded Internetworking (see also

Our most popular service is a "project-kickstart" where one of our consultants visits clients for 1-2 weeks. The first days will be spend on a customized training where we try to fill exactly those knowledge gaps that the engineering team might have. The rest of the stay will be spend implementing early prototypes (usually based on Phytec Rapid Development Kits) that implement the required communication routines.

Our tutors are experienced in the usage of the microcontrollers from Atmel, Infineon Technologies and Philips Semiconductors.

EPTAC Corporation
tel: +1-800-643-7822 Sales
Sandra Mayo <> Vice President of Training
Tom Weaver <> Director of Business Development and Acquisitions


PTI Seminars
courses like:
TechniCom LLC
3423 South Pioneer Street
Salt Lake City UT 84109
tel: +1-801-273-5760
fax: General
TechniCom provides training services to the semiconductor industry. TheMixed Signal Test Methods course covers sampling theory, FFT*, DSP,Converter Testing, and more.

Texas Engineering Extension Service
301 Tarrow
College Station, TX 77840
tel: +1-800-541-7149
fax: +1-979-845-3559
TEEX offers technical training to employees working formanufacturers and suppliers in the semiconductor industry.
The program consists of a wide variety of programs intendedto assist the industry in accomplishing its employeedevelopment goals while giving participants an opportunityto study the semiconductor manufacturing processes anddevelop an understanding of their contributions to higherquality and throughput.
Some examples of the courses TEEX offers are SemicondutorProcessing Overview, Photolithography Overview, Wet/Dry EtchOverview and many others.
Call today to find out about courses coming to your area orcheck out our website to view our list of courses.


TechOnLine University TechOnLine University TechOnLine University

New technical courses available on the Internet - and they are FREE.Finally, online courses you can really use!Courses on TechOnLine University are completely freeand the curriculum focuses on engineering theory, existing products,and applications of emerging technologies.These courses are not "online textbooks."The goal at TechOnLine University is to provide engineerswith technical knowledge that can be applied to solve real-world design challenges.
TechOnLine University theory courses establish the underlying scientific andmathematical basis for a technology topic.They present you with the opportunity to review or experience the conceptsthat make that technology work.Application courses give examples on how to apply that theory todevelop products using generic tools and devices.Finally, product courses will train students in the tools, devices and equipmentoffered by leading vendors in the industry.
Each course is written by a subject-matter expert from industry or academiain concert with specialists in interactive education, to offer you the mosteffective online educational product. As a result, TechOnLine Universitycourses are made up of short, interactive modules, allowing for asuccessful, self-paced learning program.
xDSL Technologies G. Zimmerman Pair Gain Technologies, Inc.
Understanding Wireless Communications Prof. John Proakis Delphi Communication Systems
Overview of Digital Signal Processing Prof. Hanoch Lev-Ari Northeastern University
Theory and Practice of Technical Standards Ken Krechmer Communication Standards Review
Analog Devices' DSP Development Environment ? ?

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