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Date:         19980802
From:         Dave York <>
Organization: ice
Subject:      ICE Report

We now have for sale a construction analysis report available on the newly announced "Copper Interconnect" IBM Power PC750 Microprocessor.
(We have information on

Dave York

Datasheets - In PDF


Craig A. Haller
Macraigor Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 1088
Brookline Village, MA 02146
tel: +1-617-739-8693
fax: +1-617-739-8694
Background debug mode/JTAG* interface for microcontroller debug
The On-Chip Debugger has both an RS-232 interface and a high speedparallel interface for the host side. The target side has Motorola'sstandard ten pin header for full BDM debug of the CPU16 / CPU32 /MPC5xx and MPC8xx families of microcontrollers. Also on the targetside is an IBM standard 16 pin header for JTAG* debug of the IBM 4xxseries of PowerPC.
A full interface specification is available detailing the API. Asingle API is used to interface to all supported processors. Alltypical debug commands are supported (such as RESET, STEP, HALT,READ_REGISTERS, WRITE_MEMORY, etc.) Support for additionalprocessors is being added, including Motorola's ColdFire and the 6xxseries of PowerPCs.
End user list price was $1495 (in 1997) with OEM pricing available.

Performance - 333..400 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) performance


local Include file
local BIOS
local Operating System
local Software development kit



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