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The Z80 family

Processor by Zilog, similar to Intel's 8080 but originally much cheaper. It was often used as the main processor in the home computers of 1985..1995. Another popular one was the 6502. Later the 68000 was often used in non IBM-PC computers.

See also the Z8 page.

Bank Switching - Application note about Z80 bank switching.


Compiler Embedded Pascal C compiler and emulator by Softools. Affordable and good code.


A FreeWare openSource optimizing compiler for 8051 and Z80 based MCU's.

Emulator TRS-80 Emulator Pages by David Keil


Local Small FAQ Other FAQ By Thomas Scherrer-Tangen By Leonhard Schneider

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See here.

Manufacturers - AB Semicon is making a Z180 code compatible chip that runs one instruction per clock cycle at 20MHz - More specific page - Data sheet


See also

local - See the other families of processors.

Ad for PCI video capturing boards by Dektec.
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