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Chip packaging companies and package producers


The chip making process:
  1. Design the chip
  2. Make the die (Done at a foundry, also called fab.)
  3. Breake the wafer into individual IC*'s
  4. Package the IC*'s
  5. Market and sell the IC*'s

A lot of the big companies do all of these steps, but some do only part of it and have part of the process done by others. After the wafers have been made at a foundry (also called fab) they are broken down into individual IC*'s and they are packaged into DIP packages for example.
Designing the IC*'s is usually very high-tech and strategically important so it's done in the country of the company itself. Making the die is less high-tech and is sometimes done in a less high tech country, with slightly lower wages or in a poorer part of the country itself. The breaking and packaging is usually done in a country where the wages are low but the people are willing to work like the poorer parts of East Asia. The Philippines and Malaysia are typical examples. Look at the bottom sites of packaged chips for more examples.
On this page you will find companies that break-up wafers and package the IC*'s.


They are also a foundry it seems, so see ABPac.

Alpha Ind.
Alpha Industries Inc.
20 Sylvan Rd
Woburn, Ma., 01801
tel: +1-781-9355150
fax: +1-781-8244548
Package chips for space programs and military programs

Austin Semiconductor, Inc.
8701 Cross Park Dr.
Austin, TX 787454
tel: +1-512-3391188
tel: +1-512-7197256 - Sales
fax: +1-512-339-6641
fax: +1-512-8358358 - Sales General Memory Sales DMS Sales General About Search engine Distributors/Rep's

ASI is an ISO9002 registered company.
ASI brings state of the art components and electro-mechanical sub-assembliesto their customers through a broad line of hi-rel products composed of standardand specialty memory, digital and analog solutions in a wide arrayof ceramic and plastic packages.
ASI also offers DMS services and obsolescence support,radiation tolerant products for satellite and space applications, ECL*,transmitter and receiver chips and die stacking capabilities.
ASI designs, develops and manufactures these productsfor the global hi-rel marketplace.

Circuit Electronic Industries (Public) Co., Ltd.
45 Moo 12 Rojana Industrial Park
Ayuthaya 13210
tel: +66-35-226-280-9
fax: +66-35-226-710
fax: +66-35-226-714

(Owned by ACX Technologies)
Coors Technical Ceramics Company
1100 Commerce Park Drive
Oak Ridge, Tn 37830
tel: +1-800-242-8021
fax: +1-423-481-8022 - material info - sales
Custom made ceramic components for chip processing equipment.OEM and spares for Ion Implant, PVD, CVD, Etch, etc.Engineering support for material selection and part design.
Coors Technical Ceramics is the division of Coors Ceramics Company thatsupportsthe semi-conductor industry for custom high purity ceramics.
Ceramic chamber components.

Flip Chip Technologies
Flip Chip Technologies
3701 E. University Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034
tel: +1-602-431-6020
fax: +1-602-431-6021 General
FCT offers proven bumping technology used in applications requiring higherperformance, reduced form factor and lower costs than those obtainablethrough traditional surface mount technologies. A QS-9000 and ISO-9002registered company, FCT is dedicated to a process of rigorouscontinuous improvement to achieve the highest possiblelevel of customer satisfaction.

Force Technologies
Force Technologies Ltd
Unit 18, campbell Crt
tel: +44-1256-880788
fax: +44-1256-880307
Package chips (from die), Distribute chips, Broker chips

Macalester (?)

Mansor Bin Ibrahim <>, director

We provide semiconductor chips assembly and packaging service on contract for OEM's. The products include DPAK, SOT23, SOT223 and SOIC's for any number of leads. See our site and send us your enquiry via email! - Agents getting 5% on sales are welcome.
Agents getting 5% on sales are welcome.

shouldbe = MHI Micro* Hybrids, Inc.
2100 NE Dixie Highway
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
tel: +1-772-225-0358
fax: +1-772-225-9248 General About Technical news Technical data Order Datasheets/books
NASA Approved, designer and manufacturer of film, integrated circuits,hybrid microcircuits, multichip modules, and microelectronic networks.Services include, wire bonding, die bonding, packaging, substrate fabrication,and testing.
Micro* Hybrids, is a small minority-woman owned, company responsiblefor manufacturing the substrate and assembling the "eye" of the "MARS GlobalSurveyor Camera" which recently sent back pictures strongly supporting thepossibility of water on Mars.We also manufactured about 70% of the electronics for the Chandra Observatory,which is presently orbiting the earth, taking x-ray pictures of deep space,discovering quasars, black holes,and neutron stars.


Minco Technology Labs, Inc.
1805 Rutherford Lane
Austin, Texas 78754
tel: +1-512-834-2022
fax: +1-512-837-6285 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data Distributors/Rep's Order Datasheets/books
Minco Technology Labs is an ISO 9002 approved source for semiconductor products and services. Minco's capabilities include die processing, assembly and test; and the ability to stock and supply QML-38535 Hi-Reliability packaging and a hermetic Optoelectronic product line that includes plastic blue and white LEDs. The Optoelectronic product group is presently undergoing QPL qualification. Minco has the largest supply of obsolete or hard to find die through its extensive vendor list.

Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd
9 Central 3rd St. N.E.P.Z.
Kaohsiung, 811
Taiwan, R.O.C.
tel: +886-7-361-3131
fax: +886-7-363-2319
2221 Old Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95131-1402
tel: +1-408-321-3600
fax: +1-408-321-3603
tel: +44-181-661-6281
fax: +44-181-642-0454 Taiwan USA Philippines Elsewhere

Reel Service
Reel Service Ltd.
55 Nasmyth Road
Glenrothes, KY6 2SD*
tel: +44-1592-773208
fax: +44-1592-774696
Tape and reel, carrier tape, cover tape, klik reels and moisture protectionfor the global electronics industry (ISO certified worldwide).

Semicon Systems
Semicon Systems, Inc.
Supplies packaging solutions to semiconductor manufacturers.
Semicon products are used to protect wafers and devices from damage duringhanding, testing and shipping, often from the U.S. to many other countries.

Spectrum Semiconductor Materials
Spectrum Semiconductor Materials, Inc
2027 O'Toole Ave
San Jose, CA 95131
tel: +1-408-435-5555
fax: +1-408-435-8226 General About Corporate news Technical news Technical data
Spectrum Semiconductor Materials is a ceramic IC* Package distributor.
Our products include:Cans,Cequad,Cequad Lids,Ceramic Combo Lids,Ceramic Pin Grid Array,Cerpacs,Combo Lids,Flat Packages,Headers,Hybrid,J-Bend Leaded Chip Carriers,Leadless Chip Carriers,Side braze packages,SOIC.

TASK Micro
TASK Micro-Electronics, Inc.
1603, St-Regis Boulevard
D.D.O. (Montreal), Quebec
Canada H9B 3H7
tel: +1-514-6858275
fax: +1-514-6857611 - subscribe to free quarterly newsletter
Custom, contract manufacturer specialized in electronic packaging.By working as partners, we can help you enhance your products functionalityand reduce the overall sizewhereby making them more reliable and marketable.
Specialized on "miniaturization". Our experience and technical capabilitiesallow us to propose the optimal approach for your particular application.

Elelctronics Ave. FTI Complex
Taguig, Metro Manila
tel: (632) 838-4671
tel: (632) 838-5005 up to 11
fax: (632) 838-5012
fax: (632) 838-5013
TEAM PACIFIC CORP. is a 100% Filipino owned company specializing insubcontract assembly of semiconductor devices.
Our packaging capabilities are on: Our packaging capabilities in details:

Titan Technologies

Titan Technologies (P) Ltd.
48/2 Janpath
New Delhi - 110 001
tel: +91-11-3326767
tel: +91-11-3326768
fax: +91-11-3722380

We are a fabless IC* packaging company in India, providing packaging services on sub-contract basis.
Titan is the only private Ltd. company in India, involved in packaging semiconductor devices.
Titan packages IC*'s on sub-contract basis for number of companies world-wide and also for its own marketing in India.
We are looking for a wafer fabrication facilty who can fabricate bipolar and CMOS* IC*'s for us.
Follow. is gen. spec. of one IC* for which we need wafers fabricated:

Type of process: Bipolar
min. Feature size: 4 microns
Isolation: single or twin well
Interconnect layers: Double layer metal w or w/o
Polysilicon layer.
Quantity: 4,000,000 chips/yr.
Wafer size: 4" or more

Pls. inform if you can do the needfull and what would be your terms and conditions.

Looking forward to your quick reply.

See also


Electronic Packaging for High Reliability, Low Cost Electronics
(NATO Asi Series. Partnership Sub-Series 3, High Technology, Vol. 57)
Rao R. Tummala
Kluwer Academic Publishers, about 199911
ISBN: 0792352181 , about $150

DPEMS offers to repackage chips.

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