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These companies carefully remove the chips from old PCB's fix them up (resoldering, putting the pins straight, testing) and then try to resell them.
Most OEM's don't want refurbished chips but these chips may be much cheaper and sometimes there aren't any new ones left over...

Belmont Trading
tel: +1-847-412-9690
fax: +1-847-412-9292

Bestfriend Electronics
Bestfriend Electronics
272, St. No. 19, Vijay Park
Delhi 110053
tel: +91-11-2190488
We buy big lots of 286,386,486.pentium mother boards, sound cards, display cards etc,telephone exchange cards and almost all types of cards from big and small companiesand take out all the IC*'s and chips from those cards.
We take out the components very carefully test most of themand then sell them to suppliers and manufacturers.
We believe in honesty, so if a part is tested by us and found in perfect working condition,only then we tell our buyers that the part is tested and guaranteed.And if a part is not tested we straight away tell our buyers that this part is not tested.
We sell two types of ICs:
Bruin Electronics
tel: +1-800-573-8934
fax: +1-815-987-2776

CMB Components
1461 Lakeland Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716
tel: 631-244-9800
fax: 631-244-9811 General
CMB Components Inc. is an international independent broadline stocking distributor.We are in the business of buying and reselling new and usedexcess electronic components and peripherals.We buy your scrap circuit boards not for the scrap value, but for the component value!

DPA Components International
2251 Ward Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93065
tel: +1-805-581-9200
fax: +1-805-581-9790 Nice picture of a chip at the moment! (200206)
Total solutions to obsolete die and IC* replacement
DPA Components provides the world with transistors, diodes and IC*'s for Space and Military applications. We have developed a proprietary process to remove die from plastic encapsulated modules (PEM) and repackage them into ceramic hi-rel packages. The product is called "DPEM" and can satisfy form-fit-function requirements of spare parts replacement of military and space components. We can also remove die from some ceramic packages, referred to as "DCEM". The removed die can also be used for your hybrids or MCM's needs.

DPEMS Division
2251 Ward Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
tel: +1-805-581-9200
fax: +1-805-581-9790 General
Removal of obsolete chips and die from IC* packages for your hybrids andrepackaging needs:If you cannot find an IC* in the package you need, we can help.We have developed a process to remove IC* chips from packages for you.
This company offers to remove die or a chip from a plastic ICand can then repackage the die into another type of package.This may be worth while for obsolete die that's in the wrong package.

Fox Electronics

Fox Electronics
686 North King Road
San Jose, CA 95133-1709
tel: +1-408-929-4369
fax: +1-408-929-4373

Todays dynamic high-tech business discards a lot more than base materials in their electronic scrap.
They discard proprietary information. This means that there is a risk your own technology could be used against you. When you dispose of your scrap, down revision, excess inventory or end-of-life products, you want the data inside your product to STAY scrapped FOREVER, rather than resurfacing in someone elses product line.

That is why, since 1984, companies have entrusted Fox Electronics to handle their electronic scrap recycling needs. Fox Electronics tailors its comprehensive recycling and destruction services to meet your business changing requirements.


tel: +1-909-898-6660
fax: +1-909-898-9756


tel: +1-408-283-9000
fax: +1-408-283-9004


(division of AmericaII)

NICR Recovery
tel: +1-800-950-3344
fax: +1-813-573-1505

Service Concepts International

Computer Software and Hardware Traders. Home of "Dialing Dave".
10 sq. foot office:
1219 Enclave Way #1211
Arlington, TX 76011
tel: +817-860-7483
fax: +817-275-2737
21,000 sq. foot warehouse:
4425 Simonton Road
Farmers Branch, TX 75244
tel: +817-860-7543
fax: +240-524-8364
Cyber Office:
tel: +416-231-7990
fax: +817-277-2069

We basically purchase and offer computer and telephone scrap that usually consists of: Circuit Boards, Dead Hard Drives, Power Supplies, Main Frame components, and Telephone switching equipment.

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