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Where Manufacturer Schurter


The language that will remedy all ills, cure all deseases, irradicate world honger and all lawyers in one sweep!
Or just a new step like Basic, Forth and UCSD Pascal? ;-)
No, just kidding: Java is clearly a step forward if only in programming language theory and implementation theory...
I don't see it as an efficient embedded systems or applets language yet (1998q1), but I'm sure it'll find it's niches like enabling portable application software...
If only we can tame Bill... ;-)

Anyway, Sun charged HP too much, so they wrote their own JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This is the interpreter you need for (for example) embedded applications.


Joint Electron Device Engineering Council
(Subsidiary of the EIA)
Best known from it's packaging standards.
Seems to publish: Publication 95 (Registered Standard Package of Semiconductor Devices) and other standards.
More about packaging.

JK Flip-Flop - Explanation


How it works on the PC

It's been ages since I looked at this and someone will likely give you more details. But the essence of the beast is a 555 monostable where the joystick pot acts as one of the timing resistors - on the pullup to +5v if memory serves. The software triggers a cycle (with an outport()) and polls (with an inport()) to see when it times out. Double this hardware for two axes (and again for dual* joy sticks) and add some buffers to support reading the states of the button switches and you've got it. Naturally, this calls for multiple 555 chips so older boards used either the double or quad* versions. Newer ones are ASICs but the interfaces (software and joystick hardware) are the same. That's probably enough clues to reverse engineer things if nobody else come to your aid. Many PC
John Shaw <>

Jumper setting

Junction FET

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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