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ABC of electronics terms

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A diode used as a capacitor. Its capacitance varies versus voltage. Used in tuning circuits, PLLs, etc. Normally reverse-biased. The "depletion region" around the physical junction is an insulating space between the two conducting regions; it's width depends on voltage. All diodes do this, but varactors are optimized to be used this way.


Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Where Manufacturer Amplifonix


Video Graphics Array (=EGA+) from IBM's PS/2-series PC's, copied as the industry standard's PC-color-card. Doc's about a lot of VGA cards! FAQ about 3D cards

See also 'video card' and 'VLB'.


Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language.

A standard worldwide language for the design and description of electronic systems.

See Free Model Foundation Introduction to VHDL VHDL International User's Forum

See also CPLD and FPGA as a cheap way to implement VHDL design's.

Video (in new window) Video monitor test patterns O'Reilly PCO In the Circuit Cookbook

Very helpful is a book by Keith Jack: 'Video demystified'.
High Text Publications.
This book is offered for free by Harris Semiconductor.

Video Camera

Camera for recording video movies.

Subject: Complete B&W Video Camera on a Chip

Complete B&W Video Camera on a Chip from Marshall Electronics, Inc.

All video circuitry built into a single CMOS* sensor
outputs directly to standard 75 ohm video monitor
320(H)*240(V) Pixel array
Sensitivity is 0.9 lux (f1.4)
Operates up to 35 hours on a 9V Lithium battery
(24 hrs. on Alkaline battery)
6-18 VDC Supply voltage
Lenses: 2.1mm, 2.9mm, 3.6mm, 5.7mm, 8mm,
12mm & pinhole

Culver City, CA - The Optical Systems Division of Marshall Electronics introduces another breakthrough in low-cost camera technology.
The single CMOS* sensor is the first commercially available camera on a chip made entirely in the USA.
All functions except for the lens are built into the small CMOS* device.

Video Card

A card to push in your PC that enables you to see things on your monitor.

local Video card insiders info Diamond Multimedia A long look at the GeForce256

Virus (computer-)

Malicious computer program or part of a program that enters the computer without permission, spreads itself (on the computer and to other computers) and often destroys data on the computer. How it works


Vesa Local Bus

local About the VESA* Local Bus by Mark Sokos

See also 'VGA' and 'video card'.


Very Large Scale Integration. The more complex chips, so not the basic 7400 glue chips, or the medium density peripheral chips. But this is a shifting notion of course.

title order at Amazon USA price indication
Atlas Of IC* Technologies; An Introduction to VLSI processes ISBN: 0805368507 $35


Industrial bus, originally for 68000 boards. FAQ FAQ


Human voice

See Speech


Famous terminal from DEC.

local Escape code definitions


Where Manufacturer Vectron Labs Inc

Click on the first letter of the electronic term you're looking for:
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